Burn, Foo Fighters (燃えよフー・ファイターズ Moe yo Fū Faitāzu), originally Under Execution (死刑執行 Shikei Shikkō) in the WSJ release, is the seventy-second chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred sixty-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Stuck in an unlucky spot, F.F. inserts her arms into Dragon's Dream. Kenzou kicks at her, but she enters the fire hose before being hit. F.F. kicks open the hose faucet, spraying water everywhere. However, her arms come back and punch her, pushing her away from the water.

She falls over the railing and into the execution chamber. As she falls, the hose wrapped around her gets entangled on a mechanism, activating an electric chair. F.F. realizes that she fell onto said electric chair, and tries to get away. However, her overalls get caught on one of the leather straps connected to the chair.

F.F. manages to get her overalls untangled, but her ankle is trapped by a cuff on the chair leg. She manages to get loose as Kenzou approaches her as water from the hose drips down into the execution chamber. She shoots at Kenzou as she runs for the water, barely scratching him. This causes a few drops of blood to fall to the floor, which she slips on and falls back onto the chair. She tries to get up and attack the old man, but he knocks her back onto the chair with his foot.


Jolyne Cujoh Foo Fighters Kenzou Narciso Anasui


Dragon's Dream Foo Fighters


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