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The Grateful Dead (ザ・グレイトフル・デッド (偉大なる死) Za Gureitofuru Deddo) is the Stand of Prosciutto, featured in Vento Aureo.


The Grateful Dead is a humanoid torso covered with eyes. It has no mouth. It lacks legs but has large arms, and it walks on its hands, where each has four huge metal-like and segmented fingers evenly spaced around its circumference. Hanging from its waist, where its legs should be, are four segmented tentacles. The eyes all over its body give it the look of a yokaiW. Araki originally intended to draw the lower half of its body but changed his mind.[1]

The Grateful Dead emits a light mist, but it is unknown if the mist is linked to its power.[2] The anime adaptation seems to imply that the two are connected, as Pesci reacts with shock and fear when he sees it manifest.

In the digitally colored manga, The Grateful Dead is portrayed as purple, with yellow sclera on the eyes, and orange fingers. The Grateful Dead's appearance in the PS2 game is mostly the same, but the Stand's mouthpiece is yellow.

In the anime adaptation, it look smaller than the manga version of it. Its body is ice blue, the metallic parts of its body are a dark purple, and its eyes have lime green sclera with yellow pupils. The anime adaptation also changes the shape of its fingers, being more claw-like in appearance.

Unlike most humanoid Stands, The Grateful Dead is shown slowly directly walking toward behind Prosciutto on the ground with its hands

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Body (Dark purple)
Scleras (Yellow)
Irises (Red)
Pipes (Grey)
Fingers (Bronze)

Body (Light purple)
Scleras (Yellow)
Irises (Orange)
Pipes (Grey)
Fingers (Orange)

Body (Ice blue)
Scleras (Lime)
Irises (Yellow)
Pipes and Fingers (Deep purple)


Adorn the creepy and terrifying appearance of The Grateful Dead, it's also one of the most deadly Stands that has appeared in Part 5. It can be very dangerous for both enemies and allies.

Grateful Dead's greatest asset is its ability to forcefully age people over a large area, a terrifying power because of its potential for a massacre.

However, the aging can be slowed, and while The Grateful Dead isn't weak, it isn't a match for other close range Stands like Sticky Fingers.

Accelerated Aging

The Grateful Dead has the ability to cause organisms to age physically and mentally at an accelerated rate.[2] It can age anyone or anything, this also including plants, fruits, animals, people and even Prosciutto himself.

There are two ways The Grateful Dead can deploy its power. The first mode is to spread the aging over a large area and indiscriminately attack friends and foes, which is dangerous for Prosciutto's companions.[2] The second mode is to direct its power precisely by grabbing someone, in which case the aging is faster than one can react.[3] The activation of this ability manifests itself as mist spreading from The Grateful Dead although it is unknown if the mist is directly connected to the aging.

Narancia becomes very old and sick

When under the effect of The Grateful Dead, people age rapidly with all the effects it implies: their skin develops wrinkles, their teeth begin to fall out, the tips of the limbs start to necrose, the bones and joints shrink, and their cognitive ability is reduced.[2][4] Even fruits and flower wither and dry up.[2][5] A victim is also effected mentally; they start to think and act like an elderly person, such as thinking about sitting in a nice garden.

The rate at which people age is dependent on their body heat. The warmer one's body is, the faster they age. Thus things that warm the body like intense physical activity will accelerate the aging[6] while exposure to cold, like ingesting ice, will counter and reverse The Grateful Dead's power immediately,[4] although both effects balance themselves and insufficient coldness will not have an effect.[6] Because men have higher body heat due to minute differences between men and women's bodies, women will be effected more slowly.[4]

It is notable that the power of The Grateful Dead does not truly age the victim, it just transforms them into and elderly version of themself. For example, if an infant effected by this "aging", they would not grow into an adult, it would just cause their skin to wrinkle and hair to fall out.

If the ability is used on stand users, their stands will also be affected, since the spirit is also aged by The Grateful Dead. This causes Stands to rapidly age proportionally to the user, resulting in enemy Stands being weakened. Their power and stamina are sapped,[3] and even a powerful close-range Stand like Sticky Fingers can become slower than the rather slow The Grateful Dead.[7]

Prosciutto disguising himself as an old man to shield Pesci.

Prosciutto is normally immune to The Grateful Dead and can stay young inside its range. However, he can freely toggle the aging on himself, notably fooling Mista into thinking he's a mere civilian.[3]

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