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Steven Motorize (スティーブン・モーターライズ Sutībun mōtāraizu) is a character from the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is an ally of Jorge Joestar, and is one of his closest friends. He assists with killing the Zombies, and has a Wound that allows him to grow wings on his back. He is the older brother of Kenton Motorize and Darlington Motorize.


Steven appears as a tall man with thick eyebrows. He has short hair and wears a light collared shirt, and dark pants.




Steven is the eldest son of his father Ben and his mother Harriet. He was born in 1887 in England. He and his sister, Kenton had been through a lot of pain after their mother had killed herself. Causing Steven to develop a Wound ability. The two usually take their anger and stress out against each other repeatedly. Kenton eventually attempted to kill herself. Kenton and Steven later become interested in building gliders. They built gliders and would test them on cliffs, naming each glider "Motorizing" and numbered them. They begin sighting a monster every time they glide. It would appear in the dark, and would do things to their planes. [1]

1905 (Meeting George)[]



Steven's Wound allows him to grow white wings out of his back. Created by his bones and flesh, causing him to feel extreme pain. It takes about a month in order for it to heal and return to normal. He only uses his wings in order to save someone, especially his sister.



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