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Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times, Part 2 (太古から来た究極戦士 その② Taiko kara Kita Kyūkyoku Senshi Sono 2), originally The Ultimate Warrior Wamuu (究極戦士ワムウ Kyūkyoku Senshi Wamū) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-second chapter of Battle Tendency and the sixty-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


The Pillar Men explain that once in possession of the Red Stone of Aja they would be able to insert it into a Stone Mask, which would let them overcome their weakness to the sun and become perfect beings. They decide to start the search for the stone by going outside and taking a look at the changes that had occurred during their sleep. The leader of the Pillar Men unconsciously walks onto Wamuu's shadow, causing Wamuu to briefly lash out at him. Called out for his insolence by the third Pillar Man, Wamuu apologizes, revealing the leader's name to be Kars. He regrets his actions and demands punishment, but Kars apologizes in turn, aware that Wamuu attacks automatically when anyone steps on his shadow. The three continue to walk out of the cave, ignoring the humans.

Mark is slowly dying, as half his body has been digested by Wamuu, and he asks Caesar to end his life quickly. Caesar is forced to send a Ripple to his heart, putting him to rest. Furious, Caesar launches himself at the Pillar Men and fires off his signature attack, Bubble Launcher. Wamuu reaches out and touches one of the bubbles, causing his finger to disintegrate. He recognizes the Ripple and reacts by whipping out multiple hooked wires from his headpiece and begins spinning them. Using his superhuman reflexes, Wamuu effortlessly cuts all the bubbles in two, nullifying Caesar's most powerful ability and leaving him utterly helpless. The heroes discover that the Pillar Men are actually familiar with the Ripple.


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