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Once I've become your copy, you have to pose the same way that I do. In short I'm a doll that "manipulates"!

—Surface, Chapter 290

Surface (サーフィス(うわっ面) Sāfisu) is the Stand of Toshikazu Hazamada, featured in Diamond is Unbreakable.


Surface appears as a human-sized mannequin, with several screws sticking out of its head. While in action, Surface takes on the appearance of another person - matching voice, mannerisms, and clothing - save for the screw in the center of its forehead.

Befitting its wooden nature, Surface is generally portrayed as light brown in most media.


It has no personality until its abilities are used, upon which it adopts the personality of whomever it is copying at the moment. While acting as a doppelganger of Josuke, it even made fun of its user, Toshikazu, for hitting him and hurting his hand on its wooden body; it was also smug towards Toshikazu because he was more popular with girls. However, he was still willing to serve his master without question.


Although physically underwhelming, the only noteworthy characteristic being its speed,[2] Surface is a menacing Stand because of its two powers of mimicry and control over people. Unfortunately, it is held back by Hazamada's pitiful handling and his impulsive personality.


Surface's primary ability is to copy the appearance of another person.[2]

If the mannequin faces someone, it will perfectly copy that person's appearance, voice, and mannerisms, down to the fingerprints, as noted by Josuke.[3] However, a screw on Surface's forehead enables people to tell them apart. As a Stand bound to a mannequin, no damage done to Surface will be reflected in Hazamada.

Surface still remains a wooden mannequin on the inside, causing Hazamada to hurt himself while punching his Stand.[4] If a piece of the mannequin is cut off, that area will return to its wooden state.[4]

Forced Synchronization

Surface forces Josuke to lift an arm

When Surface impersonates someone, it can force that person to imitate its movements.[2] This prevented Josuke from hitting it by standing still, making it impossible for him to move and strike it - even with his own Stand due to its limited attack range. However, Surface must stand in front of its victim for this ability to work.[2]

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  • According to JOJOVELLER, the screw on its face could be a reference to PermanW's eponymous robot character. This is further made clear by Toshikazu himself through Surface, who compares Surface to the robot from Perman.


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