• Mr Blue Sky


    Weather manipulation: Can create and manipulate certain types of weather by generating a steam from one of several pipes around its body that creates a stand cloud that it can manipulate. These clouds are invisible to non-stand users.

    Weather types it’s able to produce:

    • Rain

    • Lighting

    • Tornadoes

    • Snow

    • Hail

    • Fog

    Sunlight absorption: Can absorb sunlight to charge up and become more powerful similar to Red Hot Chili Pepper. (Not to say it isn’t physically capable in the dark)

    Weaknesses: Its user is kind to a fault and this makes it easy to ambush him by requesting help or something similar. If the pipes are covered it can’t release any clouds. Weaker in darkness.

    Design: A blue, metallic humanoid stand with a tall, muscular figure. It has rows of bolts on many areas of the body. Most prominently between the shoulders and neck and on the knuckles. It has a piece of metal pointing downward on the lower half of its face resembling a beak of sorts (the entire stand is royal blue with slight shade differences including this part). It has yellow eyes and a head shape akin to Voodoo Child.

    Stand stats:

    Destructive power: B

    Speed: C

    Range: D

    Durability: B

    Precision: A

    Development potential: C

    Stand cry: G’day G’day G’day G’day G’day G’day!!! (Yes I know it sounds silly)

    User: Joffrey Hugo Jones. Symbolism: Took the writer a while to come up with the song. Just like how Joffrey took a while to attain the stand. Joffrey’s dad was a stand user. But Joffrey couldn’t attain stand powers no matter how hard he tried, which he felt really bad about. But then the tragic death of his father Harold sparked him to finally attain Mr Blue Sky. Similar to how the writer of Mr Blue Sky had problems with bad weather and thus decided to write about the problem. The song ends with the appearance of “Mr Night” causing Mr Blue Sky to disappear. Represented as Steve Ardinger entering his life and kickstarting the grueling and dark adventure to come. Joffrey is kind to a fault. Based on the numerous mentionings of everyone smiling at him seeing as being really kind to someone can make them smile. The chorus is about Mr Blue Sky coming back after a long time of storm. Symbolizing the depressing time between Harold’s death and the adventure. The adventure is Mr Blue Sky returning.

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