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Icon tools.png This template is a Meta template.
The template serves as the base for other templates. It should not be used directly on pages.
Templates based on this framework should be categorized under Category:Notebox templates.

This template produces a note box that can be placed on the top of a page.


|image = 
|title = 
|text  = 

More Parameters

  • imagewidth: Changes the width of the notebox image (default 65px)
  • color: Changes the color of the border (default #B68333)
  • background: Changes the color of the background (default #A66908)
  • width: Changes the width of the box itself (default 75%)
|image      = 
|imagewidth = 
|title      = 
|text       = 
|color      = 
|background = 
|width      = 

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