• Some claim that GER has infinite speed due to him being able to move in erased time, however, I personally find this claim ridiculous. He was able to move in erased time because he made it so that the time was never erased in the first place, not because he has the speed that allows him to move in an ability that shouldn't even allow anyone to move. I don't even think that is how erased time works. What are your thoughts on this?

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    • 1. GER does not have infinite speed, it's stats only seem to be off the scale, as they are undefined.

      2. Diavolo's erased time doesn't make people unable to move, either way, it only makes them act along as blind slaves of fate and destiny, making them unaware of their actions once time continues, unlike stopped time, their victims are allowed to move and continue their actions, they are simply unaware that they are doing them in the first place.

      3. GER, however, did nulify the erased time through it's ability, as Giorno, Trish and Mista were fully aware of what they were doing during the battle.

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    • He doesn't have infinite speed, just resistance to time erase i think. The only Stand that has infinite speed is Made in Heaven.

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