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The following is a timeline of events occurring in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Year Part 1-6 Events
c. 100,000 B.C.
c. 90,000 B.C.
c. 50,000 B.C.
  • A meteorite lands in Greenland, from which the arrows are created.[2]
c. 10,000 B.C.
c. 8,000 B.C.
  • Powered by the Stone Mask, Kars decimates the Pillar Men

    Santana is born.[1]
  • Kars creates the Stone Masks. His clan fears his work and they plot to execute him. Kars kills every member of his race in retaliation, aside from his ally Esidisi and two infants (Wamuu and Santana).

Ancient History

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
c. 3,000 B.C.
c. 50 B.C.
  • Kars, Esidisi and Wamuu begin their 2,000 year slumber, after believing they completely destroyed the Ripple clan.[1][4]
c. 0 B.C.
c. 33 A.D.
  • Jesus is Crucified, and three days later rose from the dead and travelled to America.
39 A.D.
79 A.D.
  • August 7, Pompei is buried.

Middle Ages

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
12th century
  • Rise of the Aztec tribe that uses the Stone Mask.[1]
  • Joseph of Arimathea's map is found under Glastonbury's monastery, which he founded.
14th century
  • Gessler builds a fortress in Switzerland.[1]
  • Eijkman, the thunder knight, passes the 77 rings.[6]
15th century (1408)
c. 1480
  • Caravan Serai creates the sword which the Stand Anubis is bound to.
  • Caravan Serai dies, leaving Anubis without any user. The Stand begins to search for users on its own.

Modern History

16-18th Centuries

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
16th century
  • The Aztec tribes disappear.
  • A German book describes a case similar to Doppio/Diavolo.
  • Joseph of Arimathea's map is stolen.
c. 1500
  • Zeppeli family is ordered to become the king's executioner.
c. 1565
18th century
  • One ancestor of the Pucci family becomes a pope.
c. 1740
  • 150 years before the Steel Ball Run race, Joseph of Arimathia's map arrives from England to the USA through a Puritan Minister.[7]
c. 1783

19th Century

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
  • Futatsumori Tunnel is finished in Morioh.
c. 1856
  • Steven Steel (16) is placed on a deserted hospital island due to typhoid fever from cavalry rations.[8]
  • In the Atlantic Ocean, Zeppeli's father wears the Stone Mask from the Aztec ruins and transforms into a vampire. He kills the 58 members of his University crew with the exception of his son, and then dies from sunlight.[1]
  • Steven Steel (18) leaves the hospital after two years, quits the cavalry and joins a circus as a part-time worker.[8]
  • Steven Steel (19) becomes the star of the circus.[8]
  • Steven Steel (20) goes on a tour across the USA with the circus.[8]
  • Steven Steel (21) introduces new popular attractions in the circus: "Midget women wrestling", "Bug-eyed man" and "Pigs on a tight rope".[8]
  • October 16, Robert E. O. Speedwagon is born.[1]
  • Straizo is born
  • 3 years after Zeppeli, age 25, joined the Tibet Temple, Tonpetty tells him how he will die if he continues the Ripple training. Zeppeli accepts this, and begins the "Ripple of the Heavens" training.[1]
  • Steven Steel (23) is fired from the circus because of a fight and his demeanor.[8]
  • Axl RO fails to warn the town he was supposed to guard against an enemy attack out of cowardice, the entire city is subsequently massacred.
  • Steven Steel (25) becomes a heavyweight boxer.[8]
  • Steven Steel (27) beats an opponent he shouldn't have in a rigged game, gangsters retaliate by seeking him out and shooting him in his right knee.[8]
  • Steven Steel (28) disappears, presumably escaping as a sailor.[8]
  • George Joestar buys a dog, Danny, for Jonathan when he's 5 years old. At first, they don't get along. However, Danny saves Jonathan from drowning in a river and they become friends.[1]
  • The cavalry's 26th squad dies of dehydration inside Devil's Palm in Arizona's desert, Mountain Tim, age 16, is the only survivor and develops a Stand.
  • Johnny Joestar, age 5, rides a horse for the first time.
  • Lucy Pendleton is born.

Phantom Blood Begins

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
  • Jonathan meets Erina.[1]
  • Dio is adopted by George Joestar.[1]
  • 7 years before the Joestar Mansion burns, Erina moves to India as a result of her father's work.[1]
  • Death of Danny.
  • Steven Steel (41) reappears in San Francisco and declares to East & West newspaper that he is going to Costa Rica to search for dinosaurs, and publishes popular articles.[8]
  • Steven Steel (43) becomes a promoter.[8]
  • Steven Steel (43) publishes popular articles in E&W: "Capturing the Yeti in Rocky Mountains", "Looking for the 3-legged catfish", "in search of the 20-meter long Penguin" and "The newlyweds in a haunted mansion: documentary".[8]
  • Steven Steel (46) buys a mansion in San Jose with 8 servants, he also collects art pieces, including works by Monet.[8]
  • Steven Steel (46) is denied entry into university.[8]
  • A prison is built at Windknight's Lot.
  • Jonathan reads Dario's letter and goes to Ogre Street, meeting Speedwagon's gang.
  • Jack the Ripper becomes a famous murderer.[1]
    • Dio rejects his humanity and becomes a vampire using the Stone Mask.
    • George Joestar dies while trying to protect his son from Dio's assault.
    • Death of the Inspector and his policemen.
    • Joestar Manor burns with Dio inside.[1]
  • 3 days after the manor burns, Speedwagon tries to visit Jonathan at Erina's father's hospital.
  • 4 days after the manor burns, 1:00AM, Jonathan regains consciousness and sees Erina. Wang Chan becomes a zombie and Dio escapes the manor's ashes.
  • 9:00PM, in Whitechapel, Dio changes Jack the Ripper into a zombie after he kills a woman (it's made after the famous murder in which he hung organs on the walls).
  • Jonathan meets Zeppeli and starts to learn the Ripple.[1]
  • After a week of training, Zeppeli teaches Zoom Punch to Jonathan.
  • After another week of training, in the evening, Wang Chan is defeated by Jonathan's Ripple and escapes.
  • December 1,[1][9] during the day Jack the Ripper is defeated and destroyed by Jonathan.
  • In the night, 73 persons from Windknight's Lot disappear, deaths of Will Anthonio Zeppeli, Bruford, Tarkus, Adams, and Dire, and Dio Brando's original body is burned, Speedwagon destroys the Stone Mask, Wang Chan steals Dan Hamar's boat.[1][9]
  • December 4, London Press reports Windknight's Lot disappearances.[9]
  • December 15, London Press reports Jeff Back and Dan Hamar's witnesses.[9]
  • Circa December, Elizabeth is born.[1]
  • Steven is dubbed as a fraud for a scandal he has nothing to do with.
  • Steven goes bankrupt.
  • Lucy meets Steven Steel, then a bum in the streets. Listening to his mumbling, she proposes to him the idea of a race across the entire American continent.
  • Steven finds over 20 sponsors for the Steel Ball Run race, starting with East&West Tribune.
  • February 2, Jonathan and Erina marry, the London Press publishes the news.[9]
  • February 3,[1][9] Jonathan and Erina go to America to celebrate their honeymoon.
Jonathan's Death (Anime).png
  • February 7,[1] on the Atlantic Ocean, deaths of Jonathan Joestar, Wang Chan, Father Styx and all of the other passengers except Erina and Elizabeth.
  • February 9,[1] Erina and Elizabeth are saved near the Canary Islands. Dio sinks into the bottom of the ocean.
  • May 22,[1] a picture of Speedwagon, Straizo, Erina and Elizabeth is taken.
  • George Joestar II is born.[1]
  • Funny Valentine becomes the 23rd president of the United States of America, he also encourages the Steel Ball Run race secretly after meeting Steven.[7]
  • Steven rescues Lucy from a gang by lying about her virginity.
  • Steven and Lucy get married.

Steel Ball Run Begins

Year Part 7-8 Events
  • Early May, Gyro leaves Italy.
  • May 22, Gyro reaches the USA.
  • Steel Ball Run begins.
  • September 25 at 10AM, the Steel Ball Run race begins. Gyro wins the 1st Stage after 18 minutes and 7 seconds but is retrograded, making Sandman the winner with a time of 18 minutes and 9 seconds.
  • September 26 10AM, 2nd Stage begins.
  • Diego Brando wins the 2nd Stage after 18 days 7 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Hot Pants wins the 3rd Stage with 5 days 9 hours 51 minutes and 42 seconds, Johnny gets second place with 5 days 11 hours 4 minutes and 21 seconds.
  • 11th day of the 4th Stage, deaths of Gaucho and Ringo Roadagain.
  • Norisuke Higashikata I wins the 4th Stage with 21 days, 7 hours, 10 minutes, and 13 seconds.
  • Pocoloco wins the 5th Stage with 14d 2h 11m 5s.
  • December 23, Wekapipo tells Gyro and Johnny about "Lucy's" death and burial.
  • December 28 afternoon, Steven Steel is shot, Lucy is unmasked and impregnated with the Holy Corpse's head, Magent Magent sinks to the bottom of Delaware river. 3:51PM, Gyro and Johnny complete 7th stage of the race at Philadelphia. 4:13PM Johnny is shot. Death of Wekapipo, age 31.
  • January 19, Diego Brando (20), Hot Pants (23), Gyro Zeppeli (24), Funny Valentine (48) and another Diego from an alternate universe all die. 6:33:12AM, Diego Brando wins the Steel Ball Run race but never shows up to claim his winnings due to being killed by Lucy shortly after his victory, thus the title is passed to Pocoloco with Norisuke Higashikata I now in second place.
  • SBR hat brand is founded.
  • Johnny marries Rina Higashikata.

Contemporary History

20th Century

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
20th Century
  • Gessler's ancient fortress is changed into a hotel.[1]
  • November 11 evening, death of Johnny Joestar and creation of Les Feuilles.
  • November 12 morning, Johnny's corpse is found by the authorities.
  • November 13, Johnny's death and the discovery of a child are announced in Yashirokita News.
  • December 7, Yashirokita News reports that Johnny's death is considered an accident.
  • May 23, Yashirokita News reports that the Joestar Jizo is built.
  • 85 years before Part 4, Private High School Budogaoka is created.
  • Death of George Joestar II by one of Dio's zombies who had become an an Officer in the RAF.[1]
  • Elizabeth avenges George and becomes a criminal, leaves her family, is declared dead by disease and becomes Lisa Lisa with the help of the Speedwagon Foundation.[1]
  • The hotel built within Gessler's fortress is closed and abandoned after the death of its owner.[1]
  • Death of Norisuke Higashikata I.
  • Joseph, age 13, saves Speedwagon from a kidnapping and has his first plane crash.
  • 5 years before they awaken, Nazis find the Pillar Men in Rome.[1]
  • Mario Zeppeli is absorbed by Kars to save Caesar, age 16.[1]

Battle Tendency Begins

Year Part 1-6 Events
  • Santana begins to awaken after 2,000 years of sleep.
  • 3 months before meeting Caesar, Joseph learns the truth about Jonathan's death.
  • Autumn, Joseph and Erina move from London to New York.[1]
  • Autumn, 49 years after Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency starts.
  • In Mexico, Straizo kills four of Speedwagon's employees and becomes a vampire using Speedwagon's blood. He throws their bodies in Rio Dada. Joseph meets Smokey.[1]
  • 2 days after his disappearance, Joseph and Erina learn that Straizo "killed" Speedwagon and his men.
  • 20:10, Straizo fights Joseph in New York and is defeated, destroying himself.
  • Santana awakens within a Nazi compound and escapes his containment, only to be defeated by Joseph and Rudol von Stroheim, the latter of whom exploded with a grenade at 12:04.
  • 3 days after his defeat, Santana is studied in Speedwagon's HQ in Washington DC. His fate is unknown.
  • Kars, Esidisi, and Wamuu wake from their 2,000 year slumber.[1]
  • January 30[1]
    • Nazi troops are killed under the Coliseum by Wamuu. Nazis begin to spy on Lisa Lisa.
    • Around 14:00, Caesar, Joseph, and Speedwagon wait for Mark.
    • 22:10, after 8 hours, Mark takes them in his car.
    • Mark dies a week before his marriage.
    • Caesar is incapacitated by Wamuu.
    • Wamuu uses his blood hourglass for 1 minute of fighting with Joseph, his face is damaged by a human for the first time.
    • After 1 minute, Joseph receives Wamuu and Esidisi's Wedding Rings of Death which will dissolve 33 days later.
  • 31 days before the rings' dissolution, Joseph meets Lisa Lisa in Venice and gets fitted with a mask to control his breathing.
  • 30 days before the rings' dissolution, Caesar and Joseph begin the Hell Climb Pillar test which is 24m tall.
  • 28 days before the rings' dissolution, after 28 hours, Caesar climbs 15m and Joseph understands how to effectively climb.
  • 27 days before the rings' dissolution, 24 hours later
    • Caesar climbs 18m and Joseph 16m.
    • 3 hours later, Caesar climbs 19m and Joseph 18m. Joseph triggers a trap.
  • February 6, 26 days before the rings' dissolution, Caesar and then Joseph reach the top of the Hell Climb Pillar after 61 hours and begin their training with Loggins and Messina for 3 weeks.
  • 7 days before the rings' dissolution, Caesar and Joseph learn that Lisa Lisa has the Super Aja.
  • 6 days before the rings' dissolution
    • Loggins dies.
    • 6:00 Esidisi's ring is removed.
    • Esidisi dies, but not before sending the Super Aja to Kars in Switzerland.
    • Joseph, Caesar, Lisa Lisa, and Messina leave Italy to pursue the Super Aja.
    • 17:00, Joseph and his group reach the mail train and meet Stroheim's troop at 1 hour from Saint Moritz at the Swiss-Italian border.
    • 20:00 to 20:10, Kars waits for Esidisi's call in Saint Moritz, while Wamuu is in Greece.
    • 22:00, Kars kills Stroheim's 5 men at an inn. Stroheim is revealed to have survived the encounter with Santana.
  • February 27,[1] 5 days before the ring's dissolution, Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli dies, age 20, in Gessler's fortress. Wamuu's ring is removed.
  • February 28,[1] 4 days before the ring's dissolution

    Joseph Joestar ends the Pillar Man menace by sending Kars into space

    • 0:00, Joseph's race with Wamuu begins at Skeleton Heel Stone.
    • Wamuu dies.
    • Joseph loses his left hand and Kars is launched into space and is unable to re-enter the atmosphere.
    • Suzi Q takes care of Joseph for 2 weeks.
  • Joseph and Suzi Q marry.[1]
  • Circa mid-March, Joseph's funeral is held.

World War II and the aftermath

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
  • Yoshiteru Kira is born.
c. 1945
  • Ryohei Higashikata is born.
  • At the end of the Pacific War, an old officer's house in Morioh is bombarded, becoming a ghost house.
  • Lisa Lisa remarries to a Hollywood scenarist.[1]
  • Erina Joestar dies peacefully and surrounded by family, age 81.[1]
  • Alessi is born
  • Death of Robert E. O. Speedwagon from a heart attack, age 89.[1]
c. 1958
  • 30 years before Part 3, Roses starts working for Joestar family.
c. 1962
  • In winter, Norisuke IV contracts the family disease and his mother, Tomoko sacrifices herself.
  • In Autumn, Kenzou kills 34 people.

The Seventies and Eighties

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
c. 1970
  • Smokey Brown becomes mayor in Georgia.
  • 18 years before Josuke becomes ill, Morioh is hit by a snow storm.
  • Risotto Nero is born in Sicilia.[10]
  • July 25, Kira, age 8, is on a vacation summer camp.
  • Anjuro Katagiri, age 12, is sent to a youth detention center after being arrested by Ryohei Higashikata.[1]
  • Johngalli A is born.
  • March 10, Baby Face's "mother" Anita is born.
  • Bucciarati's father and mother marry.
  • 22 years before Part 4, Private High School Budogaoka includes City S middle school classes.
  • Ayana Hirose is born, which makes her a third year student when her brother is a first one.
  • In Lorraine, Survivor's original user causes the death of 6 mountaineers.
  • Telence T. D'Arby beats up his brother Daniel for trying to steal his girlfriend.
  • Joseph, age 62, cheats on his wife with Tomoko Higashikata, age ~20.
  • John Eliot Gardiner directs the best orchestral version of Handel's Messiah.
  • December 3, Guido Mista is born.
  • Josuke Higashikata is born, Gemini, while Tomoko is 21 and studies in one of Tokyo's universities.
  • Okuyasu Nijimura is born, Libra.[1]
  • May 20, Narancia Ghirga is born.
  • Kira begins to collect his fingernails, which grew over 30 cm that year.
  • August 13,[1] Kira commits his first murder; The parents of Reimi Sugimoto, age 16, have their throats slit. Her dog Arnold suffers the same fate and is hung on a coat rack. Reimi herself has her back stabbed repeatedly by Kira at their house at 12, bloc 3, of Kotodai. He does not take her hands. Rohan, age 4, who is babysat by them is thrown through the window by Reimi to save him. He then moves out of Morioh.
  • Futatsumori Tunnel is restored.
  • Yukako Yamagishi is born, Sagittarius.
  • 18 years before Giorno joins Passione, birth of a Passione's Lieutenant.
  • Viviano Westwood is born.
  • Donatello Versus is born.
  • May 17, Daniel J. D'Arby wins 8 properties and the soul of Mayama Shozou through gambling.
  • Diavolo is reported missing and is presumed to have died in a large fire.
  • Diavolo, age 19, finds 6 arrows and the bow buried in Egypt and sells 5 of the arrows to Enya.[2]
  • Criminality arises in Europe.
  • Gray Fly kills 300 people in an air crash.
  • 2 years before Okuyasu and Keicho's father mutates, their mother dies of sickness and their father's company declares bankruptcy.
  • DIO's Stand power manifests itself after being pierced by the Bow and Arrow.[1]
  • Joseph's Stand power manifests.[1]
  • Polnareff encounters DIO.[1]
  • DIO meets Enrico Pucci, age 15, in America and gives him an arrowhead.
  • Bucciarati's parents divorce after 10 years of marriage. Bucciarati, age 7, stays with his father.
  • Miuccia "Miu Miu" Miuller is born.
  • When Yoshikage is 21, his father Yoshihiro dies of a cancer.
  • Risotto, age 14, cannot forgive the man who ran over his cousin.[10]
  • Ermes Costello is born.
  • Ken Oyanagi is born.
  • Pucci hears the confession surrounding his brother by Ms. Bluemarine.
  • 2 months after the confession, Whitesnake and Weather Report manifest themselves.
  • Pucci befriends DIO at 16 and they discuss Heaven.
  • Circa July, Avdol encounters DIO in the souk Khan Khalil in Egypt during a full moon, DIO discovers that his Stand can stop time while testing its capabilities.
  • Circa August, Kakyoin encounters DIO in Egypt during a trip on the Nile with his family.
  • Jotaro's Stand power manifests.[1]

Stardust Crusaders Begins

Year Part 1-6 Events
  • Joseph and Avdol go to Japan.
  • November 28,
    • Holy and Josuke, age 4, gain Stand powers they cannot control, leaving them with 50 days to live.[1]
    • Kakyoin's attempt to assassinate Jotaro, both age 17, fails. He is freed from DIO's control and joins the Joestar group.
    • Morioh is hit by another snowstorm. Tomoko drives Josuke to the hospital, leading to an encounter with an individual sporting a pompadour.
  • The day the Joestar group leaves Japan, they kill Gray Fly. Joseph gets into his third plane crash.
  • Polnareff attempts to assassinate the Joestar group but is defeated and then freed from DIO's control.
  • 4 days after the Joestar group left Japan, they kill the Impostor Captain Tennille and Forever.
  • 15 days after the Joestar group left Japan, Avdol is incapacitated and J. Geil is killed.
  • 4 weeks after the Joestar group left Japan, Joseph gets into his fourth plane crash as they defeat Death Thirteen.
  • December 28, 30 days after the Joestar group left Japan, they defeat Midler and reach Egypt.
  • 2 days before N'Doul's death, 9 men and women gather at DIO's mansion.
  • 2 weeks before Holy would die from her disease, death of N'Doul.
  • Oingo is sent to a hospital for a month.
  • 43 days after the Joestar group left Japan, Roses and Suzi Q visit Holy.
  • 4 days before Holy would die, Joestar group defeats Alessi and Mariah at Louxor.
  • The day after Alessi and Mariah's defeat, Joestar group reaches Cairo and makes Daniel J. D'Arby lose his sanity following his defeat.
  • Narciso Anasui is born.
  • January 15, deaths of the Cairo informant, Chibi and Buchi, and Pet Shop. Iggy loses his front left leg.
  • Jotaro fights DIO, back from the depths of the Atlantic

    January 16,[1]
    • 13:00/1:00PM, Kakyoin and Iggy rejoin the Joestar group.
    • 14:25/2:25PM, Jotaro, Joseph and Kakyoin enter DIO's mansion.
    • 14:35/2:35PM, Vanilla Ice reports Telence's defeat to DIO and the rest of the Joestar group enters the manor.
    • Deaths of Muhammad Avdol, Iggy, Vanilla Ice, Nukesaku, Wilson Phillips, and an unknown number of Cairo pedestrians.
    • 17:15/5:15PM, Death of Noriaki Kakyoin, age 17 (about midnight in Japanese time).
    • 100s after Kakyoin's defeat, Polnareff fails to assassinate DIO and is incapacitated.
    • 50 days after leaving Japan, temporary death of Joseph Joestar.
    • Little more than 150s after Kakyoin's defeat, Jotaro defeats DIO.
    • 4 minutes after Joseph's temporary death, he is transfused with DIO's blood.
  • January 17, at dawn, death and destruction of Dio Brando/DIO's and Jonathan Joestar's body.
  • F1 driver Jean Alesi is number 28.
  • Kira gets a literature diploma and is employed by Kameyu shops at S. City, his nails grew over 30 cm.
  • Ungalo is born.
  • Rikiel is born.
  • 10 years before Keicho's death, 2:00PM, after returning from school, Keicho, age 7, and Okuyasu, age 4, see their father being infected by DIO's flesh bud due to his death.
  • DIO's Diary is burned by Jotaro
  • Haruno Shiobana, age 4, becomes Italian as Giorno Giovanna when his mother marries an Italian man and moves to Italy.
  • Bucciarati's mother remarries a man from Milan.

The Nineties

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
  • F1 driver, Alessandro Nannini loses part of his arm in a helicopter accident.
  • 1 year after the infection began, Nijimura's father becomes an unrecognizable monstrous being.
  • (During 1990s) Polnareff and Jotaro search for the rest of the Stand arrows.
  • Bucciarati, age 12, kills 2 gangsters to protect his father. He joins Passione.
  • Passione begins to smuggle drugs from central Asia.
  • Risotto, age 18, kills the man who ran over his cousin. He joins the mafia.[10]
  • Jolyne Cujoh is born.
  • Kira moves to Morioh due to his job, and his nails grew over 30 cm.
  • Holy begins to work for a hospital.
  • When Narancia is 10, his mother dies from an eye disease. His father begins to neglect him.
  • Anjuro Katagiri commits murders and is sentenced to death.
  • Kira's nails grew over 30 cm.
  • According to a census, Morioh has 58,713 inhabitants.
  • Kira's nails grew over 30 cm.
  • Rohan, age 16, becomes a mangaka.
  • The Soldier House's previous owner dies at age 82.
  • Risotto, age 21, gets a Stand and joins Passione.[10]
  • Kaato is sentenced for 15 years as prisoner 28 at the Stone Ocean prison.
  • Narancia, age 14, is sentenced to jail for a year.
  • 5 years after being attacked by a gang, Bucciarati's father dies from his wounds.
  • 2 years before Tamami meets Koichi, he gets out of highschool.
  • 2 years before meeting Josuke, Joseph gets a kidney stones surgery.
  • February 1, Kira's driving license is delivered.
  • September, Anjuro Katagiri gains a Stand due to the Bow and Arrow, two weeks before his death sentence.
  • October, Anjuro survives his death sentence thanks to his new Stand and escapes a week after.
  • Circa December, Shizuka is born.
  • Fugo, age 13, completes his college studies.
  • Narancia, age 15, gets out of jail with a left eye disease and is abandoned by his friends.
  • Fugo, about 15, brings Narancia to Bucciarati.
  • Narancia is treated in a hospital for 3 weeks, he then reluctantly goes back to his father.
  • 6 months later, Narancia secretly goes to Polpo and succeeds of his test.
  • Jolyne, age 6, develops a high 42° fever, Jotaro stays in Japan's countryside.
  • Before January 20, Morishita Ichirô buys a New Year's Great Loto ticket.
  • January 20, New Year's Great Loto ticket buyers can receive their prizes.
  • Circa January,[1] 4 months before meeting Koichi, Tamami Kobayashi gains a Stand due to Keicho's Bow and Arrow.
  • February, Rohan moves to Morioh and Keicho pierces him with the arrow. Shigechi gains a stand after being pierced by Keicho.
  • Circa February,[1] Yukako Yamagishi gains a Stand due to Keicho's Bow and Arrow.
  • March, Hazamada makes one of his friend gouge his left eye using his stand because of an argument over a manga or an anime.

Diamond is Unbreakable Begins

Year Part 1-6 Events
  • April, Jotaro, age 28, meets Josuke and Koichi the day they go to 1B class at Budogaoka Highschool. The national institute publish a map of Morioh, the ghost alley does not feature on it.
  • One day after Jotaro's arrival, in the morning 7 corpses made by Angelo are found and Ryohei Higashikata, age 55, is killed by Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri.
  • 3 days after Ryohei's death, it's raining over Josuke's house and Angelo is fused into a rock by Crazy Diamond. Jotaro learns the Arrow's purpose.
  • Morioh has 81 disappearances cases, including 45 children, which is eight times the mean of Japanese cities of similar size. This is due to Reimi's killer.
  • Koichi Hirose gains a Stand after being pierced by Keicho's Bow and Arrow and healed by Josuke. Keicho Nijimura, age 18, is killed by Akira Otoishi's Stand on a telegraph pole.
  • Okyusau permanently moves to 4-1280 Jozenji road with his father. He has enough money to live there for 5 or 6 years.
  • May 7, 21:29, Tamami eats at Jonny's
  • May 8, the day after, 16:07, Koichi gets home and then awakes Echoes Act 1 and defeats Tamami, age 20.
  • May 9, the day after his defeat, Tamami becomes Koichi's underling.
  • Over a month after Jotaro moves in Morioh Grand Hotel room 324
    • 3:25, Hazamada goes to phone Jotaro after a brief fight with Josuke
    • Tamami gets to a hospital for a month after being beaten up by Hazamada.
    • 15 minutes after the phone call, Jotaro reunites with Josuke and Koichi at Morioh Station
    • Surface is destroyed by Josuke
  • 2 days before Joseph's arrival, 10:11PM, Josuke fights Chili Pepper at his home.
  • The day before Joseph's arrival, Jotaro learns about it from a Speedwagon employe.
  • May, 30 days after Jotaro's arrival
    • 20 minutes before Joseph arrives, Jotaro and Okuyasu go to his boat.
    • Otoishi, age 19, is defeated.
    • Noon, Joseph arrives at Morioh Port in a boat called Traffic
  • Otoishi is condemned to jail for 3 years.
  • Two days before meeting Rohan, Hazamada is released from hospital.
  • The day before Koichi meets Rohan, Shizuka, age around 6 months, is found by Joseph.
  • May, Koichi and Hazamada meet Rohan, age 20.
  • One day after Koichi meets Rohan, Josuke and Okuyasu defeats him and Pink Dark Boy begins a month hiatus.
  • 10 days after Otoishi tested the Bow and Arrow, deaths of Bug-Eaten and Not Bug-Eaten.
  • June, Kira's nails have already grown over 20 cm.
  • June, Toyohiro touches the ground for thelast time for a month.
  • June 13, Koichi and Rohan discover Reimi's murder 15 years and 10 months after it happened.
  • A few days before June 21, Josuke and Okuyasu meet Shigechi.
  • June 21, the tickets of New Year's Great Loto expire.
  • June 24, death of Shigekiyo "Shigechi" Yangu, his body is totally destroyed.
  • Deaths of Kosaku Kawajiri and Aya Tsuji, their bodies are completely destroyed.
  • Jotaro, Josuke, Koichi and Okuyasu investigate the Kiras' house.
  • Rohan defeats Ken.
  • July 1, Morioh's summer activity begins while Kira impersonates Kosaku. 11:00PM Shinobu goes to bed while Hayato spies on his parents.
  • 2 days before fighting Josuke and Rohan, Fungami is caught in an accident in Futatsumori Tunnel.
  • Monday, 8:00AM Josuke and Okuyasu meet Mikitaka in a Crop Circle in Budogaoka fields,13 hours after Mikitaka had fallen unconscious from being scratched by Yoshihiro's arrow. Tamami gets out of hospital after a month. Rohan's house burns.
  • The day after his house is burned, Rohan encounters Highway Star in Futatsumori Tunnel.
  • Summer, death of Yoshikage Kira.
  • Summer, during Pink Dark Boy's hiatus, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 16: At a Confessional takes place.
  • Pink Dark Boy resumes publishing, albeit on a monthly schedule.
  • While healing from King Crimson's injuries, in an Italian village, Polnareff discovers Requiem abilities with an arrow found in Egypt.[2]
  • Cioccolata joins Passione after being sacked by his hospital because of a patient's death.
  • Mista, age 17, kills 3 men with a revolver and is saved from a jail sentence by Bucciarati.
  • 1 year before Luca's death, the flower shop boss learns from his wife that his daughter is dating Scolippi.
  • 6 months before Luca's death, death of Scolippi's girlfriend.

21st Century

Vento Aureo Begins

Year Part 1-6 Events
  • 36 days before rumors about Trish, the boss kills Sorbet and Gelato and sends Gelato's corpse to their gang.
  • 2 months before Trish meets Team Bucciarati, death of Donatella. Squadra Esecuzioni hears rumors about the boss' daughter shortly after figuring Sorbet's fate.
  • Vento Aureo takes place.
  • March 29 at 13:00, Koichi arrives at NaplesW, Italy and is robbed by Giorno Giovanna.
    • Death of Luca.
    • Bruno Bucciarati investigates Luca's death, and fight with Giorno before he meets Rolling Stones.
    • One day before Giorno joins them, Bucciarati talks about Giorno to his gang.
    • 15:00, Giorno begins Polpo's trial.
    • 16:10, one hour after meeting Polpo, Giorno gets home and witnesses the death of the Janitor
    • With the help of Koichi, before sunset comes, Giorno defeats Black Sabbath.
  • March 30, one day after Giorno began Polpo's test
    • 15:00, Giorno completes Polpo's test and is accepted into Passione.
    • Giorno joins Team Bucciarati.
  • March 31
    • 9:25, Polpo is killed by Giorno and is believed to have commited suicide.
    • Team Bucciarati disappears to find Polpo's 600 million on Capri island.
    • Mario Zucchero and Sale attack Team Bucciarati.
    • Bucciarati becomes a Lieutenant of Passione by Pericolo and is ordered to protect Trish, age 15, for a week
  • April 1
    • Formaggio is killed by Narancia.
    • Around 15:00, Pericolo kills himself in the turtle and the boss orders Team Bucciarati to retrieve the key at Pompeii 35 km from their hideout in the vineyards.
    • 15:40, Fugo is trapped by Man in the Mirror in a mirror in Pompei.
    • 15:45, Illuso is killed by Purple Haze's virus.
    • 16:25, Team Bucciarati arrives at Naples Station.
    • 16:31 Prosciutto and Pesci discover Bucciarati.
    • 16:35, The express to Florence leaves Naples' station platform 6 stopping at Rome in 1h/30min.
    • 16:50, Prosciutto uses The Grateful Dead in the Express (Can be seen on the clock inside Coco Jumbo)
    • 17:21, Bucciarati separates himself to prevent an attack from Beach Boy.
    • Around 18:10, 20 minutes before reaching Rome, the express is stopped by Pesci.
    • 18:34, Melone finds Pesci and Prosciutto's corpses, and collects Bucciarati's blood sample.
    • Baby Face is born 3min03s after his mother's fecundation.
    • Baby Face kills Anita, age 24, 10 minutes after his birth and goes after Team Bucciarati.
    • 18:38, Baby Face assaults Bucciarati and Trish before fighting with Giorno.
    • 19:45, Ghiaccio finds Baby Face's corpse and hears Melone's death at Rome's station.
  • April 2, 3 days before Secco fights Bucciarati.[14]
    • 00:05, Team Bucciarati discovers Pericolo's message, 10h05min after he started it.
    • 4:43, Ghiaccio attacks Mista and Giorno, the Boss waits for Team Bucciarati to retrieve the disk.
    • 5:13, Giorno killed Ghiaccio, the Team Bucciarati obtained OA-DISC.
    • 5:30, Team Bucciarati arrives at San Giorgio Maggiore.
    • Physical death of Bruno Bucciarati, age 20, on san Giorgio Maggiore Island and betrayal against the Boss.
    • Pannacotta Fugo decides not to follow Bucciarati's group.
    • Team Bucciarati go for their lunch. Death of Tiziano and Squalo.
    • Around 9:00, death of Carne at Marco Polo airport.
    • 10:15, Trish awakens her latent Stand against Notorious B.I.G., crash of the plane in the sea.
  • April 5, 3 days after the Boss send Notorious B.I.G.[14]
  • April 6, The last day of Part 5 (can be seen on Giorno's watch).
    • 5:40 everyone near Colosseum awakens from Requiem's sleep, their body and soul are exchanged.
    • Team Bucciarati meets Polnareff (in Coco Jumbo's body).
    • Death of Doppio (in Bucciarati's body).
    • Death of Narancia Ghirga, age 17. Team Bucciarati is aware of Diavolo hidden among them.
    • Diavolo discovered Chariot Requiem's weak point.
    • True death of Bruno Bucciarati, age 20. Giorno, Mista, Trish survive.
    • Giorno stabbed Gold Experience with the Arrow, Gold Experience Requiem's birth, infinite death of Diavolo, age 33.
  • After the events of Part 5, Giorno, Mista and Polnareff begin to lead Passione.


Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
  • July 21 9:33, Flight 2682 crashes, leaving only 2 survivors.
  • Jolyne, age 14, finds David's wallet and is later accused of car theft, meanwhile Jotaro takes a plane to Tokyo for his "work".
  • 4 years before meeting Ermes, McQueen accidentally kills a woman while she commits suicide and is condemned for 8 years.
  • Holy becomes a professor at TG Dai.
  • Summer, Ojiro Sasame encounters Kira.
  • 2 or 3 years before Jotaro visits Jolyne, he tells her that he will divorce her mother.
  • Kira finds a Rock Human aboard his ship.
  • Atsunori Iwakiri is a batter for the Seiten Birdies.
  • One year before eating a Locacaca fruit, Iwakiri damages his shoulder.
  • Iwakiri, age 24, eats a Locacaca fruit.
  • Kira and Josefumi steals 2 Locacaca branches.

Stone Ocean and JoJolion Begin

Year Part 1-6 Events Part 7-8 Events
  • Stone Ocean begins.
  • October 28 5:32 PM, Jolyne and Romeo are framed for hit and run by Johngalli A.
  • November 2 8:43 PM, Jolyne is arrested in front of her mother.
  • Two days before being transferred, Jolyne is stabbed by an Arrow piece in an amulet from Jotaro; attains Stone Free. Jotaro is in Africa.
  • November 6 2:32 PM, Jolyne and Ermes arrive at Green Dolphin Street Prison.
  • At some point, Ermes finds the amulet and attains Kiss, later sells it to Gwess who attains Goo Goo Dolls.
  • November 8, Jolyne is condemned to 15 years at Green Dolphin Street Prison.
  • Soon after arriving Jolyne meets and defeats her cellmate Gwess.
  • Jolyne encounters Emporio who warns her against a visitor.
  • November,[16] the next day
    • Jotaro visits Jolyne in the prison and they are attacked by Johngalli A, 35, one of DIO's remaining disciples after a 22 year long grudge.
    • The Stand Whitesnake kills Johngalli A after taking away Jotaro's memory and Stand discs.
    • Jolyne is condemned to a few weeks of punitive isolation for trying to escape, her sentence is extended by 5 years.
    • Death of Enrico Pucci (After final universal reset)
  • 6 days after selling the Amulet and falling unconscious after stabbing herself with it, Ermes wakes up and manifests Kiss.
  • The day after having been stolen from by McQueen, 2 days after Jotaro's arrival, Ermes defeats McQueen (27) and meets Emporio.
  • March, 6 months after Yoshikage Kira and Josefumi Kujo stole 2 Locacaca branches, Japan (including Morioh) is heavily damaged by a tsunami. The Locacaca tree wilts and the Rock Humans notice that 2 branches are stolen.
  • The night following the tsunami, Wall Eyes appear in Morioh.
  • Friday, August 19, 10 months, 16 days, 3 hours and 24 minutes after they stole 2 Locacaca branches, Kira and Josefumi are tracked down by Tamaki Damo and Yotsuyu Yagiyama.
  • 3 days before JoJolion begins, deaths and fusion of Kira and Josefumi. Creation of Josuke Higashikata.
  • Yasuho Hirose discovers Josuke's unconscious body.
  • Josuke is adopted by the Higashikata family.
  • Deaths of Yotsuyu, Aisho Dainenjiyama, and the A. Phex Brothers. Josuke learns of the Locacaca's existence.
  • September, 6 months after the tsunami that hit Morioh, Damo goes to the Higashikata's house. The same day, Damo is killed by Josuke Higashikata.
  • Kaato, age 52, finishes her 15 year-long incarceration in the Stone Ocean prison, after 3662 working days.
  • Josuke and Yasuho meet Rai Mamezuku. Deaths of Urban Guerrilla and Doremifasolati Do.
  • 12 days and 4 hours before the harvest of the New Locacaca.
  • 10 days before the harvest.
  • 7 days before the harvest, Tsurugi begins to undergo a transformation and gains a new ability.
  • 6 days before the harvest, Josuke, Yasuho, and Rai pursue the head of the Locacaca Organization, Satoru Akefu, but are unable to capture him or see his face. A bystander is accidentally killed during the pursuit, leading to a police manhunt for Josuke and Rai.
  • 3 days before the harvest, Ojiro Sasame locates the New Locacaca hidden inside the Higashikata estate and sends proof of its existence to his girlfriend. However, both of them are eliminated by Jobin Higashikata.
  • 48 hours before the harvest.
    • Josuke & Rai discover that Satoru Akefu will be attending a lecture the next day. They are attacked by Satoru's Stand and are pursued by the police, with Josuke being injured gravely enough to be sent to TG University Hospital as Rai is taken into police custody.
    • Yasuho Hirose discovers the true face of Satoru Akefu.
    • Tsurugi begins to succumb from the effects of the Rock Disease.
  • 30 hours before the harvest.
    • Satoru Akefu's lecture takes place.
    • Josuke awakens in the hospital and is attacked yet again by Satoru's Stand.
  • 13 minutes before the harvest, Norisuke Higashikata IV is gravely wounded and his body is hidden by Tsurugi.
  • Death of Foo Fighters.
  • 6 days before the new moon on March 22, Jolyne escapes after 4 months of imprisonment.[16]
  • 4 days before the new moon on March 22, Ungalo and Rikiel are sent after Jolyne's group.
  • 3 days after Jolyne's escape (3 days before the new moon on March 22), Donatello Versus is sent after Jolyne's group. Weather Report regains his memory, but both he and Donatello are killed during a skirmish with Pucci.
  • March 21 (1 day before the new moon on 22 March), time starts to speed up.[16]
  • Deaths of Narciso Anasui, Ermes Costello, Jotaro Kujo and Jolyne Cujoh.
  • Universe is reset by Made in Heaven, resuming in November 2011.[16]
  • Universe is reset once more by Made in Heaven.
  • In the reset universe, Emporio meets counterparts of previous universe incarnations, Irene and Annakiss.


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