• This is not which stand is stronger but rather which stand has more useful power.

    IMO, The World and Star Platinum, because they can attack in stop time, but KC can't interact with anybody.

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    • Personally, I pretty much agree. However, it’s stated sometime after Stardust Crusaders(either DiU or SO) that stopping time for humans has negative repercussions on how one’s heart functions, so anyone else could only use it for like a maximum of four seconds(which is some bullshit), instead of it getting longer and longer with training, in the case of DIO. But with the inclusion of Epitaph, is a pretty close call. I guess it comes down to ‘selfish vs selfless’(Or ‘offensive vs defensive’, if you prefer). The World could sometimes protect the user, if they noticed danger quick enough, but could also very much allow one to get ahead of others(which fits with DIO’s very ‘ambitious’ outlook and personality). King Crimson w/ Epitaph, on the other hand, would be much more difficult to use to elevate oneself, because nothing that occurs within the time erasure will happen. However, using KC+Epitaph provides much better security for both the user and anyone the user wants to protect(which fits better with Diavolo’s ‘secure’ outlook and personality). So I guess The World would definitively be better if the user is a vampire(or other higher form than human), for the ability to extend the time stop apparently indefinitely over time, plus not having to worry as much about taking hits because of vampiric durability. For humans, it probably come down to personal priorities. Because stands come from their user’s spirit, The World naturally aligns more with DIO and King Crimson aligns more with Diavolo. But if anyone else had the choice, it would depend on who they were :)

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    • It’s King Crimson. Diavolo is a very cautious person so if he used epitaph and saw him getting hit by nothing (timestop) he would naturally just use his time erasure. Stopping time happens in an instant for everything and everyone in the universe except for the person using it, so it would still last in an instant Diavolos time erase. When he resumes time, dio or jotaro won’t have any knowledge of stopping time and will be confused, giving Diavolo an easy advantage

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