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No. I call this god "Beyond" – and I'm certain that this god has lined you and the other Jorge Joestar up for a reason, for some greater purpose. It must have been Beyond's power that sent me here.

—Tsukumojuku in JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 2: Nishi Akatsuki

Tsukumojuku Kato (加藤 九十九十九 Katō Tsukumojūku), also known as just Tsukumojuku (九十九(つくも) 十九(じゅうく)), is a major protagonist and main ally in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He meets and easily becomes the best friend of George Joestar; and is later revealed that he somehow travels between universes. He travels to Joji Joestar's universe and sends him to space.

He is the former user of the metafictional-ability Beyond and later splits it between three people after he is murdered; when Beyond abandons him and considers him a minor character. He is based off of the character from Ōtarō Maijō's novel, Tsukumojuuku, he had also made an appearance in another one of Maijō's novels, Disco Wednesdayyy.


Tsukumojuku never had an illustration of his face in the novel. His face was only described to be very perfect and handsome by Jorge [2]. Which grabbed the attention of anyone of any room he walked in. His appearance is mainly decided by the reader; in his 'novel', he is also abandoned by his parents for being "too handsome".

From the JDC Series, he is described to be so beautiful that simply looking at him would make one faint. Provoking him to always wear sunglasses to hide his appearance. [3]


Tsukumojuku is very mature and mannered for a boy of his age. He enjoys working as a detective for older cops and doesn't mind witnessing murders and graphic scenes.

Jorge describes that he is the smartest boy in their class, being able to deduct problems and confirming his theories very quickly in later chapters during investigations. As his friend, Jorge enjoyed solving cases with him. As his ship disappeared, Jorge had even cursed God, stating that he should've been the 'main character'. [4]




The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.

Tsukumojuku was the former user of Beyond. After his death; mainly due to Beyond abandoning him and making him a minor character in the "story", this ability was split between three people: Joji, Dio Brando, and George Joestar II. Beyond is an omnipotent ability that gives its users complete awareness they are the main character in a story. If they believe in their Beyond, or the role given to them by it, it will essentially have Fate fall into their benefit, or "script immunity".

As a spirit, he is able to travel to different universes. As he meets Joji in the 37th universe, and is murdered the next day, it is revealed that Tsukumojuku was split into three different locations from other universes, and claims that he needs to solve a case. He assists both Jorge Joestars and teaches them how to wield Beyond and what the concept of it is.



Born in the Fukui Prefecture of Nishi Akatsuki in Japan, Tsukumojuku was only three when his father, an archaeologist, had taken him to Africa; and the Canary Islands two years later with his mother. At the age of six, he already begins to work as a detective, in the Canary Islands and Spanish mainland. He is even called to Egypt to solve a case there. [5]

Meeting George[]

Tsukumojuku makes his first appearance in George's class. He solves the case of the deceased Antonio Torres and becomes great friends with George. They solve mysteries together for the next four years, until Kato says that he must go back to Japan. He leaves on his ship, only to later disappear for the next two months and is deemed missing. After praying for his friends safety, George learns that the ship had sunk to the bottom of the sea, causing him to grieve and feel lonely again. [6]

37th Universe[]

Joji visits Takefu to solve a case that had been bothering him. On his way, he a boy named Tsukumojuku, claiming that he was just on the coast of Florida. This confuses Joji, he says that there is no Florida, only a large continent named Panlandia. The two discover that Kato had managed to find a way to time travel from 1904 to 2012. After chatting for a bit, they greet each other farewell, Joji hands Kato his business card and asks to see him again soon.

Tsukumojuku explains how he traveled to Joji's Universe using an ability he wields named Beyond. He calls it his "God", and claims that it has brought him to Joji. He explains that Beyond is a mystery novel writer, and that he is the main character. Originally, he was in George's universe, but had Universe jumped after his ship had sank. [7]

Some time later, Tsukumojuku is claimed to be dead in another town. Joji somehow ends up in an alternate universe and lands himself in Morioh. Tsukumojuku is then found dead in the mysterious Arrow Cross House, with his throat slit so deep his head is only attached to a single piece of flesh. Joji travels to the house, where he meets Rohan Kishibe (who lives there) to investigate the murder. In Chapter 7: Airplanes, the deceased Tsukumojuku meets Joji again and claims that he's from another universe. He tells George that he'd met another Jorge Joestar but Japanese. He brings George to Rome in an underground temple with Lisa Lisa, who shortly begins to search for the Red Stone of Aja. [8] In the next chapter, Tsukumojuku appears yet again and teleports Joji and his ally Narancia into a space shuttle that is headed for Mars' secret moon. [9]


  • Tsukumojuku explains that his name means 9, 10, 9, 10, 9 in Fukui dialect. Flipping the kanji for 9 (九) gives you the astrological symbol for Jupiter, (). And Jupiter being a Roman name for the Greek God Zeus. The kanji for ten, () is a cross; the name has three all-powerful gods linked together by two crosses. God is the Trinity, so God can be split into three. [10] Meaning, after his death, Tsukumojuku's spirit was split into three parts: one is located with George in England, another is located at the Arrow Cross House, and the third is located with Dio Brando.
    • His first name contains the kanji for "ninety-nine" (九十九 tsukumo),
  • Tsukumojuku is based off of a protagonist on a previous novel written by Ōtarō Maijō, which is also named Tsukumojuku. The previous novel was based off of the JDC series' Tsukumo Juuku.
  • As the novel was released on September 19th, 2012, translating September to Japanese would be pronounced as Tsuki, and pronouncing 19 would be Jūku; giving somewhat of Tsukumojuku's name.
  • Tsukumojuku's birthplace is Fukui Prefecture, the same place where the author, Ōtarō Maijō, was born. Most of his novels are also set there. [11]


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