• My Chemical Romance User: Gerard W. Named after the lead singer of MCR Gerard Way.

    Appearance: It has a humanoid spider body and skull head with holes all over it. It’s a humanoid, slender, malnourished, non-muscular stand with hairy legs with no feet, weak sinking shoulders with loose flesh with visible viscera and bone, hands with spider insignias and long semi-sharp fingers, a fluffy back with a large spider symbol on it and a jawless skull for a head with exaggerated canines and a short mohawk of horns. Can’t forget that it has holes on both ankles, knees, sides of the belly that i forgot the name of and is too lazy to google, ear area, sides of the hips and other fitting areas.


    Chain Reactions

    Its body has several holes in it that can secrete chemicals that when mixed can create explosions.

    Fear Inducement

    It can detach its head and if anyone sees into its eyes it physically turns into that person's worst fear. The thing is that it gets the physical properties of the fear and turns completely into it but if another person also sees into its eyes that person sees and feels a completely different thing while for the other person it's still the same thing.

    Stats: Destructive Power: B Speed: D Range: E Durability: D Precision: C Developmental Potential: B

    My Chemical Romance Not Okay I Promise/MCR NOIR

    Appearance: The same as normal MCR but with a more healthy, slightly muscular body with normal shoulders and all the holes replaced with eyes.


    Suicide inducement

    If MCR NOIR attains eye contact with someone or their stand that person will instantly start attempting suicide until restrained, killed, or successfully killing themselves. If they succeed one of their loved ones/best friends will perish with that person kinda like a useful Highway to Hell.

    Stats: Destructive Power: B Speed: E Range: A (range of its influence) Durability: B Precision: B Developmental Potential: D

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