• A handful of days late, but better now than after Part 4's already started airing.

    With the ending of Part 3 on Toonami, what are your guys' final thoughts and opinions on the dub? I'll give example discussion starters.

    - Favorite voice(s) & least favorite voice(s) and why

    - Lines with powerful delivery & lines whose voice deliveries pale in comparison to the original Japanese

    - Dub script that does moments in the story justice & dub script that made moments somehow even more awkward than Araki's Signature Patented Dialogue™

    - Voices that you didn't expect but somehow fit against your expectations

    - Specific lines that you would rewrite / lines you would make the VA deliver differently

    - And finally, concluding opinions on the Stardust Crusaders dub going into Diamond is Unbreakable

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