• Salutations, dear sir. I trust this message finds you well.

    I'm something of a translator, and as a bit of a tribute to the first-rate work of Mssrs. Hirohiko Araki and Kadono Kouhei, I'm toying with the idea of translating Purple Haze Feedback in full.

    The current translation effort, as I understand it, hasn't progressed past the prologue since March, and I'd like to take up the baton if they'll consent to let me take it off their hands. As such, I plan to be in contact with the proprietor of "" soon enough as a matter of courtesy, should I decide to go ahead with this project of mine.

    Once I start, I expect things to move at a gratifyingly brisk pace.

    Seeing as you seem rather intensely interested in seeing the VS JOJO novels done justice in English, I'll keep you posted as to my progress.

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    • Hello sir. I am glad to know about this new project you undertake. Unfortunately, I can only wish you good luck, because at the moment I do not have the material to provide it. I agree with you that the project "" is not progressing and is correct to try to contact the owner to learn more about this matter. Anyway, I think it would be right if you should receive assistance on this project and if somehow, we might help you organize a team of translators, I would feel better. I would also like, if possible, you create a user in our wikia, so we can recognizeyour effort by this work, that can not be published in the wikia, but the content is of interest and would be important to have a good overview thereon. I look forward for news, and I am at your disposal if you need something that is in my power. Greetings!

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