Call me 'Scarlet'...

—Scarlet Valentine, SBR Chapter 49

Scarlet Valentine (スカーレット・ヴァレンタイン Sukāretto Varentain) is a minor antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run.

Scarlet is the wife of Funny Valentine and the first lady of the United States. She encounters Lucy during the President's questioning of every woman and child to find the traitor.


Scarlet Valentine is a slim woman with long dark hair she keeps tied into a ponytail with several rings. She wears a dark bodysuit partially quilted on the legs and bearing several crown symbols on the arms. Over that bodysuit, Scarlet wears a short sleeveless dress with a multi-layered heart motif on the chest.


Scarlet is a strong and ambitious woman. She is not shy at all and often takes the initiative. She has no trouble talking about her husband even when she is seducing a woman. Scarlet follows her impulses when in a relationship. She is bisexual, as she shows affection towards her husband, but also desires intimate contact with females.



Fifteen years prior to the story, Scarlet met Funny Valentine at a house party in her hometown. The two danced together, which is when she discovered he could walk without making footsteps and play Mozart on mandolin with his feet. Coupled with this, she fell in love with his sharp, but warm-hearted personality.

Steel Ball Run

Being attracted to women, she was seduced by Lucy Steel in their first encounter when Lucy provoked her. She invites Lucy into the house and attempts to have Lucy sit on her face, but eventually falls asleep after being drugged. When she awoke, she discovered Lucy's true intentions and pursued her, but was easily dispatched by Hot Pants. Once disposed of, Lucy escaped successfully by disguising as her with the help of Hot Pants who also faked Lucy's death using Scarlet's corpse which she was killed by Tubular Bells.


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