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    This idea came in part that 120 characters put up for consideration, as claimed by the developers at CyberConnect2. If this game gets a remastered edition for the PS5 or something, they would need to including the 52 fighters from the first game in addition to the more combatants to flesh out the game. It is better than just making it a glorified copy and paste cash grab. This will likely contain characters that were up for consideration in the previous game. For simplicity sake, I am going to include new characters, stages, and a slight addition to the game.

    Before getting into the fighters, The new ones that I will include will add my reasoning on why I am adding them.

    I would also like to point something out. Some of the outfits shown in the manga will be colored accurately to how it was portrayed in the anime. The same goes for the voice actors. Also, I am going to alternate between Japanese and English names.

    Fighters: 105 fighters total; 2 veterans returning; 49 new fighters

    Part 1: 7 fighters total; 3 new fighters

    -Jonathan Joestar (Returning)

    -Will A. Zeppeli (Returning)

    -Robert E.O. Speedwagon (Returning)

    -Dio Brando (WRYturning)

    -Blueford (Considered) [Style: Zombie]: He uses his sword named Luck, as his primary form of weaponry. Being a zombie

    -Dire [Style: Hamon]: He is a Hamon master and uses the Thunder Cross Split Attack. A shame he chose not to hit Dio Brando.

    -Wang Chan [Style: Zombie]: He was shown with a pair of clawed gloves and will use the severed head of Dio as a Heat Attack.

    Part 2: 9 fighters total; 2 new fighters

    -Joseph Joestar (Returning)

    -Caesar Zeppeli (Returning)

    -Lisa Lisa (Returning)

    -Rudol von Stroheim (Returning)

    -Wamuu (Returning)

    -Esidisi (Returning)

    -Kars (Returning)

    -Straitzo [Style: Vampire]: As a vampire, he's capable of moves only Dio could do like Stinger Eyes and Flash Freezing.

    -Wired Beck [Style: Vampire]: Lived a short life, but still memorable. He can use his hair to make spikes out of his body.

    Part 3: 17 fighters total; 5 new fighters

    -Jotaro Kujo (Returning)

    -Noriaki Kakyoin (Returning)

    -Old Joseph (Returning) [RIP Unshō Ishizuka]

    -Jean Pierre Polnareff (Returning)

    -Muhammad Avdol (Returning)

    -Iggy (Returning)

    -Hol Horse/Hanged Man (Returning)

    -N'Doul (Returning)

    -Mariah (Returning)

    -Pet Shop (Returning)

    -Cool Ice (Returning)

    -DIO (WRYturning): Please bring back the Road Roller.

    -Captain Dragon [Style: Stand]: Dark Blue Moon could be able to launch his sharp scales at his enemies.

    -Soul Sacrifice [Style: Stand]: He can use Ebony Devil to possess a doll and attack from a long-range.

    -Rubber Soul [Style: Stand]: He can shapeshift into the opponent and can use their moves. Also, there will be a chance for Yellow Temperance to stick on the opponent and slowly damage the opponent if they hit Rubber Soul.

    -Midler [Heritage] [Style: Stand]: Her stand High Priestess can possess different forms of minerals. Her moveset might include elements from Heritage of the Future.

    -Chaka/Anubis [Style: Stand]: He is efficient with the sword of Anubis, and will possess some skills when Anubis posses Khan and Polnareff.

    Part 4: 14 fighters total; 4 new fighters

    -Josuke Higashikata (Returning)

    -Koichi Hirose (Returning)

    -Yukako Yamagishi (Returning)

    -Okuyasu Nijimura (Returning)

    -Rohan Kishibe (Returning)

    -Shigekiyo Yangu (Returning)

    -Akira Otoishi (Returning)

    -Yoshikage Kira (Returning)

    -Kosaku Kawajiri (Returning)

    -Jotaro [Part 4] (Returning)

    -Keicho Nijimura [Style: Stand]: I don't know why Shigechi was added as a fighter with his stand Harvest, but somehow he is perficient in fighting. Worst Company is a miniature army made out of soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and much more war weaponry at Keicho's disposal.

    -Mikitaka Hazekura [Style: Alien]: He can shapeshift with his Terra Ventus powers, he's an extraterrestrial, and hates loud noises. He's a symbiote confirmed. Also, he would make a great fighter.

    -Yuya Fungami [Style: Stand]: He can use Highway Go-Go to suck the nutrients out of the opponents, replenishing some of his health.

    -Hayato Kawajiri/Stray Cat (3D Model Made)[Style: Morioh/Stand]: Hayato needs his time in the spotlight instead of at the mercy of Yoshikage Kira. Also, Stray Cat's design will take inspiration from its first plant appearance.

    Part 5: 16 fighters total; 8 new fighters

    -Giorno Giovanna (Returning)

    -Guido Mista (Returning)

    -Pannacotta Fugo (Returning)

    -Narancia Ghirga (Returning)

    -Bruno Buccellati (Returning)

    -Trish Una (Returning)

    -Diavolo (Returning)

    -Leone Abbacchio (3D Model made) [Style: Stand]: After seeing Moody Jazz in action in the anime, it's pretty much capable of holding his own. Plus, the devs thought about replaying actions from the enemy fighters.

    -Sale [Style: Stand]: He can freeze projectiles in midair with Art Kraft and redirect it back.

    -Illuso [Style: Stand]: He would carry a mirror shard around for easy teleporting in the mirror world. There would also be mirrors that appear around the stage to bring the opponent into the mirror world.

    -Prosciutto (3D Models made, needs adjustments) [Style: Stand]: Becuase of hardware limitations, once Thankful Dead is activated, the closer to the opponent, the slower (older) they get.

    -Pesci (3D Models made, needs adjustments) [Style: Stand]: I originally wanted to have him along with some assistance with Thankful Dead, but it felt much better to make them separate fighters.

    A accurate representation on how Beach Boy works

    A accurate representation on how Beach Boy works

    -Ghiaccio [Style: Stand]: He has the power to make ice with his stand White Ice and make an intangible ice barrier to reflect projectiles with Gently Weeps.

    -Risotto Nero [Style: Stand]: He can use Metallic to summon scalpels from the ground and Exacto blades out of the opponents.

    -Vinegar Doppio [Style: Stand]: He would be a separate fighter from Diavolo, so there might be some changes on both ends. His main fighting inspiration will be his fight with Risotto.

    -Secco [Style: Stand]: He can swim underneath the platform and drag the opponents down in the earth.

    -Polnareff (Part 5 [Style: Stand]): Not sure if he should have a wheelchair or not, but in the promotion art, he is shown standing. Maybe he can use a rapier as a walking cane or something.

    Polnareff part 5 anime

    Part 6: 11 fighters total; 5 new fighters

    -Jolyne Kujo (Returning)

    -Ermes Costello (Returning)

    -Weather Forecast (Returning)

    -Enrico Pucci (Returning)

    -Narciso Anasui (Returning)

    -Enrico Pucci [New Moon] (Returning)

    -Jotaro [Part 6] (Audio made): He would have a more extended time stop than Part 3 and 4 Jotaro.

    -Foo Fighters [Style: Stand]: She would need to gather water drinks to buff up her moves. She can use water pressure bullets in her human form. She will be much more powerful in her stand form, but if she is not near a water source for a while, her health bar will very slowly drain. She is a fish out of water, after all.

    -Lang Rangler [Style: Stand]: He's basically the precursor of Uraraka. His stand Jumpin' Jack Flash can remove gravity from any given object.

    -Donatello Versus [Style: Stand]: His stand Underworld can replay events that happened in recent history to trip up opponents and set up traps.

    -Emporio Alniño/Heavy Weather (3D Model made) [Style: Stand]: He was featured in story mode and was never seen again. He will also have a revolver since Araki forgot it wasn't a real gun.

    Part 7: 11 fighters total; 6 new fighters

    -Johnny Joestar (Returning)

    -Gyro Zeppeli (Returning)

    -Diego Brando (Returning)

    -Funny Valentine (Returning)

    -Alt. World Diego (Returning)

    -Ringo Roadagain (Considered) [Style: Stand]: His stand, Mandom, has the power to rewind time a total of 6 seconds. He is also a capable gunfighter.

    -Wekapipo [Style: Spin]: His steel ball, Wrecking Ball, can harm the opponent like a grenade, and the shockwave can nullify the opponent's sense of feeling. He will also have a revolver that he used back at the D4C arc.

    -Mountain Tim [Style: Mounted/Stand]: He can use his stand, Oh! Lonesome Me, to form a rope to trap opponents and make himself hard to be attacked.

    -Oyecomova [Style: Stand]: He can set explosion traps and can turn anything into a ticking time bomb.

    -Hot Pants [Style: Mounted/Stand]: She can use her stand, Cream Starter, to blind the opponent by using her flesh. It will also risk removing some of her own, decreasing a bit of her health bar. She can also manipulate her flesh by extending her limbs.

    -Axel RO [Style: Stand]: Here's a game mechanic that relates to his fight with Johnny. Every time he loses a health bar, which is around two per match, he summons some Confederate soldiers to attack the opposing group.

    Part 8 (Since it hasn't ended, the cast might get development): 8 fighters total; 6 new fighters

    -Gappy Higashikata (Returning)

    -Joshu Higashikata (Returning)

    -Yasuho Hirose [Style: Stand]: Her stand, Paisley Park, can shapeshift and affect electronics. Plus, her stand is strong enough to twist a driver's ankle and smash a medicine cabinet with ease. Considering that JoJolion hasn't ended, and her stand development is C, she can possibly hold her own in a fight.

    -Hato Higashikata (3D Model made, needs adjustments) [Style: Stand]: She can use her stand, Walking Heart, to make spikes on her heels. Cleats if you will.

    -Jobin Higashikata (3D Model made, needs adjustments) [Style: Stand]: His stand, Speed King, can heat up objects and cause internal burning inside the opponent.

    -Yoshikage Kira (Part 8) [Style: Stand]: His version of Deadly Queen uses exploding bubbles and an army of Heart Attacks.

    -Josefumi Kujo [Style: Stand]: His version of Soft & Wet is similar to Gappy's, but the bubbles absorb something from an object, not steal it.

    -Karera Sakunami [Style: Stand]: Her stand, Love Dove Extra (My take on the name), can control the opponent's hair. She could use it to her advantage to trip up opponents.

    -Aisho Dainenjiyama [Style: Rock Human/Stand]: While performing combo attacks, he can summon his stand, Doobie Wow, to summon vortexes to damage opponents.

    Eyes of Heaven: 1 new fighter

    -DIO, Gone to Heaven [Style: Vampire/Stand]: He would be toned down to make him and his stand, The World Over Heaven, from being invincible.

    JoJo Media: 7 fighters total; 6 new fighters

    -Fugo [Purple Haze Distortion; From Purple Haze Feedback] [Style: Stand] (Returning from All-Star Battle): His moveset will be different from his original.

    -Absalom [From The Genesis of Universe] [Style: Stand]: With his stand, Satanic Coupler, he can summon scrap metal to form a locomotive to attack opponents while also traversing across the stage.

    -Rigatoni [From Golden Heart, Golden Ring] [Style: Stand]: He was an expert marksman, with a stand, Public Image Limited, that can bound to a sniper rifle bullet. He partnered with Guido before he got his stand.

    -Sheila E [From Purple Haze Feedback] [Style: Stand]: Her stand, Voodoo Child, can add lips to an opponent to distract the enemy by making them less focused. Now she will finally have vengeance for what Illuso did to her sister.

    -Vittorio Cataldi [From Purple Haze Feedback] [Style: Stand]: When he targets the opponent, any damage taken from them will be lessened, but will also hit back.

    -Joji Joestar [From Jorge Joestar] [Style: Stand]: Apparently, he has the stand Das Boot Ultimate. That's all I could find on Joji because no one cared to add a character segment for him. That's probably for a good reason.

    -Jouta Kujo [Part 3 version; CLAMP IN WONDERLAND] [Style: Stand]: Jouta's stand uses moves that Star Platnium and Hierophant Green. He will also use moves that he will later use in his Part 4 iteration.

    Araki Originals (Might presumably end up as DLC): 4 fighters total; 3 new fighters

    -Ikuro Hashizawa [From Baoh: The Visitor] [Style: Baoh] (Returning from All-Star Battle): He would change into Baoh as a transformation action, kind of like Golden Wind Requiem. He would be in this form for a medium-length amount of time and has access to the Baoh Phenomenon attacks only available in that form.

    -Walken [From Baoh: The Visitor] [Style: Psychic]: He's a psychic giant, and the only major Baoh antagonist to appear in the manga, including the OVA. He can use telekinesis to affect opponents and the area. He's pretty durable for the most part.

    -Irene [From Gorgeous Irene] [Style: Assassin]: She is a trained assassin who chooses who uses her skills of good. She can use make-up as a weapon, like launching fake nails and hypnotize the opponent to damage themselves.

    -BT [From Cool Shock BT] [Style: Devil]: Being the prankster that he is, he would set up traps and uses some tricks to slip up the opponent.

    I also thought about including some fan-made Jojo characters like the Shizuku Joestar project on Twitter, but I am leaving them out. Although, it wouldn't hurt to have a truly original character designed for this remastered story.

    Also, while watching Kaleb I.A, I noticed that in his video "5 Characters I Want In The Next Game!" had five characters that I have included in the roster. So, uh, you're welcome Kaleb.

    Now that I have covered all of the characters, I will present the stages. But first, I need to talk about a change in the battle mode for the game.

    The change is called Duel mode.

    When starting up a match, the user can choose to do a 1v1 game. Since a Dual-Heat Attack can't be enabled without a partner, a Heat Attack will act similar to the Dual, with the player performing a runner-up attack and lastly the Heat Attack.

    Also in this mode, the player has access to more stages than in the original Eyes of Heaven, mostly returning from All-Star Battle. Those returning from both games will not be stated the Stage Hazards and Situation Finishes.

    Stages: 23 Stages total; 6 new fighters

    Part 1;

    Joestar Mansion (Returning)

    Dio's Castle [Duel Mode only] (Returning from All-Star Battle)

    Part 2:

    Air Supplena Island (Returning)

    The Battlefield [Duel Mode only] (Returning from All-Star Battle)

    Part 3:

    Nightmare World (Returning)

    Cairo Street Rooftops (Returning)

    Cairo Bridge [Duel Mode only] (Returning): In the original game, the stage was featured exclusively in the story mode.


    -Stage Gimmick: Forever will appear and use different freighter equipment to ambush any opponent and can also sink them into the metal ground.

    Part 4:

    Boing-Boing Cape (Returning)

    Morioh (Returning)

    Part 5:

    Naples Station (Returning)

    Colosseum (Returning)

    Rome Streets [Duel Mode only] (Returning from All-Star Battle)

    Rome Streets Rooftop [Duel Mode only]:

    -Stage Gimmick: Cioccolata will appear exiting out of the wrecked helicopter and use his stand, Green Tea, to dismantle his body and attack from all sides, each with low health. This is in reference to the GioGio PS2 game.

    Naples Middle-High School:

    -Stage Gimmick: During the fight, the old janitor will light up the lighter Polpo gave Giorno. Once someone steps in the shadows, Polpo's stand, Black Spades, will appear and attack who's in it. It will be around the contestant's average sprint speed. If quick enough, the fighter will get the chance to knock it out of the shadows, leaving it very vulnerable in the sunlight. Defeat it while it's defenseless and it will disappear

    Castel Sant'Angelo [Duel Mode only]:

    -Situation Finish: Loser is thrown off the bridge and falls into the Tiber River recreating what happened with Diavolo.

    Part 6:

    Green Dolphin Street Prison (Returning)

    GDSP Outside [Duel Mode only] (Returning from All-Star Battle)

    Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center (Returning)

    Bohemian Rhapsody:

    -Stage Gimmick: Overtime, twisted Araki-styled fictional characters start to appear and attack either opponent. If all are not taken out in a particular time-frame, Van Gogh will appear and create Put-Back and take out the remaining fictional characters.

    -Situation Finish: The character gets shot by a revolver on the floor, recreating the event that happened to Weather's soul.

    Part 7:

    Rocky Mountain (Returning)

    Philadelphia Coastline [Duel Mode only] (Returning from All-Star Battle)

    Independence Hall:

    -Stage Gimmick: Overtime, D.I.S.C.O. will suddenly appear and will use his stand, Chocolate Disco, to summon a battlefield grid and drop random items on specific spots. A grid space will blink, giving a chance for the fighter to dodge out of the way.

    Part 8:

    Higashikata House (Returning)

    This took a lot of time to make, and I finally finished. I would like to know your thoughts on this. Also, I can't think of more stages.

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