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Tama (タマ Tama) is a minor character featured in Diamond is Unbreakable. Originally a street cat hit by the Arrow, Tama is taken in by Yoshikage Kira after becoming a plant-Stand hybrid named Stray Cat.


Tama is a blue-grey furred British Shorthair cat with honey-gold eyes whose most defining characteristic is a gaping hole in its throat caused by the Arrow.


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Stray Cat allowed Tama to resurrect itself into a sentient plant that retains Tama's intellect and personality. It also allowed it to manipulate the surrounding air and form air bubbles to shoot at enemies.


Tama is stubborn, sticking to its territory in the cellar when Shinobu Kawajiri attempts to chase it out. After it is killed, it shows a desire for revenge and attacks Shinobu when it sees her in the garden. It is friendly toward Kira until Kira himself deems the newly resurrected Stray Cat a threat. However, it is able to easily forgive Kira, and allies itself with him. Tama is shown to get along well with Okuyasu's father after Kira's death.


Diamond is Unbreakable

Tama was once a normal cat that was hit with an Arrow while peacefully lazing about by a tree. It takes refuge in the cellar of the Kawajiri household where it is killed by a broken glass bottle when Shinobu Kawajiri tries to chase it out. After being buried in their garden, its dormant Stand ability brings it back to life as a cat-like plant named Stray Cat.

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  • Araki states he based Tama/Stray Cat off of his grandfather's cat named Chako. As a child, they both doted on it but Chako scratched Araki when he ignored it one day. Araki has since been suspicious of cats as a result.[3]


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