• For me, it's up there as one of the best JoJo openings, with Sono Chi no Sadame, Bloody Stream, Stand Proud, Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of THE WORLD~, Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town and Great Days.

    (Just making a joke, chase is great too.)

    I'd put it above Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town and chase, and I personally find it even more exciting than the first two openings. Big fan of this one, might even say I like it more than the fourth opening.

    Where does everyone else place this opening? (Surprised there wasn't already a thread on this topic.)

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    • The song is good/great, not Stand Proud great, but very cool nonetheless. I like the visuals a lot, but I will say that after the so much detailed openings we've gotten so far, abstract backgrounds and characters morphing into colored silhouettes is a bit of a let down. I want to think they poured the saved money on the actual episodes.

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    • My list is: Sono Chi No Sadame, Sono Chi No Kioku, Great Days, Chase, Fighting Gold, Bloody Stream, Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town, and finally Stand Proud.

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    • 7: Stand
      This is your home by horaciosi-davwij1

      6: End of The World

      5: Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

      4: Sono Chi no Sadame

      3: Fighting Gold

      2: Bloody Stream

      1: Chase

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    • 8: Craizy Noisy Bizarre Town - it has fun visuals and sound but lacks the depth and meaning that the other openings present.

      7: Stand Proud - real good song and effects, and the downside is that it really focuses on those and not much else.

      6: Bloody Stream - best song by far, not much else. It relies too much on effects. Still good.

      5: Sono Chi No Sadame - the best way to start off the series, and has a lot of power, eye-to-eye to Stand Proud.

      4: Chase - establishes the mood change of Part 4, but honestly feels way too harsh. Still a good song and some of the imagery is key. Did they really put Kira's nail clippers over Shigechi's neck? Daaaaaaamn.

      3: Fighting Gold - newcomer, the imagery is an improvement and so are the color palettes. The animation might just be the best we've had, and the references are fine. It perfectly captures Part 5's themes.

      2: Great Days - as the pinnacle of Part 4, it succeeds to tie the other openings. It gets even better with the Bites The Dust version. Can't help but sing to it every time. The UNITS version might just be the best thing to grace the anime.

      1: End of the World - Just wow. The mood is perfect, the visuals are fascinating, the action is well, and don't even get me started on the details and foreshadowing. The second version featuring The World just completes it as a whole. Just like how The World completes Kakyoin as a hole...

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    • 8.Crazy noisey bizarre town 6.Stand proud 5.great days 4.sono Chi no sadame 3.end of the world 2.bloody stream 1.FIGHTING GOLD

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