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Sogliola Lopez (ソリョラ・ロペス Soryora Ropesu), also known as Seppia (セッピア), is a character who appears in Golden Heart, Golden Ring, the light novel based on Vento Aureo.


Sogliola is a Passione capo who operates in the city of Venice.  He is a Stand user, but since his power is not considered very useful or powerful, he is denied a carrier advancement.

Things change when the Boss himself e-mails Sogliola, requiring Bucciarati's group to be executed. Seeing the assignment as a possibility to advance in Passione and move out from Venice, Sogliola persuades Pannacotta Fugo to help him in exchange for the organization's forgiveness. He elaborates an intricate and flawless plan, involving the recruitment of Stand-users killer Rigatoni and the exploitment of Coniglio's The Cure.

He is however betrayed by Fugo who has only pretended to obey him in order to save his friends. Cornered by Team Bucciarati, Sogliola attempts to escape, but is killed by Bruno Bucciarati.


  • He built up Seppia, his second identity, to fool the police and have a better control of the organization's traffic in the city.



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