• Part 1: In the end, Jonathan (protagonist) gets¬†power up (Zeppeli's hamon)

    Part 2: Kars (antagonist) achieve final form

    Part 3: Jotaro (pro) unlock time stop ability

    Part 4: Kira (ant) gets Bites the Dust

    Part 5: Giorno (pro) gets GER

    Part 6: Pucci (ant) achive C-Moon and then Made in Heaven

    Part 7: Johnny (pro) gets act 4 for Tusk

    Part 8: We don't know who is main villain. But, if the Jobin is a antagonist, he probably in the end gets power up. That make sense: his power is heat, and as we know, main JoJo's villain has powers related on time-space control. So, in the end, Jobin achive power that can control the time/space. That will be simillar to part 4 (of course, because part 8 is retold part 4)

    Sorry for bad english :/

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    • You're forgetting that Funny Valentine also got D4C Love Train.

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