The self-proclaimed Scribe Ani (書記アニ Shoki Ani) is a enemy Stand user who only appeared in the storyline "The Gravestone of Red-Hot Sand" from the The Genesis of Universe novel, based on Stardust Crusaders.


The Scribe Ani is a man with a mummy-like appearance who achieved immortality thanks to his Stand and was fascinated with it. He speaks very slowly due to his old age. He is extremely respectful towards the history and traditions described in the Book of Genesis, as he showed when quickly losing his temper after discovering that Joseph and Polnareff had damaged his Stand. He pledged loyalty to DIO just because he also had immortality.



The scribe Ani is a mercenary hired by DIO to kill the Joestar group in Cairo. He claims that the only reason he is still alive and didn't die from old age a thousand years ago is the existence of his Stand, which holds an ancient secret method of soul reincarnation, based on the old mummification method from the New Kingdom era. Because of that, his real identity remains unknown. He pledged loyalty to DIO as soon as he could, because DIO also had "eternal life" as a vampire and was likely to be the conqueror of the world. 

The Genesis of Universe: The Gravestone of Red-Hot Sand

The Scribe Ani follows the Joestar group and defeats Jean Pierre Polnareff. Believing Polnareff to be dead, Ani corners Muhammad Avdol and Joseph Joestar with his Stand, summoning many enemies to fight them. Polnareff appears to save then and works with Joseph to damage the Stand, but the plan ends up with everyone overwhelmed by more enemies. Jotaro finds out from a merchant that his friends disappeared and goes to the rescue, The Scribe Ani tries to overwhelm Jotaro Kujo by creating Ammit, the strongest ancient beast of Egypt. The Ammit proves to be a powerful foe, but suddenly disappears after Polnareff and Joseph damage the part in Ptah's pages where the creature is described. Jotaro blinds the Scribe Ani by throwing a perfume bottle at him so he wouldn't be able to summon anything else, and then destroys his body with a barrage of "Ora ora" punches. Strangely, the Scribe Ani shatters, disappearing in thin air along with his Stand, his real identity remaining unknown.


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