• Hi ,I'm asking this question because I noticed that we  have been having polls every month like February's Beauty of the month and I was was wondering If we could make suggestions each month for what we'd want on the polls.I don't know if you can make suggestions or if the admins decide it but I got some ideas  for Aprils poll if you are interested

    1. Which jojo character has the coolest hat?

    2. Who's the biggest the jerk out of all of the protagonist inJJBA?

    3. Who's the creepiest character in JJBA?

    So what do you think? Please let me know if you like these ideas or not.

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    • Hi! I love all the ideas!

      Of course, I accept suggestions. Feel free to suggest both this subject (the character of the month) and any other activity you can think of. Currently (even with the little time I have) tried to encourage business between members.

      I like the 3 ideas you proposed and I think you've already proposed other interesting votation on your blog, right?

      We can begin with "Who's the creepiest character in JJBA"? for april.

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    • Just realized we completely skipped over a May Poll. For June, i was thinking we could do Biggest Jerk? Or Biggest Asshole if we want to be comedically vulgar. 

      Also, if you want I can set these polls/forum posts up each time if you're busy.

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    • I second for Biggest Jerk/Asshole 


      Most Overpowered Stand 

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    • Yes. I was busy with finals, work, and life in general...  I Like the Biggest Jerk idea XD.

      Thanks if you can make the poll, at least for now. :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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