• Hello!
    I'm posting on your wall to ask you a question about the Manga Chapter pages... do you think it would be a good idea to add a gallery of the chapter's most significant images? To the most important chapters at least. Or it would make the articles unnecessarily long? I'm asking this because those pages look a little empty and in need of improvement.

    Another question: I'd like to help posting the images of the chapters that are still missing one, but I can't find the original japanese scans anywhere on the web. Do you have any link?

    I've also noticed that you're adding Part-specific chategories to the chapters. I really believe they make the navigation a lot easier. Thank you very much for your help!

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    • Hi!

      Sorry for the delay... My work just cancel my access to the wikia :S, so i can't edit there, but i saw your poston my phone.

      I am going for parts (like Jack the ripper :p)

      1) I think the gallery is a good idea for some chapter at least (the more important). If the images show an important part of the chapter, a concept or a fight taking place. Go for it!

      2) I don't have, except maybe some SBR ones. However we were using the translations for a lot of chapters. For now i can help with this :S

      3)I do that mainly to focus the future edits on part 2 chapters, since this is the actual Anime Saga (and the focus of popularity!). I Would like to complete these chapters while the anime goes on.If this works i would make new badges for part 3, 4 ,etc.

      Bye for now!

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    • Here you are good sir. This is where i get mine.

      If that doesn't work, this torrent works as well:

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    • @ Bohemian King: Great, I'll see if I can provide some help with those Part 2 chapters. I'd like to finish the Phantom Blood ones as well.

      @MetallicKaiser: Thank you very much. You've really done me a favour.

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