I see, so you were curious about my house?

—Toyohiro talking about the transmission tower, Chapter 399

Toyohiro Kanedaichi (鋼田一 豊大 Kanedaichi Toyohiro) is the alias of a minor antagonist in Diamond is Unbreakable, featuring centrally in the arc Let's Live on a Transmission Tower.

Kanedaichi is a hermit living inside a transmission tower, which is revealed to be his own Stand, Super Fly. Trapped and wishing to escape his tower, he draws Josuke inside his home and subsequently battles him, Okuyasu and Mikitaka. His real name and identity are unknown.


Before showing that he wore a mask, he didn't look very unusual, aside from some facial markings.

After he revealed this, his eyes' colors invert, his hair is more tucked into his hat and his ears become exaggeratedly large. The mask's opening also suddenly becomes visible around his neck.


Initially, Kanedaichi showed himself not to be above trickery, as he tricked Josuke Higashikata into entering Super Fly while he himself plotted a means of escape. However, he states during his fight with Josuke he didn't want to kill anyone and even warns Josuke when he falls. He also says he didn't think he'd actually escape and that his plans don't usually work out. He admits he stayed in the tower in the first place because he was scared of civilization and only decided to leave because Yoshihiro tricked him by saying he would set him for life if he would trap Josuke and his friends. He proves to be regretful as he offers to treat Josuke and his friends to dinner and tend to their wounds though they decline.

As he was anticipating his death, he was prepared to accept it, though had a change of heart upon being saved by Josuke and willingly lives a peaceful life in the tower, interacting with tourists casually.

His real name and appearance are unknown, as he wears a mask and everything he said about himself was part of a trick. It is mentioned that he is anti-social which is why he hides his identity. This also explains why he abandoned society in the first place to live in the tower.


Main article: Super Fly

Bound to his transmission tower, Kanedaichi's Stand is Super Fly; bringing it to a sort of life while trapping him inside.

After living in his tower for so long, Kanedaichi has developed huge calluses on his palms, allowing him to hammer nails, slide down a cable, aid him in calculations, and hide tools.

He is also highly acrobatic, able to swing around the telephone tower to dodge strikes with ease.



Three years before the events of Diamond is Unbreakable, Kanedaichi purchases a decommissioned transmission tower from the power company for 100,000 yen and converts it into a self-sufficient house[1]. Choosing to live in the tower out of his own introvertedness[2], he eventually develops a self-inflicting Stand named Superfly that binds to the tower and forces him to stay within its boundaries. Kanedaichi eventually meets Yoshihiro Kira, who offers him a good life outside the tower if he's able to trap a Stand User inside it.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Kanedaichi is introduced as a hermit living alone in an old, retired transmission tower that Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura, and Mikitaka Hazekura come across one day. After Josuke is lured into the tower, Kanedaichi reveals that he was actually trapped within it by his own Stand and had built a home while preparing to escape. He acted peacefully so Josuke would enter his tower without worrying about an enemy Stand.

After a fierce battle with the three Stand users, Kanedaichi decides to stay in the tower after being defeated, realizing that the world outside the tower actually terrified him. He becomes a Morioh landmark, letting tourists take his picture with them for spices and tools.

(The information below derives from the TV Anime. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.)

After the final battle with Yoshikage Kira, he is seen talking to Mikitaka at the tower, asking him if the town really is as interesting as he makes it seem.

The Book: 4th Another Day

(The information below derives from a Light Novel not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.)

Toyohiro continued to live in the iron tower. Becoming an attraction in Morioh, he maintains contact with the outside world talking with tourists, who often go to chat and bring him condiments and sweets. His name is still unknown, so people call him the "Iron Tower Man". Chiho Futaba doubted the story but then heard that there are more bizarre stories in Morioh, such as that of a girl who lived between two buildings.

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  • Araki based Toyohiro off of vagabonds and free spirits that were prevalent at the time, who would turn abandoned cars or caves into personal homes.[3]


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