• Here it is: Hall of Mirrors

    Similar stands: Hanged Man, Man in the Mirror, Similarities: Mirror based abilities,

    Reference: Hall of Mirrors by Kraftwerk

    Description: A stand that manifests as two regal looking mirrors. The user can manipulate the size of these mirrors at will. The mirrors have an infinite range from the user and can always be summoned back, even if it’s in another country. But they can only be summoned around 1 m away from the user. The mirrors main abilities/uses include:

    Transportation. The user, and anyone else can enter one mirror and exit the other.

    Espionage. The user can look through the mirror and record certain events, replaying them at will (only one at a time).

    Combat. While inefficient towards other stand users (seeing as removing one of the mirrors while someone hasn’t fully entered just puts them back) the user can use them to his confuse his opponent, do some really sweet surprise attacks and dodge enemy attacks.

    Symbolism and similarities with user:

    The mirrors don’t reflect, they redirect. Just like how the user doesn’t wanna reflect on his past and redirect his attention the the future/present.

    The mirrors can be moved through. Reflecting how the user wishes to escape/run away from his problems rather than confront them. Also his love for travel.

    Removing one mirror shoves the person moving back to their original spot. Reflecting how the lack of someone else (Aka a distraction) leaves his mind coming back to the memories of his past.

    The mirrors can be easily used for espionage. Representing how the user always was a viewer and not a fighter. Preferring to observe rather than confront.

    The mirrors can record events and replay them later. Symbolizing his dwelling on the past.

    There are two mirrors. The user has monophobia.

    Design: Two square mirrors with golden, regal looking frames around them. The mirrors display what the other one would.


    Destructive power: None

    Speed: None

    Range: Infinite

    Durability: B

    Precision: A

    Development potential: D

    User: Steve Capra Ardinger

    Personality: Intelligent and calm, when around other people that is. When alone he starts thinking about his past and this has given him a severe case of monophobia. He is willing to go the extra step to finish a goal because he wants to make up for his past, which was a situation he couldn’t really do anything in and blames himself for. Also has PTSD.

    Bio: Steve was the only child of the Ardinger family, two kind souls who loved him dearly. But then one fateful day, both of his parents were murdered in cold blood for no reason. Steve saw this crazed serial killer beat his parents to death with a golf club he was gonna get for his birthday but could do nothing about it due to being a child. A scared child who knew that he would die too if he were to interfere. He decided he was to blame and turned himself in for the murder of his parents, knowing he wasn’t the culprit. He spent his day in jail with a jail mate who beat him and mistreated him until another fateful encounter. One with an equally kind man as his parents who offered him a life, one where he didn’t have to be beaten every night, one where he didn’t have to worry about what time it was, one where he could be free. Harold Jouques was the name of this man. The two men went on a world wide trip where Steve learned a lot about how beautiful the world could be. Then Harold introduced Steve to his son, Joffrey. While JoJo was nice he didn’t care because he felt jealous over Harolds love for him. But after Harold passing, a peaceful passing he deserved. Steve began to depend on Joffrey, who soon became his best friend. Neither of them would’ve been able to get through Harolds passing without each other. So when Joffrey told Steve he was going to find out who killed his parents, Steve immediately agreed to tag along and get revenge for his parents. He would be willing to do anything as long as he would be able to kill his parents assailant.

    What do you think? Is it bad, is it good?

    Which stand is more practical/would you prefer to have?

    Please let me know.

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    • The stand seems really well made imo. As you've mentioned it's the third mirror ability, but it stands out as entirely unique. It's well balanced, and can be used in creative ways, which is especially impressive since it's a noncombat stand at its core. Also the connection with him as a person is great. Wouldn't be surprised or disappointed to see it or something similar in the actual series. Good job!

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    • I very much appreciate this. This put a smile on my face.


      I also made a stand based on My Chemical Romance a while back. I think the post is called “Thanks Zodazzle” because he gave me some advice on stands with Band references.

      One thing I feel I could’ve done better is the music reference. Seeing as I listened to the song once and read some lyrics and based it loosely on that, causing the reference to be very light because I focused 90% on the stand/user connection.

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    • No problem, I'll check the other out.

      Can't say I listen to Kraftwek so I wouldn't be able to tell. The stand/user connection did pay off though, and it at least has the obvious mirror connection going for it.

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    • Gonna post Joffrey's stand soon so look out for I made a stand #2

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    • A FANDOM user
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