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The Speedwagon Foundation (スピードワゴン財団 Supīdowagon Zaidan) (often abbreviated as "SPW") is a powerful and influential organization created by Robert E. O. Speedwagon, funded by the money he made from the oil he discovered in the United States. The foundation dedicates itself to medical research and environmental conservation, but it has also helped the Joestars countless times through intel, supplies, and backup. The foundation also has connections with underworld groups and studies many supernatural phenomena, such as the Pillar Men and Stands.


At the beginning of the century, a lone Englishman by the name of Robert E. O. Speedwagon, arrived in the USA and started his own oil business. Because of this he became one of the world's richest men. Speedwagon decided that after his demise, the large sum of his fortune would be used for medical research and wild animal and plant protection. In this organization exists a department called the Supernatural Research Department, which is responsible for supplying the Joestar Family with everything they need. This was the will of Speedwagon, who died in 1952."[2]

Their first noted action was the investigation of the ancient Mexican temple where the Pillar Man Santana slumbered. Speedwagon Foundation scientists subsequently sheltered the remains of Santana after his defeat, and uncovered a prediction announcing the awakening of three other Pillar Men in the same year. The foundation's Special Fighting Technological team also fought alongside the Germans against Kars' vampire army.

The Speedwagon Foundation effectively continued to help the Joestar bloodline throughout the 20th century. In 1988 and 1989, they aided the third Joestar Group in reaching Cairo, through reconnaissance intel and various modes of transportation. Moreover, doctors from the foundation helped with taking care of Holy Kujo in Tokyo, while agents in Egypt discovered the existence of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods. They tended to the team's injuries at the end of their journey, most notably in helping revive Joseph Joestar.

In 1999, the Speedwagon Foundation led by Jotaro Kujo first escorted Joseph Joestar to Morioh and then were given the Bow and Arrow for study and protection.

Speedwagon Foundation Headquarters

In 2011, the SPW Foundation provided a submarine for Jolyne Cujoh's escape from Green Dolphin Street Prison. After Jotaro Kujo was rendered comatose, the doctors of the foundation tended to his body and cooperated with Jolyne to retrieve her father's Stand and Memory Discs. They also threw a special spear toward the Kennedy Space Center, which combined with Ermes Costello's Kiss and enabled her and Jotaro Kujo to reach Enrico Pucci.

There are two known headquarters of the Speedwagon Foundation located in Washington, D.C. and Dallas, Texas. However, there are also smaller branches in Tokyo and Meguro, Japan.


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Speedwagon Foundation Members
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Special Technology Fighting Team Captain Tennille Sailors Helicopter Pilots Joseph's Doctors
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Agent Ship Captain Savage Garden Jotaro's Doctors
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Holy Kujo Muhammad Avdol Jotaro Kujo Giorno Giovanna (Purple Haze Feedback) Jolyne Cujoh

Steel Ball Run

Much like the Speedwagon Foundation in the previous arcs of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the Speedwagon Oil Company was founded by a risk-taking entrepreneur striking it rich by finding oil in America. Unlike the previous Speedwagon Foundation, the Speedwagon Oil Company has no connection to the Joestars except for helping to fund Steven Steel's Steel Ball Run race.[3] It is unknown if Robert E. O. Speedwagon founded this company, though the etymology of the company name seems to indicate he is the founder. In the videogame Eyes of Heaven, Polnareff states that Speedwagon is the founder of the Speedwagon foundation after beating Evil Kakyoin and Evil N'Doul confirming that Speedwagon is the founder of the Speedwagon Foundation.



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