• So, I tried and finished writing this article. I hope it looks fine, you may suggest something to improve it (photos of some of the most important horses, maybe?)

    I wanted to dedicate a paragraph to the horseless racers like Abdul and Sandman, but that would fit in the Steel Ball Run Race article better.

    I noticed one mistake in the image of the first stage outcome: Von Stroheim and Hot Pants' horses are swapped. I makes much more sense to think that Europe Express is Stroheim's horse and Get up is Hot Pants'. This mistake is also confirmed by the Italian translation of the manga which names the horses correctly. Does anybody have a correct picture? I can scan the Italian page, since it's just a list of names...

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    • I didn't know about that .But i think you are right. If you can please scan that page.

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    • I think putting some pictures of the horses would add a nice touch. 

      As for the translation error, I don't have a fixed copy but I do have the raws, and they also say that Stroheim's horse is Europe Express (Yōroppu Ikusepuresu) and Hot Pant's is Gets Up (Gettsu Appu)

      Sbr03 d018
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