This template makes it easy to change colors for each part's unique theme, for coloring text or using it as an input to a CSS style.




  • Acceptable values for <INDEX> are:
  1. A color name used in the above table. This should always be used unless you want a color that isn't supported.
  2. A hexidecimal value.
  3. A web color name.
  • The <TEXT> parameter is optional.
  • Refer to the above table for color indices.

Sample output

{{Color|PB|Phantom Blood}}

Phantom Blood

<div style="width:250px; height:50px; background:{{color|SDC}};"/>
<font style="background:{{color|SBR2}}">{{color|DIU|Making text on a colored  background.}}</font>

Making text on a colored background.

{{color|#FF0000|'''Making red text using a hex value.'''}}

Making red text using a hex value.

{{color|lime|'''Making green text using a web color.'''}}

Making green text using a web color.

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