Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 3 (囚人番号F(エフ)E(イー)40536空条徐倫 その③ Shūjin Bangō Efu Ī 40536 Kūjō Jorīn Sono 3), originally Simple Luck (チョロ吉誕生 Choro Kichi Tanjō) in the WSJ release, is the sixth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundredth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne stares in shock at the tiny limbs that fall out of the bird, but notices that Gwess is approaching. She hides behind a corner, deducing that Gwess had gotten an ability from the stone within Jolyne's amulet. As she ponders, Jolyne notices blood pouring from the walls. She also sees the bird's corpse, which is now the same size as her. Jolyne has shrunk.

From the corner, the seemingly giant Gwess appears and grabs Jolyne. Gwess returns to her cell and throws Jolyne at her desk. Gwess tells her that she has grown fond of Jolyne and wants to become good friends. Gwess asks Jolyne to help her escape from the prison. Jolyne asks about the man within the bird, but Gwess scolds her for speaking up, throwing a hollowed out mouse corpse at her.

Gwess forces her into the corpse, and begins training her. Gwess places books on Jolyne for her to lift, but Gwess catches her cheating. She becomes outraged, but her mood suddenly swings, and she compliments Jolyne's spirit. Jolyne wonders how she will survive this relationship.


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Jolyne Cujoh Gwess's 'Pet' Gwess


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