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Say Hi to Virginia (バージニアによろしく Bājinia ni Yoroshiku) is a Japanese shōnen manga one-shot written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was originally published in the August 1st, 1982 special issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Say Hi to Virginia is now included in the tankōbon release of Araki's other manga, Gorgeous Irene. The one-shot was also published in Italy on Action 98.


After Buso Poker and Outlaw Man, Araki decides to leave the western theme to switch over to science fiction. Hiroshi Takemoto and Captain Matt Jackson are the only two crew members on board the space freighter Dillinger, along with the on-board computer, Bonnie, and the self-propelled robot, Clyde. To break the monotony of their grueling journey, a mysterious figure appears to tell them that there are two bombs installed on the ship, one of which is named Virginia. Who might have an interest in sabotaging their peaceful mission of transport? Will the two protagonists have what it takes to defuse the bombs and survive?


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