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The Tibetan Temple (チベットの寺院 Chibetto no Jīn) is where Tonpetty and other monks reside and teach the Ripple to anyone disposed to confront the fate that awaits them. It's featured in Phantom Blood and is where Will Anthonio Zeppeli learned the Ripple.


The temple is located in the depths of Tibet, following the Salween RiverW, in a rocky valley where no vegetation is seen. It is surrounded by four rock pillars, and behind the temple there is a training ground.

Training Ground

It consists of several white pillars tied together with large ropes in a high altitude where the person who's training needs to focus their breath and not fall simultaneously.


Phantom Blood

Will Zeppeli, after the incident with the Stone Mask, begins a journey to find the Stone Mask. In his search, he finds a man who claims to be a doctor but used some kind of magic to heal his patients. It was the Ripple. Realizing its potential, Zeppeli asks the doctor where he learned the Ripple; the man tells him to follow the Salween (Nu) river and eventually he will find a temple.

Zeppeli finds the temple and talks with the master monk Tonpetty who warns him that teaching him the Ripple will lead to death. Nonetheless, Zeppeli accepts his destiny and begins his training. While Tonpetty has several disciples, Dire and Straizo are notable allies who assist the Joestar Group.

Years later, Straizo becomes Tonpetty's successor and has his own disciples. However, he soon betrays them and murders them.


Ripple Master
During Training

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