• I just added a Category for Drama CD Stands, but i think they will be only a few.  If others Stand apart for Drama CD,Novels or Manga appear i will put "Other Media Stands"

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    • Actually, Strange Relation is the ONLY original stand who appears in the Drama CD, i know because i was the one who worked on the different-media stands of Part 3.

      However, there IS another stand who appears in a different media, he appears on the second Jump crossover game (don't remember the name, but there is a page for it here). But the stand is unnamed, so I was going to include him on the list of unnamed stands.

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    • Thanks for the info. In that case i will make a category "Other Stand". About the other stand i think you are reffering to the game Jump Ultimate Stars,right? I didn't know about that stand, if you have any info or an image, please inform me.

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    • Ok, i will say what i know

      The stand i'm refering appears in the game Famicom Jump II: Saikyo no Shichinin. He is unnamed, and his stand user too (but, as i never played the game, I don't know if he gives himself a title like the Strange Old Man or the The Scribe Ani)

      The stand can change its target to stone, without a limit to the number of targets and it doesn't matter the distance he keeps once the target is petrified, the only way of reverting the ability (aside from the user's own will)  is to defeat (kill? don't know) the user. in the game he petrifies a whole town.

      There's als

      o something about having a "limited conscious conversation", but i didn't really get it just from the online translations.

      About the image i can try to get: I'm unable of playing the game with a room and a NES emulator because my internet is lag, the download wouldn't even complete, but maybe i can watch  a playthrough on youtube, just hope i won't eventually confuse the original stand user with a character from another manga of this "crossover game".

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    • I think you are talking about this:

      The video shows the Stonized town and then Jotaro Defeating someone (the user i suppose).

      if you come with a better video, please share it.

      EDIT: I just foud a Walktrougth:

      It Call the User "Stand Messenger"(Stand Messenger (スタンドつかい)), in fact his stand can turn people on stone. After defeated, the people returned to normal.

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    • Yes, that's the one i'm talking about, tried to find a better video but didn't had success

      I only wish i was able to understood his intentions, then maybe a page for him could be created

      Do you mind in including a image of him ? a print screen from this video maybe, just for now

      OBS: hey, is that abdul petrified ?

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    • I think he is Abdul. I Will upload a few images, then i will edit the article of the game and make some article for the Enemy, talking about the user and the Stand (This is to avoid getting all the info on Unnamed Stands. We can put it in that page later).

      Thanks for the help.

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    • I am currently playing the game, so here's what i got. I played Jotaro's scenario two times: One starting the game with him and the other playing with a guy i don't know (someone dressed in blue who attacks with his tongue), because his scenario was the closest to Jotaro's. I also tried with Goku, but it would take a while to reach the Stand Messenger so I gave up after finishing Goku's scenario.

      Anyway, playing with Jotaro you come across the petrified town, and only four people (i believe they are Joseph, Abdul, Kakyoin and Polnareff) can talk to you even after being turned to stone, the rest of population give you the same message. On the way to the Stand Messenger's cave there's a Oasis close to a desert-like landscape, where there's a man selling items and another guy who isn't petrified. In the cave you find two more petrified people just before the fight with the Stand Messenger. In battle he only attacks with punches, but sometimes one of his punches manage to turn you into stone (a talking ballon quick appears with the image of a stone and then you are petrified). Sometimes the ballon appears and even then you aren't transformed (maybe it only works if you have a lower health or something gameplay-related i didn't understand). After the battle he lays on the grounds and disappears soon after (died, probably) and the people are turned back to normal, the ones who were in the cave return to the town after you talk to them. After you leave the town you automatically enter in a car, drives through the desert-like landscape and reaches the scenario of another character.

      Now, when you're not playing with Jotaro everything plays the same, but: One of the people who can talk even being stones (Joseph, i believe) says different things. You find Jotaro in the Oasis, and he runs to fight the Stand Messenger himself. In the cave there is a generic enemy who is pallete swap of the Stand Messenger, his color being purple (he never petrified me, but i was too strong at this point anyway, so i don't know if he can) When you reach the Stand Messenger Jotaro comes soon after and battles him alone (you don't control this battle, just watch). The Battle plays like this: Jotaro attacks with Star Platinum and then kicks the Stand Messenger. He punches Jotaro and Star Platinum is used again, ending the battle.

      OBS: If you go to the cave BEFORE finding Jotaro in the Oasis the Stand Messenger just says something to you. (Nothing happens after that, you need to find Jotaro in the Oasis and then go back to the cave).

      After the battle Jotaro joins your group and everything plays the same. Some people say little different things (like refering to your character by name instead of calling him Jojo), but overall it's the same thing. I don't know if they say different things to EACH character you're playing with or if it's based only in the "is Jotaro or not" fact.

      I took screenshots of ALL the dialogues of Jotaro's scenario (as well as the ones only present when with a different character) I will eventually ask a friend to upload them on some site like 4shared and put the download link here, them it will only be necessary to find someone to translate it.

      hope this helps.

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    • Hi! Thanks for the info. You can uploaded your pictures in a zip or rar on and i will upload it.

      For what i understand for your explanation, Stand Messenger has a special punch that convert you in stone if you are on low health, right? That was similar to the method i suppose. I was not aware of the "Purple Stand Messenger", if you can, play again with a character other than Jotaro again, to discover if he has the same power or if he is only a generic bad guy without stand. 

      We also need to fill the article with your experience, so when you upload the photos i will make a edit.

      Thanks again for your effort!

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    • didn't notice I posted the same message two times, could you delete one of them ? sorry.

      aside from the dialogue images i took screenshots of me getting petrified*, the purple generic enemy, the whole petrified town and tried to rip the Stand Messenger sprites (but it came out a little weird). I will let the purple enemy defeat me to see if he can also turn you into stone.

      anyway, here it is the zip file

      hope it doesn't look confused

      • Just something i wanted to note: in the beggining of the game you are given the task to find the 7 jump heroes (like the walkthrough says) by some voice in a shrine. If you die you are transported back to said shrine and lose half your money, so when you are petrified you are transported back there as a stone and is turned back to normal. I don't know the overal story of the game because i was trying to focus on the Stand Messenger, so i don't know if he is related to the Big Bad of the game or not.
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    • Played the game again just to see about the purple generic enemy.

      He can't turn you into stone, he is just a palette swaped generic enemy without the powers of the Stand Messenger.

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    • Thanks!!! i will upload the pictures and edit the article soon!

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