I won't leave even a scrap of him behind, and I'll kill every last member of his team... I'll rip them to pieces and make them pay for what they've done!

—Squalo, Chapter 531

Squalo (スクアーロ Sukuāro) is a minor antagonist featured in Vento Aureo.

As a member of Passione and by extension the Boss' Unità Speciale, he works with his partner Tiziano in Venice in order to assassinate Team Bucciarati after they defect from Passione. Squalo is a Stand User and commands the stealthy yet lethal Clash in battle.


Squalo is a young man of slim build, keeping braided light hair.

Squalo wears a dark jumpsuit with studded shoulder pads. He also wears a dark large headband and gloves, as well as three dark armbands on each arm.


Tiziano & squalo

Tiziano and Squalo are close partners (in crime)

Squalo is a hot-headed individual, being the most aggressive of his partnership with Tiziano and letting the latter do most of the thinking. Squalo is however adept at using the most of his environment. Squalo is also more prone to panic, especially when he is pursued by Narancia.

Squalo shares a deep bond with Tiziano, swearing to avenge his partner when he dies.


Main article: Clash

Clash is a shark Stand which cannot sustain itself out of water but can teleport between close water bodies to maul its target.


Clash and Talking Head

Squalo first uses his Stand to rip out Narancia Ghirga's tongue, which also doubles as a means for him to plant Tiziano's Stand on his tongue as a means to mislead Bucciarati's group and kill them one by one.

However, Narancia manages to isolate his Stand and injure him sufficiently, forcing his breathing to increase and causing a large amount of carbon dioxide he expels to become visible on Aerosmith's radar. With no body of water for him to transfer his Stand, Squalo is forced to watch as Tiziano sacrifices himself to block Narancia's bullets, spilling his blood and enabling him to use his Stand to attack Narancia. Squalo engages Narancia in a standoff, but ultimately loses and dies from Aerosmith's bullets.

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