• part: (mines part 4)

    jojo: (mines jotaro)

    favorite stand: (mines echoes)

    favorite villian: (I FUCKING LOVE DIO)

    favorite supporting charicter: (mines koichi)

    least favorite part: (mines part 6, becuase of the ending)

    least favorite jojo: (mine johnny)

    least favorite stand: (made in heaven)


    least favorite supoorting charicter: emporio, becuase I think he's annoying. hey, it jut me)

    now, tell me your least/favorite part, jojo, charicter, yada yada.

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    • part: part4 and 6

      jojo: KUJO JOTARO

      favorite stand: D4C

      favorite villian: PUCCI IS LOVE PUCCI IS LIFE

      (plz don't kill me Thehonestone sama)

      favorite supporting charicter: Foo Fighters

      least favorite part: part 5, I don't know what even happened at the colloseum so much stuff happening at once lol.

      least favorite jojo: Geroge Joestar

      I...can't pick. he still counts as JoJo right?

      least favorite stand: Paper Moon King

      least favorite villian: Anjuro.

      least favorite supoorting charicter: Emporio, but hey! at least he killed Pucci at the end.

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    • im fine with your oponion.

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    • Thehonestone wrote:
      im fine with your oponion.

      phew! thank you 

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    • part: part 7

      jojo: gio

      favorite stand: vitamin c

      favorite villian: yoshikage kira

      favorite supporting charicter: hermes

      least favorite part: part 3

      least favorite jojo: jolyne

      least favorite stand: burning down the house

      least favorite villian: diavolo

      least favorite suporting character: emporio

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    • Part: Diamond is Unbreakable

      JoJo: Giorno

      Stand: King Crimson

      Favourite villian: Dio for introducing me to the series, but Kira is a better villain.

      Favourite supporting character: Okuyasu

      Least favourite part: Part 1

      Least favourite JoJo: Jonathan

      Least favourite stand: Talking Head

      Least favourite villain: Kars

      Least favourite supporting character: Avdol

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    • Fav. Part: Steel Ball Run

      Fav. Jojo: Johnny

      Fav. Stand(s): D4C/Killer Queen

      Fav. [Main] Villian: Kira

      Fav. Supporting Character: Gyro

      Least Fav. Part: Phantom Blood

      Least Fav. Jojo: Jonathan

      Least Fav. Stand: Tenore Sax

      Least Fav. [Main] Villian: Kars

      Least Fav. Supporting Character: Anne (What was her purpose?)

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    • Favorite Part: Duwang is Unbreakable

      JoJo: Josuke(4)

      Stand: D4C? (almost impossible to decide tbh)

      Villain: Kira

      Supporting Character: Rohan

      Least Favorite Part: Phantom Blood

      JoJo: Jonathan

      Stand: Diver Down

      Villain: Diavolo

      Supporting Character: Avdol

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    • this is a good thread so far

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    • L83

      Part: SBR (Gyro + Johnny + Valentine + Raptor Jesus !!!!)

      Jojo : Giorno

      Favorite stand: Scary Monsters (Raptor Jesus !!!!)

      Favorite villian: DIO

      Favorite supporting character: IGGY  (The best dog !)

      Least favorite part: DiU (some charcters are so useless, like the ET or the chief ! But Kira = <3 )

      Least favorite jojo: Jonathan

      Least favorite stand: Cream (You killed my dog, you bastard !!)

      Least favorite villian: Pucci (I hate religions)

      Least favorite supoorting character: Shigechi

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    • Part: Part 4

      Jojo : Jonathan and Josuke

      Favorite stand: Sticky Fingers

      Favorite villian: Kira but only the Killer Queen one

      Favorite supporting character: Koichi

      Least favorite part: Stone Ocean

      Least favorite jojo: Giorno

      Least favorite stand: GE and GE Requiem

      Least favorite villian: Pucci (I think all that part is pretty inconsistent)

      Least favorite supoorting character: Shigechi

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    • Part 1: 

      Favorite: Jonathan (more out of pity than anything) & Dio.

      Least favorite: Young Speedwagon, Poco. Will is just pure WTF.

      Part 2:

      Favorite: Stroheim, Cars, Wham, ACDC.

      Least Favorite: Young Joseph, Smokey.

      Part 3: 

      Favorite: Polnaref, Jotaro, Old Joseph, Hol. 

      Least Favorite: Kakyoin.

      Part 4:

      Favorite: Okuyasu, Kira, Mikitaka, Josuke, Jotaro.

      Least Favorite: Koichi, Yukako.

      Part 5: (Only half way through this manga).

      Favorite: Bruno, Narancia, Giorno

      Least Favorite: Trish, Guido's stupid hat.


      Favorites: Rohan & Kira.

      Jojo Rank:

      1)Young Jotaro, Old Joseph, Josuke, Giorno, Jonathan, Young Joseph.

      Favorite Villain: 

      1: Pillar Men.

      2: Kira.

      3: Dio

      Haven't hoten far enough into VA to have an opinion about Diavolo.

      Sidekick/Best Friend:

      F: Tie between Polnareff, Okuyasu, & Bruno.

      LF: Tie between Speedwagon, Kakyoin, & Hirose.

      Series in order of how much I like:

      1)Part 3 & 4, Parts 2 (ONLY because of the Pillar Men) & 5, Part 1.


      F: Under Execution, Under Jailbreak, the Kira story deserves its own damn series. 

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    • Part: 7

      JoJo: Johnny

      Favorite Stand: IDK, Notorious BIG?

      Favorite Villian: Kira

      Fav Supporting Character: Gyro all the way

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    • part: Vento Aureo

      jojo: Joseph Joestar

      favorite stand: Notorious B.I.G.

      favorite villian: Dio Brando

      favorite supporting character: Rohan Kischibe

      least favorite part: Phantom Blood

      least favorite jojo: Johnathan Joestar

      least favorite stand: Tenore Sax

      least favorite villian: Kars (but he still is great)

      least favorite supoorting charicter: Poco (if he even can be called that way)

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    • oh shoot srry i didnt finish

      least fav part: Phantom Blood 

      Least fav jojo: Jolyne

      least fav stand: yo yo ma

      least fav villian: Kars

      least fav supporting character: poco i guess

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    • part: 3

      jojo: joseph (young)

      favorite stand: silver chariot or the world or the hand

      favorite villian: dio in jostar mansion fight or diavolo

      favorite supporting charicter: polnareff

      least favorite part: 1 (cause it's so slow)

      least favorite jojo: josuke

      least favorite stand: white snake

      least favorite villian: ACDC

      least favorite supoorting character: gyro (im kidding) umm lisa lisa

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    • part: Part 8

      JoJo: Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion) and Joshu Higashikata (if he counts)

      Favorite Stand:  Soft & Wet

      Favorite Villain(s): Funny Valentine and Yoshikage Kira

      Favorite Supporting Character: Wekapipo

      Least Favorite part: Part 2

      Least Favorite JoJo: Joseph Joestar (young)

      Least Favorite Stand: Gold Experience Requiem

      Least Favorite Villain: If minor villains count then it's Donovan from Part 2.

      Least Favorite Supporting Character: Anne

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    • part: (part 7)

      jojo: (Gappy)

      favorite stand: (King Crimson)

      favorite villian: (DIABORO)

      favorite supporting charicter: (G Y R O)

      least favorite part: (Part 6 for the less interesting minor villains)

      least favorite jojo: (Giorno)

      least favorite stand: (gold experience requiem)

      least favorite villian: (DIO)

      least favorite supoorting charicter: (KOICHI)

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