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Tarkus and the Dark Knight Bruford (タルカスと黒騎士ブラフォード Tarukasu to Kurokishi Burafōdo) is the seventh story arc in Phantom Blood.

It narrates the encounter between Jonathan and one of Dio's Zombies, the knight Bruford.


Bruford and Tarkus summoned.

Jonathan,Zeppeli and Dio maintain contact with their fists. However, when both Ripple users try to send an attack through Dio's arm, the latter freezes both of their bloodstreams. Jonathan's hand begins to suffer from chilblains, prompting Zeppeli to kick Dio in order to save his pupil. Unfortunately, Dio breaks Zeppeli's leg with his fingers and throws both humans down to Speedwagon again. Jonathan and Zeppeli contemplate their powerlessness against Dio's technique as the vampire gloats.

Bruford using his sword Luck on Jonathan.

Satisfied to have shown his superiority, Dio calls forth two of his servants: the dark knights Bruford and Tarkus. The two Zombies run toward Jonathan to attack, but Zeppeli, with his arm frozen, is in no state to fight. Speedwagon decides to put the Italian's arm against his chest to unfreeze it. Meanwhile, Jonathan has difficulty handling Bruford's prehensile hair.

The story of Bruford and Tarkus is then revealed. Both were exceptionally powerful knights from the Tudor dynasty at the service of their gentle liege, Mary Stuart. Queen Elizabeth I started a war against Stuart and eventually prevailed, taking Mary prisoner. Bruford and Tarkus surrendered in exchange for their liege's sake but, right before their executions, the executioner showed them Mary's head, exposing Elizabeth's treachery. Both knights expired full of rage, and Dio resurrected them with the intent of using that rage to ruin the world.

Jonathan using his Sunlight Yellow Overdrive on Bruford.

Interested by Jonathan, Bruford challenges Jonathan alone. He reveals his Dance Macabre Hair, a technique which enables him to use his sword with his hair. Jonathan avoids the attack but falls into the lake, Bruford after him. Dio then leaves, sure of his minions' victory. In the lake, Jonathan is out of breath, but exploits the terrain and reveals an air pocket trapped at the bottom of the lake. With one attack, Jonathan forces Bruford to jump out of the water. Bruford becomes serious and ties Jonathan with his hair before trying to cut him down. Jonathan kicks the sword, sending the Ripple through it and melting Bruford's arm. Finally, he pummels the knight with the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive.


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