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If I go all out with my Stand, Kraft Work, it ain't a challenge for me to swat your bullets down.

—Sale to Guido Mista, Chapter 465

Sale (サーレー Sārē) is a minor antagonist featured in Vento Aureo.

Sale is a Passione operative and Mario Zucchero's partner, and also a Stand User. In order to get Polpo's fortune, he follows Team Bucciarati up to Capri and battles Guido Mista with his Stand, Kraft Work.


Sale is a young man of slim build with spiked hair on the sides of his head that fall away halfway up.

Sale wears a sleeveless shirt with an exaggerated V-neck. It is hollowed by his hips. The shirt, trousers, and arm warmers are decorated with a star motif. In earlier appearances he is shown to wear a cap, but this is discarded before his fight with Mista.

In the colored manga, Sale wears a white shirt and dark green arm warmers and trousers, all of which are decorated by yellow stars. In the anime, his shirt is more of a light pink, the arm warmers and trousers are dark blue, and the stars on his outfit are lime green. In the PS2 game, Sale's shirt is the same as in the colored manga, but his arm warmers and pants are black and the stars on his outfit are neon blue.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin (Fair)
Hair (Brown hair, orange highlights)
Eyes (Gray)
Outfit (White top, green trousers, brown shoes)

Skin (Fair)
Hair (Orange)
Eyes (Red brown)
(Pink top, blue trousers/wristbands with green decorations and brown shoes)

Hair (White)
Eyes (Turquoise)
(White top, purple trousers with blue stars)


Sale is the smarter man in his duo

Compared to Zucchero, Sale is a more careful, ambitious and methodical man. He appears more focused than his partner Mario Zucchero, coming to the conclusion that 6 billion lire would drastically improve his standing within Passione[1]. Opportunistic, he and Zucchero work as a duo to secure Polpo's treasure, brave enough to oppose Bucciarati's team of six individually.

Sale shows a certain degree of intelligence and cunning; firstly having predicted that Bucciarati was the most likely of Polpo's subordinates to have hidden the treasure and guess that he would act to seize the treasure[2]. Despite hearing from Zucchero that he'd practically defeated Team Bucciarati, Sale was also careful enough to not reveal himself on Capri, even taking the precaution to try contacting Zucchero secretly when Giorno tried to lure him out[3]. He has also mastered his Stand to a high degree, not only using the obvious effect of locking people into places and protect himself from projectiles[4], but also using Kraft Work to use rocks as stepping stones[5] or purposefully locking a projectile in place to tap and accumulate kinetic energy[6].

However, Sale also demonstrates some degree of overconfidence in combat, explaining his every move to Mista and claiming his Stand's superiority.[7]


Main article: Kraft Work

Kraft Work is a humanoid close-range Stand which can fixate any object it touches in space.


Vento Aureo

Mista vs. Sale

Sale searches for Polpo's fortune with Mario Zucchero and is eventually intercepted by Guido Mista, who manages to shoot him in the leg at first, and later in the head. This drives him to fight Mista atop a truck.[8]

During the fight, Sale demonstrates his immunity to Mista's bullets by sapping them of kinetic energy before they can reach his brain. However, he is defeated when Mista uses his last bullet to have all six of his Sex Pistols fire the last bullet at the first bullet hole in Sale's head, lodging the first bullet in deeper. Sale somehow manages to survive and is left unconscious on Bucciarati's boat.

Purple Haze Feedback

(The information below derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canon.)
Sale and Zucchero are forced to take on the mission to exterminate the drugs team in order to prove their loyalty. He infiltrates the warehouse the drugs team is in at Villa San Giovanni with the help of his partner's Stand ability. He slips into the warehouse first in an attempt to dispatch the two members of the drugs team inside, Vittorio Cataldi and Angelica Attanasio. Unfortunately, his sanity is drained by Angelica's Stand and he faces Vittorio with a clouded mind, leaving him unable to make rational decisions. He manages to land a blow square in Vittorio's chest, but his stand's power is turned against him which resulted in his heart becoming fixed in place and ripped from his body when he took a step backward, leading to his death.

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