The Cure (ザ・キュアー Za Kyuā) is the Stand of Coniglio, featured in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure 2: Golden Heart, Golden Ring.


Having a strong resemblance to a white rabbit, the stand is about 30 cm in length and is covered with (partially gold) white hair. Its right eye is red, while the left eye is gold and slightly smaller. There is a blue gem in the middle of the forehead and other gems all over its ears and body, giving it a bejeweled overall appearance.


  • Healing: The Cure can heal and absorb any living organism's wounds, illnesses and emotional distress. The absorbed pain accumulates within the Stand, causing it to grow accordingly, but will normally diverge over time. Should the absorbed pain exceed the allowed amount, the Stand will grow to extremely large proportions, and go berserk. In this runaway state, it gains a subhuman appearance, and continues to grow stronger the more it is damaged.



The Cure in berserk mode attacking Bucciarati

As part of Sogliola's plan, The Cure grows massive and loses control after absorbing a large amount of Purple Haze's virus in a short amount of time. In its runaway state, it begins destroying the city while scattering high concentrations of the virus stored in its body. It only grows stronger after Sticky Fingers and Gold Experience attack it, but eventually calms down after Coniglio calls out to it. After Sogliola's defeat, Coniglio settles into a village in Illinois where she uses The Cure to heal others in need.


  • It has a habit of scratching and healing itself.
  • Coniglio in Italian means Rabbit, and her Stand is one.


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