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The Sun itself is a Stand!!

—Joseph, Chapter 166

Sun (サン(太陽) San), is the Stand of Arabia Fats, featured in Stardust Crusaders.


The Sun

Sun appears as a fiery sphere imitating the sun, though believed to be much smaller. It continuously hovers at around 100 meters from the ground.[1]

It represents the TarotW Card The SunW. However, its abilities correspond more with the physical heat and energy of the Sun itself, rather than the optimism the card represents.

Befitting its name, Sun is generally portrayed in media as a bright yellow.


Sun is an amazingly powerful Stand with a large range of action. However, it doesn't do anything to protect its user, who must stay nearby and hide himself.

Sun Replica

Sun's foremost power is to emit light and heat at lethal levels over a large area.[2]

Not only does Sun shine bright enough to give the impression of being in the middle of a bright day despite the time showing that it's nighttime,[2] it also raises the surrounding temperatures up to 80 °C (176 °F).[1] Moreover, it can maintain that level of power over a long period, as Arabia Fats was willing to stalk the Joestar group and let them die from the heat of Sun.[1]

On the other hand, Arabia must also take precaution to not be affected by his own Stand.[1]


Sun can bombard enemies with an onslaught of light rays

In addition to its radiating of heat, Sun is also able to shoot rays of energy.[1]

When threatened, it will shoot rays in all directions but can also strike with precision, destroying a pair of binoculars in Joseph Joestar's hands.[1] They can pierce through flesh, but Silver Chariot's sword is able to deflect them.

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  • SC Episode 18: "Sun"



  • Araki admitted that despite the creative designs of the other tarot-based Stands, with a name like "Sun", its bland appearance has seemed to be the most appropriate design.[3]
  • The events involving the Sun Stand may be based on The Twilight ZoneW episode, The Midnight SunW.
  • Interestingly, despite sporting an E in precision, the Sun was capable of shooting binoculars out of Joseph Joestar's hands from several dozen meters away.


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