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A Stand that erases space and teleports objects. That could have been really dangerous... if this guy wasn't such a dumbass.

—Josuke about Okuyasu's The Hand, Chapter 275

The Hand (ザ・ハンド(手) Za Hando) is the Stand of Okuyasu Nijimura, featured in Diamond is Unbreakable.


The Hand appears as a humanoid figure typically in attire similar to football pads, though it has several spikes jutting from them. A towel-like object drapes over its shoulders, with a $ symbol on one end and a ¥ symbol on the other – corresponding with Okuyasu's own fashion theme of currency symbols. On each side of the Stand's face are blinders that cover its headlight-shaped eyes and limit its vision, a result of Okuyasu's own impulsive demeanor.[2] Its right hand has spiderweb-like lines on the inside, along with two bumps on its palm. However, these features on its right hand were not shown until later chapters.

The Hand is generally portrayed as being white and wearing blue armor with golden decorations.


The Hand is a heavily battle-oriented Stand. Similarly to Crazy Diamond, The Hand is a powerful short-ranged Stand who can easily wrestle with the former, although it is not as fast. The Hand’s power is very similar to that of Cream.

Its unique power of space erasure makes it theoretically one of the strongest Stands of Diamond is Unbreakable, but as Josuke points out, Okuyasu's slow wit dampens its potential.[3]


The Hand erasing space

Anything The Hand's right palm touches when it does a swiping motion with its arm is erased from this universe, be it physical matters or space itself.[3] Okuyasu states that not even he knows where the voided objects go.

Objects that are subjected to the ability appear as if an extremely sharp blade had sliced clean through them.[3]

Whenever The Hand erases something, the resulting voided space is unable to sustain itself, and reality will immediately be filled and "stitched up" by adjacent space and objects, effectively removing any traces of the removed object's existence.[3] When Okuyasu used this ability on the middle of a sign that read "NO TRESPASSING", the sign was changed to read "NO PASSING".

The space elimination and this curious property of filling in erased space gives the normally short-ranged Stand substantial ranged capabilities, as it can simply remove the space between itself and a target to bring them closer,[3] or have Okuyasu come to them.[4] Okuyasu likes to refer to this technique as "teleportation". However, there are some exceptions to this "stitching," as when The Hand swept though the ground in Okuyasu's fight with Red Hot Chili Pepper, it left craters,[5] suggesting that there is a limit to how much The Hand can stitch together.

This power has several weaknesses. Because the elimination is concentrated within The Hand's palm and it must make a swiping motion, it is possible to grab the arm and block it as Crazy Diamond did[3] and for a fast Stand like Red Hot Chili Pepper to evade it.[5]

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  • Unlike most Stands that have a real-world namesake, The Hand's name is not identical to its source, The Band. When written in Katakana, The Hand (ザ・ハンド Za Hando) is almost identical to The Band (ザ・バンド Za Bando), except the DakutenW marks on the right side of "バ" have been "erased" much like The Hand's targets.
  • The sound effect that plays when The Hand scrapes away anything is the same sound effect that plays when Cream uses its ability, presumably because their abilities are so similar.
  • it's unknown if the things that The Hand erases go to the same place as Cream's dimension or they are just sent to another universe different to Cream's universe.
  • Despite the common misconception, The Hand is not slow as seen in DU episode 8 where it quickly and precisely erased all of Yukako`s hair that was implanted on a highschooler.


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