Soft & Wet (ソフト&ウェット Sofuto & Wetto) is the first story arc in JoJolion.

It narrates the protagonist and Yasuho's investigation of the former's identity, leading them to Yoshikage Kira's apartment where they are ambushed by an assailant hiding above them.


The protagonist reveals that he is knowledgeable, but that he has no memory whatsoever as to his own history.

Yasuho offers to help him to discover his identity, first by taking him to the manufacturer of his hat, a shop called "SBR". Seeing them leave from his window, Joshu feels jealous and notices the bite marks on his knees before collapsing from a fever.

The shopkeeper claims that the man bought his hat there three days prior, before revealing a record of the sale to one "Yoshikage Kira", as well as his address. Yasuho opines that "Yoshikage" does not suit him, and nicknames him Josuke, after her childhood dog.

In Kira's apartment, the pair discover a female hostage in the bathroom, and a photo album displaying her in various sordid states of bondage, along with a man that looks like Josuke. Yasuho flees the apartment in disgust, leaving the two in the bathroom.

Josuke demands explanation of the hostage, which she gives as that Josuke was a prisoner in the same apartment before escaping three days prior, and that she assumed he had returned to help her escape. She mentions that their captor residing on the floor above them, and that he has a power that activates when his victim is directly underneath him.

Revealing his Stand, Soft & Wet, Josuke is violently forced to overcome a plot agreed between the Stand user above and the hostage. Apprehending and interrogating him, the attacker identifies as Ojiro Sasame, a surfer seeking revenge against Yoshikage Kira, whom Josuke closely resembles (in dress as well as in body). Sasame tells of a psychopathic Kira, who in the past by an obscure power and for little reason convinced Sasame to consume his own fingers. Finished, Josuke identifies a Wall Eye in a photo of Kira.

Travelling to the site of Kira's self-portrait, buried deeper, they discover the body of another man. Narrated after the fact, an autopsy reveals that the body belonged to Yoshikage Kira, who had died of cardiac arrest three days prior.


(First appearance)
(First mentioned) (Appears in flashback(s))
Josuke Higashikata Yasuho Hirose Joshu Higashikata Hospital Security Guard Yoshikage Kira
(First appearance)
(First appearance)
(First appearance) (Appears in flashback(s))
(Appears in flashback(s))
(First mentioned)
Kidnapped Girl Ojiro Sasame The Man from Josuke's Memories Ojiro's Friend Josuke
(First appearance)
(First appearance)
(First appearance)
(First appearance)
SBR hatshop
Hato Higashikata Daiya Higashikata Tsurugi Higashikata Kyo Nijimura SBR Hat Shop Owner
(1st full appearance)
(First appearance)

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