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This page features nameless minor characters found in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. These characters played fairly minor but varying roles throughout the storyline. Most of the titles from earlier parts were translated from the encyclopedia found in JoJo6251.

SPOILER WARNING: Part 1-8 Spoiler details may follow.


Manga Debut: Chapter 1: "Prologue" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 1 Dio the Invader
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
Voice Actor: Toru Okawa, David VincentW
Throughout the entirety of the series, a disembodied narrator comments on the events of the series, providing extra information about the characters, their past and state of mind, as well as giving context for the plot, for instance describing the era or the place the characters find themselves in.

Phantom Blood

Aztec ChiefLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 1: "Prologue" (Flashback)
OVA Debut: Episode 8 (OVA), Iggy the Fool and N'Doul the Geb (Part 1) (Flashback)
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

The muscular chief of a powerful vampiric cult hidden within the Aztec empire at the center of Mexico, during the 12-16th century BC. The tribe was known for its sacrificial rituals and cannibalistic traditions. The chief sacrificed a maiden in a ritual so the demonic Stone Mask could absorb her fresh blood and give him eternal life. The mask then pierced his brain and turned him into a Vampire. He asked one of the cult members if he wished to become his life force and sucked his blood after the man agreed. This tribe somehow vanished from history, leaving countless unknown ruins in the process. It's possible the Chieftain decimated the tribe himself.

  • The Aztec Chief is shown in the opening to the 1993 OVA, but he does not appear in the 2012 anime.
  • He's playable in the Phantom Blood PS2 game in the extra battles mode, where he needs to defeat 500 Aztecs on the sacrificial altar. His special attack is a stab from his knife.
  • He appears as a Campaign Support Character in All-Star Battle with his mask granting the player an increase in strength and defense.

Woman from BarLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 1: "Prologue" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 1: "Dio the Invader" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Aiko Iwamura
A woman that appears during the flashback of George Joestar's carriage accident. Dario Brando says that she was a woman he met in a bar. She notices the dead woman and the baby inside the carriage and informs Dario. She is reluctant to go along with Dario's moneymaking schemes of stealing from the victims of the accident, but is soon persuaded. She is often mistaken for being Dio's Mother.

Dio Brando's MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 1: "Prologue" (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: Episode 1 Dio the Invader (Mentioned only)
Little is known about her. She was a poor woman married to Dario Brando. She appeared to be one of the few people Dio ever cared for, as he mentions that he hated his father for making her suffer and "working her to death."[1] The date of her death was between 1867 and 1880.

BratsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 1: "Prologue"
Anime Debut: Episode 1 Dio the Invader
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)
Voice Actors: Yoshitsugu MatsuokaW & Ryōta Asari (Japanese), Todd HaberkornW (English)

A pair of youths who bully Erina Pendleton with one of them stealing her doll before Jonathan Joestar intervenes. The two recognize Jonathan as a Joestar and proceed to beat him up before walking off. The two later appear as associates of young Dio Brando and were witnesses to him forcefully kissing Erina. One of them expresses an admiration for Dio's bold move, and that they would have never have dared to.

They are playable characters in the extra battles mode in the Phantom Blood PS2 game.

Ring AnnouncerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 2: "Dio Brando the Invader, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 1 Dio the Invader
The announcer of boxing ring matches. Jonathan Joestar was originally going to fight the champion Mark Watkin but the announcer declares there's a change in plans and the new challenger is Dio Brando. The announcer thinks that boxing will be a good way to get to know Dio's personality as they know nothing about him. He explains that boxing is no mere child's game, but Dio accepts the challenge and wagers his entire monthly allowance from George Joestar, surprising the announcer. He explains the rules before the match finally begins.

Jonathan's Former FriendsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 3: "Dio Brando the Invader, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 1 Dio the Invader

The former friends of Jonathan Joestar. Jonathan spots them having fun while he's up on a tree and he calls them to come up and smoke a pipe with him. They leer at him spitefully, mentioning to each other that some weirdo is looking at them and that they should head the other way because the place is dangerous since Jonathan would snitch on them. Jonathan jumps down from the tree and punches one of them but the larger kid knocks Jonathan on the back of his head. After they leave, Jonathan realizes Dio must be spreading lies about him.

Joestar ButlerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 5: "Dio Brando the Invader, Part 4"
Anime Debut: Episode 1 Dio the Invader
Voice Actor: Shinobu Matsumoto
A butler of the Joestar Family. He works in the Joestar Mansion taking care of George, Jonathan, and Dio. One day while he is taking out the trash, he notices a wooden box inside the incinerator and figures one of the maids left it there. He turns on the incinerator until he hears a loud noise like someone pounding on the door. Realizing his mistake, he immediately opens the door and Danny bursts out completely on fire. The butler notices that someone tied together Danny's maws with wire so he wouldn't be able to bark or bite free. Guilt-ridden, he apologizes to Jonathan and tries to console him once Jonathan comes home to see Danny buried. In the anime, his feelings of guilt were removed as he was replaced with another caretaker during Danny's funeral scene.

The butler later appears to bring George Joestar tea, as well as his medicine afterwards. Dio offers to bring the medicine up to George instead, but Jonathan confronts him asking whether he's poisoned it. Jonathan soon declares that George should only accept medicine from a few trusted doctors who Jonathan brought over. This causes the butler to feel ashamed, crying that Jonathan doesn't trust him and the other caretakers to nurse George to good health. George calms down the butler, saying he doesn't know his son's reasons but he trusts him so they should follow his wish.

George's DoctorsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 8: "The Stone Mask, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 2 A Letter from the Past
Worried that Dio will try poisoning George Joestar again, Jonathan brings these doctors to his father's room and declares that he should only accept treatment from these four doctors and no one else.

After Jonathan leaves to Ogre Street, one of the doctors mentions that JoJo has grown into a reliable young man, having been somewhat unreliable when he was younger. He also states that Jonathan's features have changed him well. George mentions that is why he would often get more angry at Jonathan than necessary as the discipline benefited him. This scene is omitted from the anime.

Kempo Master/Link to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 8: "The Stone Mask, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 2 A Letter from the Past
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)
Voice Actor: Itaru Yamamoto

An Asian man from Ogre Street who is part of Robert E. O. Speedwagon's gang. He fights Jonathan with Speedwagon and Tattoo. Although he is prideful of his oriental techniques, Jonathan quickly defeats him. Noting his heritage, Jonathan asks if he knows of an oriental shop nearby that sells poisons. Afterwards, he drives a steam carW for Speedwagon to go visit Jonathan in the hospital.

In the end, he appears along with Tattoo, Speedwagon's friend, Poco, Poco's sister, Straizo, and Tonpetty to see off Jonathan and Erina as they leave for their honeymoon.

Ogre Street CriminalsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 9: "The Stone Mask, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 2 A Letter from the Past

The criminals residing in Ogre Street who come to attack Jonathan Joestar with various weapons after he defeats Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Tattoo, and the Kempo Master. Having a change of heart after witnessing Jonathan's gentle and naive nature, Speedwagon orders them to stop, saying he won't forgive them if they harm his new friend.

VagrantsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 9: "The Stone Mask, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 2 A Letter from the Past

After Jonathan Joestar discovers that Dio poisoned his father and sets off to find a cure, Dio becomes paranoid and wanders through the streets whilst drinking. He eventually bumps into a tramp and his friend and picks a fight with them. Dio decides to use one of them as a live test subject for the Stone Mask, believing it to be an instrument of torture and murder. He then forces one of the vagrants to put on the mask and stabs his partner in the throat. The mask, now soaked in blood, turns the man into a vampire. He attacks Dio and becomes younger while absorbing Dio's blood, but disintegrates after witnessing the sunlight.

InspectorLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 12: "Youth with Dio, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 3 Youth with Dio
Voice Actor: Takashi NagasakoW (Japanese), Joe Thomas (English)

The police inspector was a friend of George Joestar. 20 years before the events of Part 1, having just started working in the police force, he arrested Dario Brando as his first accomplishment, after finding him with Mary Joestar's stolen wedding ring. The inspector knew George would never give it to anyone and came to the conclusion that Dario stole it, but George told him he actually gave the ring to Dario. That was a lie, but George was still grateful for Dario "saving" his life.

20 years later, he is called to arrest Dio Brando with police officers after it is proven that he planned to kill George. Dio ends up killing George, and the inspector curses himself about how he shouldn't have let Dario get out of jail years ago. Dio, now a vampire, sneaks behind the inspector and tears his head off at his maxilla and kills the rest of the police officers.

Police ZombieLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 13: "Youth with Dio, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 3 Youth with Dio
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

A policeman at the Joestar Mansion who is killed by Dio Brando. Dio breaks through the man's helmet and pierces the man's head using only his fingers. After draining him completely of his blood, the corpse returns desiring blood, becoming the first zombie created by Dio. The zombie attempts to drink Speedwagon's blood and grabs his face. However, his meal is interrupted by Jonathan who uses a spear to decapitate him. Despite being a monster, Jonathan feels pain from killing the man and asks for strength from his late father.

He is a playable character in the extra battles mode in the Phantom Blood PS2 game.

Speedwagon's FriendLink to this section

Speedwagon's Friend
Manga Debut: Chapter 17: "The Birth of DIO"

A mysterious man who travels with Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Tattoo, and the kempo master in a steam carW to visit Jonathan Joestar, who was injured and resting after his battle with Dio Brando. He is distinguished by his hat and beaded necklace, which both have feathers attached to them. He was holding onto a cane for Speedwagon, who had difficulty walking due to his wounds.

The man later appears with Tattoo, the kempo master, Poco, Poco's sister, Straizo, and Tonpetty to see Jonathan and Erina before they went on their ship to America.

He is presumably one of Speedwagon's friends from Ogre Street, although he was not featured in those chapters. He is omitted from the anime.

Jack the Ripper's DateLink to this section

Jack's Date
Manga Debut: Chapter 18: "Jack the Ripper and Zeppeli the Strange, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 4 Overdrive
In WhitechapelW, London, this woman is with her boyfriend and notices that it is already 11:45 PM. Realizing how late it is, she says they better hurry home. However, the man says it's still early and they should go somewhere else instead. She refuses, worried that Jack the Ripper will appear since he's been in the newspapers lately. He only targets women and uses a surgical scalpel, going as far as to hang the intestines of his victims up on a wall. Smirking, her date reveals that she shouldn't be terrified because she was talking to Jack the Ripper the whole time. Stunned when seeing his scalpel, Jack mentions that she was out playing too late and decapitates her before she could react.

In the anime, her dialogue is omitted and only her scream and a glimpse of her body on the ground when being killed by Jack is shown.

Will's FatherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 20: "Jack the Ripper and Zeppeli the Strange, Part 3" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 4 Overdrive (Flashback)
He was the leader of an archaeological group at his own university. Consisting of 60 people, including himself and his own son, they traveled all over the world, including Egypt and India. The group headed to Mexico to excavate an underground Aztec ruin and found the Stone Mask. On the Atlantic Ocean, he learned how to use the mask and brutally killed everyone, turning some of them into Zombies. As he still thirsted for blood, he jumped in the water in pursuit of his son, Will Anthonio Zeppeli, but dawn came and the morning light killed him before he could kill Will. It was only then that Will realized the Vampire was his father. The ship with the mask drifted away somewhere until it was discovered by George Joestar.

FishermanLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 23: "Ripple Overdrive, Part 1" (Flashback)
A fisherman that Will A. Zeppeli met on the Caribbean when he was young. The ocean where he lived was a deadly trap, with fearsome sharks over ten meters tall that killed several men from his village. When the man went out to fish, the sharks attacked his small boat, causing him to slip and fall into the water. To save himself, he cut off his leg with the blade of his harpoon. However, instead of escaping, he called a shark to him with the blood of his wound. As the shark approached him, he stabbed it in the head with the blade of his harpoon. His victory resulted in him becoming a hero of the village and he lived out his life in happiness. Zeppeli refers to his bravery as the birth of a viking.

He is omitted from the anime, with only Zeppeli's dialogue about vikings remaining.

Zombie KnightsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 25: "Ripple Overdrive, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 5 The Dark Knights

After Poco is hypnotized by Dio to lure Jonathan, Zeppeli, and Speedwagon to the graveyard of Windknight's Lot, they are attacked by several zombie knights who appear out of the ground. Zeppeli uses his own version of Sunlight Yellow Overdrive to karate chop one of them in the face, simultaneously killing three more when the body is sent flying into the zombies behind it. Speedwagon crushes one in the head using his sledgehammer. Jonathan decapitates the final one with Zoom Punch.

In the anime, Speedwagon killing one of them with his sledgehammer is omitted.

ExecutionerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 27: "Tarkus and the Dark Knight Bruford, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 5 The Dark Knights
An executioner working for Elizabeth I. Before executing Tarkus and Bruford, he gives them a "present", pointing to Mary's decapitated head on the ground. He boasts about being the one to kill her and mentions that the woman imprisoned in the tower was just an impersonator to trick the knights. They thought letting her live would risk the chance of a rebellion. Enraged, Bruford and Tarkus screamed and cursed Elizabeth and all her descendants. Rigid from anger, Tarkus broke several axes of the executioners with the flesh of his thick neck, before fully giving way. Bruford's long hair supposedly entangled the feet of the executioner and tore his flesh before dying.

Poco's BulliesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 31: "The Knights' Ruins" (Adult Bullies)
Chapter 33: "Pluck for Tomorrow and the Successor, Part 1" (Teenage Bullies)
Anime Debut: Episode 6: "Tomorrow's Courage" (Teenage Bullies)
Two adult bullies of Poco drag him back to the graveyard in Windknight's Lot after he tells them he saw ghosts of the dead knights. The bald man says he won't be fooled anymore because he believed Poco last time he was told that rabbit droppings were good for stomachaches. His friend threatens to tie Poco up and have him swing over the graveyard by a rope. As Poco cries out that they'll kill him, the bald man tells him to shut up and punches him. As they laugh at how scared he is, one of them steps on something strangely "elastic" before recognizing a face. Frightened at the mangled faces of corpses mashed together, they realize Poco was telling the truth. They are immediately greeted by Tarkus and flee, leaving Poco to die by the "monster". Jonathan saves Poco, but Tarkus grabs the two bullies by their feet. He crushes them with his grip and wrings them together like laundry until their flesh comes off, drinking their blood as it lands in his mouth. The anime omits these two bullies.

Later, Poco recalls being bullied by teenagers who tease him and push him around for not looking at their faces. In the manga, one even tries to burn him with his cigarette. When Poco's Sister shows up to confront them, they flee out of fear.

Oriental DoctorLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 32: "The Medieval Knights' Training Ground for Murder" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 6 Tomorrow's Courage (Flashback)
A young man who calls himself a doctor. He uses the Ripple to heal the diseases and injuries of his patients. When Zeppeli finds him in India, he is healing an old man using the Ripple by simply touching the patient's leg. Western medicine would have had to amputate the leg to save his life, but the doctor instantly turns the man's skin pink again, informing him that he should be able to walk again in 10 days. Zeppeli asks how the doctor got his powers and he tells him to go up the Salween RiverW and look for his master, Tonpetty.

Ceiling ZombiesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 36: "The Three from a Faraway Land, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 7 Sorrowful Successor
Men that couldn't stand the terror of Dio and sacrificed their souls to him. Dio uses them as an example when trying to convince a mother that it's better to join them and be like a family. They stay behind Dio, standing on the ceiling while the woman looks at them in fear.

Zombie MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 36: "The Three from a Faraway Land, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 7 Sorrowful Successor
Voice Actor: Hasumi Itō (Japanese), Karen StrassmanW (English)

A woman who pleads with Dio to spare her baby. Dio promises that he and his men will not harm her infant. He turns the lady into a zombie and she immediately eats her child while it cries. Dio calls it a tragedy that she chose to do herself.

Chimera ZombiesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 37: "The Three from a Faraway Land, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 7 Sorrowful Successor

Mutated creatures created by Dio Brando as a result of experimenting with his prey. He mixed the heads and bodies of various humans and animals. One of the creatures interrupts while Dio is trying to bring Poco's Sister to his side, saying that she's young and full of life energy so she must be tasty. Angered due to the creature lacking etiquette, Dio kicks the chimera into the air and stomps on it, killing it.

Poco's FatherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 37: "The Three from a Faraway Land, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 8 Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio
Voice Actor: Kenshirō Usuki (Japanese), Ray ChaseW (English)
When Poco returns home, he finds his father, who slaps him and asks him where he had been. Poco doesn't answer the question and instead asks his father where his sister is. His father replies that she went to look for him.

Executed ZombiesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 38: "The Three from a Faraway Land, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 8 Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Zombies who are loyal to Dio for giving them freedom after their executions. A few of their equipment resemble the armor of Tarkus and Bruford. One of them asks for Dio to give them the order to execute Jonathan, as another says he'll rip him apart with his fangs. Before Dio could respond, one of the zombies hiding on the ceiling above Jonathan charges at him with his claws. However, Jonathan easily dodges without looking back and slams the zombie's head into prison bars, with enough force to slice its head open. Dio tells them Jonathan is only his opponent, so they attack Straizo and Tonpetty later instead. The Ripple warriors kill them off-screen.

  • In the anime, they are replaced with Page, Jones, Plant and Bornnam. However, zombies slightly resembling a few of their designs are shown later crowding around Straizo, Tonpetty, and the others.
  • Two of them are playable characters in the extra battles mode in the Phantom Blood PS2 game.

London BartenderLink to this section

London Bartender
Manga Debut: Chapter 41: "Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 3"
A man working at a bar in London near the ship docking area. Speedwagon was sitting at his bar reading the London Press newspaper when he lost track of time, realizing Jonathan and Erina were already about to leave on their ship to America. He rushes out of the bar without paying, causing the bartender to chase after him. He finally grabs onto Speedwagon and yells at him to pay for his meal.

He is omitted from the anime.

Coffin TransportersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 41: "Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 9 The Final Ripple!
Three men carrying a large coffin who accidentally bump into Speedwagon on their way to the ship that Jonathan and Erina were going to be on. They apologize saying they have to hurry and get to the ship before it leaves. The men wonder why it's so heavy, but all they know was that some weird oriental guy paid a lot of money for them to bring it onto the ship. One of the men hears a quiet "WRYYY" from Dio and realizes something is inside it but the man behind him tells him to stop talking and to just load it on the ship before it leaves.

Ship ZombiesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 43: "Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 5"
Anime Debut: Episode 9: "The Final Ripple!"
By the command of Dio, Wang Chan feasts on the blood of a single crewman on the ship headed to America, and eventually the entire ship becomes filled with Zombies. They kill every human passenger on the ship aside from Erina, Jonathan, and a baby. When Jonathan uses his final Ripple to control Wang Chan into grabbing onto the ship's screw shaft, Dio orders the zombies to devour Wang Chan's body. However, they are immediately engulfed by the ship's explosion and burn to ashes.

Elizabeth's MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 43: "Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 5"
Anime Debut: Episode 9 The Final Ripple!
The mother of a baby who would later be named Elizabeth Joestar. She and her husband are on the same ship as Jonathan and Erina but a zombie attacks her with an axe and she falls down the stairs, dying while carrying her baby in her arms. Although it is unclear who her husband could be, he was murdered on the ship by zombies as well.[1] As the baby cries, Jonathan tells Erina to get off the ship without him while rescuing the baby. She reminded him of his own mother who died while holding him in her arms.

Battle Tendency

Straizo's DisciplesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 45: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
Two Ripple disciples of Straizo, the successor of Tonpetty. From Tibet, they traveled with Straizo to Mexico to meet up with Speedwagon, who wanted to show them something important. They are shocked to see the man in the pillar along with many Stone Mask engravings. However, Straizo then immediately kills them along with the two excavators from the Speedwagon Foundation.

MummyLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 45: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1"
A mummy with fangs discovered in some ruins of Mexico by a team of excavators dispatched by the Speedwagon Foundation. Speedwagon takes Straizo to see the mummy. He explains that they're still investigating its identity, but more importantly, there is an engraving of the Stone Mask on the rings beside the mummy's face. It is omitted from the anime.

SPW ExcavatorsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 45: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
Two excavators from the Speedwagon Foundation who discovered the mummy, Stone Mask engravings, and Santana within the pillar. Along with Speedwagon, Straizo, and Straizo's two disciples, they were the only ones to know about Santana before the Nazis discovered him. However, they are immediately killed by Straizo once he learns the Stone Mask still exists and desires the power for himself to no longer age.

Coco Cola SellerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 45: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
A merchant on the side of the streets in New York who is surprised that Joseph Joestar has never heard of the drink he is selling, "Coco Cola". He figures from Joseph's British accent that he must be a tourist and asks Joseph to pay up if he wants to drink, mocking him that it's how things work in America. As Joseph takes out his wallet, it is snatched by Smokey Brown who immediately runs away. The man exclaims that Joseph best go after him and he waives all responsibility.

New York Police OfficersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 45: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
Voice Actor: Hiroaki Tajiri (Japanese), Richard EpcarW (English)
A pair of corrupt, racist New York City police officers. They confront Smokey Brown shortly after he steals Joseph Joestar's wallet. They resort to brutality upon the thief and take the wallet from him "as evidence". They greedily want him to give them half of the things he stole or else he would go to jail. Joseph, to help Smokey, tells them he actually gave his wallet to him, so the officers needed to let the boy go and return the wallet. When the police officers refused as the overweight one wiped his snot on Joseph's shirt, Joseph punched the overweight officer's finger up his own nostril. He uses his Ripple skills with a soda bottle to snap the other's trigger finger. Joseph then spirits Smokey off after a brief concern over how Erina would react if she learns of this.

SPW Plane HijackersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 46: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
A group of criminals that hijacked Robert E. O. Speedwagon's plane in an attempt to abduct him for his money. Wary of rumors of Speedwagon's toughness despite his age, they knock him down and list their demands. One of the men states that their two goals are a million dollar ransom from the Speedwagon Foundation and for Speedwagon to die along with his company. His co-conspirator then threatens a young Joseph Joestar who is sitting in the back reading a comic book to come up to the front. Joseph ignores him saying it's Speedwagon's problem and has nothing to do with him, but this enrages the man. He slams the back of his gun into Joseph's face and orders the pilot to fly to Liverpool.

Joseph is outraged when his blood gets on the clothes that Erina bought for him and knocks out the pilot with the Ripple in order to crash the plane. The hijackers fall down when the plane suddenly descends. Frightened at Joseph's insanity, they order each other to take control of the plane but none of them know how. They presumably die when the plane crashes.

SPW Plane PilotLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 46: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
A pilot hired by the Speedwagon Foundation. When driving Speedwagon's private plane along with a young Joseph Joestar on board, it is hijacked by a couple of criminals. The pilot sits in fear, unable to do anything but listen to their demands. One of the men point their gun at him, demanding that he flies them to Liverpool. Joseph places his hands on the pilot and knocks him out with the Ripple in order for the plane to crash. Joseph then grabs onto a seat, and tells Speedwagon to hold on along with the pilot he knocked out. They successfully jump out and land safely while the plane explodes with the hijackers after crashing.

Impatient DriverLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 47: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
When Joseph Joestar stands in the middle of the road, this driver yells at him to hurry up and move. Joseph grabs the man's collar and threatens to kick his ass depending on what he said. Erina appears with Smokey and asks Joseph what he's doing to the man. Joseph makes up an excuse that the man is a taxi driver and he was just hailing a taxi for them. The man ends up driving them to a downtown New York Italian restaurant. In the anime, the man is actually a taxi driver with his car explicitly saying "TAXI".

Brass Knuckles GangsterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 47: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
Voice Actors: Kanehira Yamamoto (Japanese), Richard EpcarW (English)
A mafia henchman who appears at the restaurant where Joseph, Erina, and Smokey decide to eat at. He complains about how they can allow African-American people (referring to Smokey) in the restaurant. Smokey tries to calm down the situation by leaving, but is stopped by Joseph as he and Erina are disgusted by the man's words. Erina gives Joseph permission to fight the mobster, using his wits to predict his opponent's moves. Joseph notes that the man had recently fought due to the brass knuckle marks on his hands and blood on his shirt. The man punches Joseph in the face and mocks him for trying to act cool. However, Joseph makes him realize that he actually attacked a hat rack, which stabbed through his palm. The man is knocked out from the pain and the patrons of the restaurant clap after his defeat.

MafiosoLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 47: "Joseph Joestar of New York, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 10: "New York's JoJo"
Voice Actor: Daichi Endō
After Joseph's fight with the brass knuckles gangster, another gangster customer approaches Joseph. He apologizes for the rudeness of his subordinate who Joseph defeated before informing Erina that he works for Speedwagon and heard some rumors. He tells them that Speedwagon was killed by Straizo while investigating the Pillar Men. Smokey warns Joseph not to trust him because the man is from the mafia. However, Joseph catches the man off guard and grabs his collar, saying that the mafia only cares about money and wanted to take advantage of Speedwagon's "family". Joseph punches the gangster for being inconsiderate by suddenly saying morbid information in front of Erina.

Bruto's GirlfriendLink to this section

Bruto's Girlfriend
Manga Debut: Chapter 51: "Straizo VS Joseph, Part 4"
The girlfriend of Bruto. Bruto pridefully tells his girlfriend to watch him catch the two criminals and become a hero in the papers. She smiles and says he's so great. Bruto tackles Joseph, but Joseph brings his leg back and kicks Bruto in the nose with his heel. As Bruto grimaces on the ground in pain, his girlfriend disappointingly exclaims that Joseph is much cooler than him. She and Bruto are not in the anime.

Female ReporterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 51: "Straizo VS Joseph, Part 4"
Anime Debut: Episode 11: "The Game Master"
Voice Actor: Seiko YoshidaW
She arrives at the cafe where Joseph and Straizo are fighting and begins to take photos, saying it would reach the front page of the newspaper. Straizo catches her off guard and uses her as a hostage to approach Joseph, vowing to kill her if the Joestar runs off. Though Joseph attempts to bluff his way out by calling her a "floozie" he won't risk his life to save, Straizo forces Joseph to fight him when he rips the reporter's tooth out. After being saved, the reporter punches Joseph for insulting her and then kicks him in the knee. The adrenaline from the ordeal then wears off and she screams from the delayed pain of losing her tooth.

Stroheim's ServantsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 52: "Straizo VS Joseph, Part 5"
Anime Debut: Episode 11: "The Game Master"
Three Mexican women who are Rudol von Stroheim's servants at his Nazi information base in Mexico. One of his servants accidentally cuts his cheek with a blade while shaving him. Despite her apology, Stroheim forces her to lick his cut while the other two servants look in shock. The woman reluctantly obliges as Stroheim constantly tells her to lick slowly. He then grabs the shaving blade and places it under her tongue, mocking that it's going to cut her.

Afterwards in the manga, Stroheim laughs and tells her to say something with the blade still under her tongue. She struggles and begs Stroheim not to do it, and then he stops after getting bored. This last part is omitted in the anime.

Stroheim's DogLink to this section

Stroheim's Dog
Manga Debut: Chapter 52: "Straizo VS Joseph, Part 5"
A dog resembling a DobermannW staying with Rudol von Stroheim at his Nazi information base in Mexico. Stroheim grabs a chicken leg from a plate and taps the shaving cut on his cheek with it while looking in the mirror. He then tosses it to the dog while telling his servant to lick his cheek. After degrading his servant, he tells his dog that it's time to eat. It is omitted from the anime.

Nazi DoctorsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 53: "The Pillar Man"
Anime Debut: Episode 11: "The Game Master"
Doctors working for the Nazis in Rudol von Stroheim's Mexican military base. They take care of Robert E. O. Speedwagon after the latter was attacked by Straizo. However, Speedwagon attempted to kill himself with a broken bottle to not give any information to the Nazis. The doctors put him in a straitjacket so he cannot harm himself and one of them lets Stroheim know about what happened.

Stroheim's PrisonersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 53: "The Pillar Man"
Anime Debut: Episode 11: "The Game Master"
Victims of Rudol von Stroheim held in the prison of his Nazi information base in Mexico. After getting immediate orders from Adolf Hitler to start the experiment on exposing the Pillar Man to fresh blood, these prisoners scream for help, not wanting to die.

In the manga, a muscular prisoner charges at Stroheim but is effortlessly grabbed by the neck. Stroheim then bends a pen and stabs both ends of it through the man's tongue before knocking him out with a punch. This is not shown in the anime.

Stroheim proposes that they just need one person's blood and the prisoners should choose among themselves who the Nazis should use, while the rest will be spared. One officer tells them to hurry up or he'll choose a woman for them. A courageous boy volunteers himself to be chosen. Stroheim admires his bravery and orders for everyone except the kid to be killed. All of their blood is used to awaken Santana.

Courageous Mexican ChildLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 53: "The Pillar Man"
Anime Debut: Episode 11: "The Game Master"
Voice Actor: Yūichi Iguchi
A child introduced as one of the locals Rudol von Stroheim imprisoned in his hacienda to have blood available for the experiments his scientists perform on Vampires and the Pillar Man. When Stroheim orders the locals to choose among them the next guinea pig, the child offers to participate in Stroheim's experiments, so that his fellow villagers may be saved. From this demonstration of selflessness, he earns Stroheim's respect, but his sacrifice has the opposite intended effect; he is spared and Stroheim orders everyone else to be killed.

Mexican ThugsLink to this section

Mexican thugs
Manga Debut: Chapter 53: "The Pillar Man"
A band of Mexican thugs who mock Joseph when he unknowingly drinks the same water that a horse was drinking from. Calling him a "gringo" and saying that he smells, the thugs plan to steal Joseph's baggage and leave him stranded in the desert. Joseph doesn't react and simply looks at the flies around him, causing the thugs to ask whether he's listening. Joseph then shatters one lens of his goggles and sends the glass shards flying. They land in between the fingers of one of the thugs, who was leaning his hand on a wooden column. When the thugs look closer, they notice that Joseph killed all the flies with each glass shard, with their bodies stabbed onto the column. Just as they react with shock, Joseph puts the same thug into a chokehold and tells him a knock-knock joke. Frightened, they follow Joseph's demands and fetch him food and gasoline.

Vampire PrisonerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 54: "The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 12: "The Pillar Man"
Just a few days before the Nazis captured him, he was a weak, dying old man. They put the Stone Mask on him and he transformed into a vampire. Stroheim kept him as a prisoner and didn't give him any blood for a day to make him starve for the Nazi's Pillar Man experiment. The vampire is released after Santana's awakening in order for Stroheim to witness the two fighting. The vampire stabs Santana through his shoulders with both arms and then bites the Pillar Man's neck. However, he is absorbed into Santana's skin and the remainder of his body is sliced apart. Santana eats the vampire by fully absorbing it into his body.

Nazi GatekeepersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 56: "The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 12: "The Pillar Man"
Voice Actors: Hiroaki Tajiri & Yūya Murakami (Japanese), Richard Epcar & Kirk Thornton (English)
A pair of soldiers who guard the Nazi laboratory where experiments were being conducted with Santana. They check people who want to enter the base, which are mostly women bringing food. They perform a body check on every woman, and if one of them doesn't allow it, the guards won't let her pass despite the risk of them losing their jobs. The guards quickly see through Joseph Joestar's woman disguise, surprised at how he couldn't see himself being obviously suspicious. Joseph knocks both guards out and steals one of their uniforms to disguise himself. The guards shout "tacos" when Joseph knocks them out.

Nazi ResearcherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 56: "The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 12: "The Pillar Man"
A Nazi researcher in Rudol von Stroheim's information base in Mexico, researching on Santana. He is stunned to see that Santana vanished from their chamber and starts to drink a coffee, but Stroheim knocks the coffee out of his hand saying it's not the time for drinking. The researcher worriedly says that he only took his eyes off Santana for a moment and boasts about his near perfect vision. He remains in disbelief as to how the Pillar Man suddenly vanished from a sealed chamber.

Santana's Body HostLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 57: "The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 4"
Anime Debut: Episode 12: "The Pillar Man"
A Nazi soldier who stands near an air vent in Rudol von Stroheim's Mexican base. Just as Stroheim warns him that it's dangerous to stand there, Santana slides out of the vent and dives into the officer's head through his eyes. The man goes blind from the large hole where his eyes used to be, and stumbles around wondering why Stroheim turned off the lights. Frightened, he asks where everyone went and not to leave him all alone. Santana enlarges within the man's body causing it to swell up immensely. Santana says within the man that he doesn't understand what's going on but he hasn't felt this fresh in a long time. All of the Nazis shoot at him with their machine guns but Santana just says that it tickles. He points the man's finger like a gun and fires back the bullets at the Nazis. Afterwards, Santana tears himself out of the man's body as it is no longer any use to him.

Santana's Nazi VictimsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 57: "The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 4"
Anime Debut: Episode 12: "The Pillar Man"
Many Nazi soldiers who witness the awakening of Santana in Rudol von Stroheim's Mexican base. They run away in fear when Santana dives into the body of one of their fellow soldiers. They attempt to shoot Santana's body host with their machine guns but it is no use. Santana fires the bullets back at them through his fingers and they all die.

SPW ResearchersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 62: "The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 9"
Anime Debut: Episode 14: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times"
Researchers employed at the Speedwagon Foundation who investigate the secrets of the Stone Masks. After Santana turns into stone from the battle against Joseph Joestar, Speedwagon and his researchers retrieve the Pillar Man's body before nightfall and bring it to their headquarters in Washington, D.C. They keep Santana's body covered in ultraviolet light, which mimics the sun's rays. As an experiment, they release a snake near Santana because snakes don't like being in the light and would head for the shade created by Santana's body. As the snake does so, it is quickly absorbed into Santana's body proving that the Pillar Man isn't dead. The researchers realize that he isn't sleeping either, but protecting himself.

They laugh that Santana is incapable of moving as long as they expose him to ultraviolet light at all times because it allows them to take their time to discover a way to destroy him. However, Speedwagon reveals that there are three more Pillar Men which the Nazis discovered in Rome. They read the words on the mural of the Pillar Men which states "The four will awake in the year 2852". After a moment of relief that they don't have to deal with the danger, Speedwagon asks one of them to calculate what 2852 on the Mexican calendar is in their calendar, revealing that it is actually 1938.

Rome Hotel WaiterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 62: "The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 9"
Anime Debut: Episode 14: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times"
A waiter at a hotel restaurant in Rome. Joseph Joestar yells at the man for bringing him black spaghetti, thinking the waiter was messing with him. The waiter explains that the dish is called Nero and made with fresh squid ink.

He guarantees that it's delicious and Italians love it. Joseph hesitantly eats it only to discover that it is indeed delicious, and the waiter sighs of relief.

The man later returns to tell Caesar Zeppeli that he has a phone call from Robert E. O. Speedwagon.

Caesar's DateLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 62: "The Pillar Man, Santana, Part 9"
Anime Debut: Episode 14: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times"
A woman on a date with Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli at a hotel restaurant in Rome. Joseph Joestar stares at the two, annoyed at Caesar's flirting. Caesar places a small gift at the edge of their table, and the woman questions why he placed it there. Caesar says he wants to see her reach for it in order to look at her beautiful hands for as long as possible. The lady opens the gift to reveal a necklace. She's happy and says it's pretty, while Caesar continues to flirt. As they're about to kiss, Joseph can't stand watching any more and fires some spaghetti at Caesar's face with the Ripple. Caesar blocks it with a macaroni piece in his fork and fires it back at Joseph, without the woman realizing.

Their kiss and date in general is interrupted when the waiter tells Caesar that he has a phone call from Speedwagon.

Hypnotized GirlLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 63: "Joseph Joestar of Rome"
Anime Debut: Episode 14: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times"
Voice Actor: Eimi Okada
This girl was taking pictures of a fountain until Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli offers to take a picture of her along with the fountain. Caesar, to mock Joseph, tells him he couldn't even beat the girl with his weak Ripple and gives her a Ripple kiss. The girl, now controlled by Caesar, attacks Joseph by strangling him. After trapping Joseph into a bubble, Caesar goes to kiss the girl again to free her from his Ripple spell, but is surprised when a pigeon comes out of her mouth and enters his own. Joseph then reveals that, while she was strangling him, he infused a small pigeon with the Ripple and put it into her mouth, claiming that Caesar couldn't even beat a pigeon with his weak Ripple.

Nazi OfficerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 64: "The Red Stone of Aja"
Anime Debut: Episode 14: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times"
Voice Actors: Jiro Saito (Japanese), Richard EpcarW (English)
A Nazi officer of the GestapoW in charge of the investigation on the Pillar Men Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars. His job was to cut the Pillar Men out of the stone wall and transport them to a shelter in Germany. He keeps ultraviolet lights on them, but Wamuu manages to kill one Nazi with his horn and makes his blood splatter onto the light bulbs, blocking the beams. Wamuu then fuses the hands of every Nazi together in a paper-doll fashion, stabbing his finger into the officer's head to suck out his innards along with the other Nazis.

Wamuu's Nazi VictimsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 64: "The Red Stone of Aja"
Anime Debut: Episode 14: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times"
Nazi soldiers who went to investigate the Pillar Men under the Colosseum in Rome. They are scared when Wamuu's forehead suddenly opens up but their officer orders them to investigate. A horn suddenly extends from the open space in Wamuu's forehead and stabs one of the soldiers in the face, killing him. When the Pillar Man awakens, he merges the hands of all the Nazis together and then pokes the forehead of the officer. All of the Nazis immediately deflate like balloons.

Ripple ClanLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 64: "The Red Stone of Aja" (First Mentioned)
Chapter 104: "The Warrior Returns to the Wind" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 14: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times" (First Mentioned)
Episode 23: "The Warrior of Wind" (Flashback)
Wamuu wonders if it was the Ripple clan who defeated Santana. Esidisi mentions that they defeated the clan 2000 years ago and Kars says they could just get rid of them again. The trio laugh at Caesar's anger after the death of Mark because the Ripple clan used to say the same things as him, such as "You'll pay for killing my friend" and "I won't go down just from losing my arm or my sight".

Later after Wamuu's death, Kars remembers how Wamuu hesitated to kill a child from the Ripple clan. Kars said Ripple warriors will become powerful enemies to the Pillar Men when they grow up and humans develop extremely quickly. Wamuu's morals leave him unable to kill a child, so Kars kills the boy instead as an example.

Mark's GirlfriendLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 65: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times, Part 1" (Photo)
Anime Debut: Episode 14: "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times" (Photo)
The girlfriend of Mark, only seen in a photo he keeps in a locket. Caesar Zeppeli asks Mark how his girlfriend back in Germany is doing and he reveals that they're actually going to get married in a week when Mark gets back home. She wanted to marry him quickly since the war was starting soon.

Joseph's DoctorLink to this section

Joseph's Doctor
Manga Debut: Chapter 71: "Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa, Part 1"
Speedwagon brings a doctor to check Joseph after Wamuu and Esidisi placed their Wedding Rings of Death around Joseph's throat and arteries. The doctor is amazed at what he's seeing and mentions it's like a four-dimensional puzzle because some parts of the ring is fused with the walls of the artery. He apologizes for getting emotional after seeing Joseph's shock, despite Joseph already knowing. The doctor confirms there is a space in the rings for poison but he doesn't know what type of poison is in the rings. He also mentions that Joseph should be able to do any activity as long as he doesn't cause any direct impact on his heart and throat. Before leaving, he states that they are impossible to remove through surgery with current medical technology.

He is omitted in the anime with the narrator mentioning Joseph's diagnosis instead.

Nazi SpyLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 75: "Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa, Part 5"
Before Joseph and Caesar's final test, the crew goes strolling through the streets of San Marco, Venice to discuss the Red Stone of Aja. During their trip, this man tries to steal the stone from Lisa Lisa, but is immediately caught and halted by her. Joseph then appears to test the extent of his Ripple growth by deflecting the man's knife using only his finger and then proceeds to pour mustard all over him. Stunned, the man stumbles away. He is seen again in Switzerland, and is revealed to be a Nazi spy working for Stroheim. He is omitted from the anime.

PostmasterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 83: "Stroheim's Unit Strikes Back, Part 1"
A man working at a post office in VeniceW. Joseph bothers the man to find the jewel packaged in one of the envelopes that was sent there in the morning. The worker ignores Joseph at first until Joseph points at the mail behind the counter. The postal worker taps Joseph's knuckle with his knife, ordering him to take his hand away from the counter. When Joseph continues arguing, the man yells at him and Caesar saying they're idiots because it's against the law for him to give them back something that was mailed, especially when they don't even know who it's for or where it's going.

Joseph almost hits the man after being called an idiot but quickly gives him a "postal worker salute" when he realizes the other workers noticed the commotion. Caesar remains calm and says the envelope has Lisa Lisa's house emblem printed on it but the postmaster denies to do anything unless they have a warrant. The man cries when Joseph is about to hit him again, though Joseph then moves his hand to scratch his head instead. Scared, the clerk tells his other workers to call the police. Joseph and Caesar decide to use force and jump onto the counter, with Joseph kicking a clock in the process. Before they could break the law, Messina arrives and tells the duo he found out the package is going to SwitzerlandW.

He is omitted from the anime.

Puppy Saved By KarsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 83: "Stroheim's Unit Strikes Back, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 18: "Von Stroheim's Revenge"
Game Debut: JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop!
A puppy in St. MoritzW, SwitzerlandW. It looks at Kars and whines before stumbling onto the road when Kars ignores it. Suddenly, the puppy is almost hit by a car due to a drunk driver and his friend laughing and not paying attention to the road. However, Kars saves the puppy by slicing the car in half, along with the driver's hands and half of the steering wheel. The car goes off the road and explodes right in front of the puppy, who looks in amazement and shock.

Drunk DriversLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 83: "Stroheim's Unit Strikes Back, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 18: "Von Stroheim's Revenge"
A drunk man in St. MoritzW, SwitzerlandW driving recklessly along with his friend in the passenger seat drinking alcohol. Instead of paying attention to the road, he looks at his friend and laughs. They almost hit a puppy until Kars slices the car in half, along with the driver's hands and half of the steering wheel. The car flips off the road and explodes, killing the two.

Kars's Nazi VictimsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 84: "Stroheim's Unit Strikes Back, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 18: "Von Stroheim's Revenge"
Five of Rudol von Stroheim's Nazi soldiers were waiting for Kars in a cabin at SwitzerlandW. When Kars arrives, he senses their presence, how tall each soldier was, and their position inside the building. Kars slices across the building and swiftly decapitates all of the soldiers, aside from Stroheim who he could not sense due to the latter's cyborg body.

Luxury CatLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 88: "Caesar: A Lonely Youth, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 19: "A Race Toward the Brink"
A cat in St. MoritzW, SwitzerlandW. Joseph points out that even the cats there have a distinguished look like they belong to an actress. He tosses the cat a prawn but the cat turns her head away, ignoring it. Joseph decides to tease the cat due to her luxury taste and offers a piece of smoked salmon. The cat appears to like it and meows, trying to grab it from him. Joseph teases her some more and waves the salmon back and forth while raising it higher. When the cat is fully stretched up, Joseph smirks and trips her. He mocks her for being a luxury cat that lands on her back when falling instead of landing straight. After the cat leaves, Joseph feels bad realizing he did something mean.

Caesar's SiblingsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 89: "Caesar: A Lonely Youth, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 20: "Caesar: A Lonely Youth" (Flashback)
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli has four younger siblings consisting of two brothers and two sisters. The two sisters are the youngest of the family. Their father Mario Zeppeli abandons them, and some time later, Caesar is separated from his siblings and is sent to an orphanage after getting into a fight.

Caesar's Distant RelativeLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 89: "Caesar: A Lonely Youth, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 20: "Caesar: A Lonely Youth" (Flashback)
A distant cousin related to the mother of Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli. He's a vile individual who used trickery to steal all of the savings Mario Zeppeli left behind for his children without Caesar noticing. The man disappeared once he got what he wanted.

Italian HoodlumLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 89: "Caesar: A Lonely Youth, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 20: "Caesar: A Lonely Youth" (Flashback)
A man from the underworld in Italy who confronts a young Caesar and asks for his family name. Caesar says he doesn't have one, and the hoodlum mocks him for not being Italian then since Italians are proud of their family heritage. Caesar shows the man no pity and thrashes him with a wrench, with force enough to prevent someone from walking for a week. He goes even further to give the man a punch afterwards. The punch was charged with the Ripple which Caesar was unaware of at the time, and left the hoodlum in a coma for a month.

Kars's VampiresLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 95: "The Wind, the Chariot, and Wamuu, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 21: "A Hundred Against Two"
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
A hundred Vampires created by Kars. They hide on the ceiling standing upside down while discretely breathing in order to ambush Joseph and Lisa Lisa. However, Lisa Lisa notices their breathing. Wamuu and Kars reveal their presence, much to Joseph's shock. Kars is about to give them the order to pile up on Joseph and Lisa Lisa but Wamuu, Joseph and Lisa Lisa convince him to change his mind, as Wamuu wanted to fight Joseph again and Lisa Lisa bluffed about a time bomb that would blow up the Red Stone of Aja.

The vampires watch the fight of Joseph against Wamuu, constantly cheering on Wamuu while mocking Joseph. When Wamuu loses the race, some of the vampires decide to kill Joseph and Lisa Lisa. Lisa Lisa kills some while Wamuu kills the others out of respect for Joseph before he gives Joseph the antidote to his ring and dies. Other vampires then insult Wamuu for losing but Kars stabs the three with his blade and drains their blood. The remaining vampires tells Kars that he shouldn't fight alone but he says he'll honor his word about a one-on-one fight.

After the loss of Lisa Lisa, the remaining vampires are finally killed by ultraviolet lights from Stroheim, the Speedwagon Foundation Special Technology Fighting Team, and Stroheim's ultraviolet army.

Skeleton Heel Stone WarriorsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 96: "The Wind, the Chariot, and Wamuu, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 21: "A Hundred Against Two"
Numerous warriors who either met a glorious or gruesome fate in the Skeleton Heel Stone arena in ancient times.

Bad Breath VampireLink to this section

Bad Breath Vampire
Manga Debut: Chapter 96: "The Wind, the Chariot, and Wamuu, Part 2"
One of Kars's Vampires who continuously mocks Joseph before his fight with Wamuu. He says Joseph has no chance of winning, and he should either give up and kill himself now or the vampire could suck his blood instead. Joseph says he has awful breath and to stay away from him. Joseph then angrily punches the vampire in the face, grabs his tongue before he falls down, and pulls his tongue upward while charging it with the Ripple. The vampire is in shock and could barely talk due to his tongue stuck in an upward position before his head melts apart and he dies. He is omitted from the anime.

Vampire HorsesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 97: "The Wind, the Chariot, and Wamuu, Part 3"
Anime Debut: Episode 21: "A Hundred Against Two"
Kars turned four horses into Vampires by perforating their brains with bone spikes from the Stone Mask. They trample over some of Kars's vampire minions when they arrive. Due to their large size, Joseph first thinks they are dinosaurs before realizing they're actually horses. One of the vampires states that in raw power, these vampire horses are worth 150 regular horses and even Wamuu has a difficult time steering them. To make it fair, Kars made the reins able to conduct the Ripple so that Joseph could steer them, whereas Wamuu will use his brute strength to steer the other horse for their chariot race. Lisa Lisa verifies that Kars is telling the truth by giving one of Joseph's horses a light Ripple shock to tame it.

One lap around the Skeleton Heel Stone arena is 960 meters long, and the vampire horses are capable of running one lap in a minute, which is approximately 60 km/h.

Later in the race, Wamuu fires a crossbow and obliterates the head of one of Joseph's horses.

Kars's DoubleLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 105: "The Bond That Binds Lisa Lisa and JoJo, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 23: "The Warrior of Wind"
One of Kars's vampire minions during Lisa Lisa's fight against Kars. Kars never intended to fight Lisa Lisa in a fair battle, so he makes one of his vampires disguise as him in order to trick his opponent. After becoming Kars's double, the vampire attacks Lisa Lisa but is easily killed from her Ripple. His death is the perfect distraction for the real Kars to land a surprise attack by stabbing Lisa Lisa in the back.

SPW Special Technology Fighting TeamLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 106: "The Bond That Binds Lisa Lisa and JoJo, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 23: "The Warrior of Wind"
A special technology fighting team working for the Speedwagon Foundation, equipped with miniaturized ultraviolet lights in order to easily kill Kars's Vampires.

Stroheim's Ultraviolet ArmyLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 106: "The Bond That Binds Lisa Lisa and JoJo, Part 2"
Anime Debut: Episode 23: "The Warrior of Wind"
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven
Stroheim's Nazi protection group. Thanks to the efforts of the Speedwagon Foundation, they are equipped with miniaturized ultraviolet lights and help Stroheim kill Kars's Vampires. One of them is killed by Kars's squirrel.

Superior Officer ZombieLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 108: "JoJo: The Final Ripple, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 24: "The Ties That Bind JoJo" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Kanehira Yamamoto
The last of Dio Brando's zombies, who survived the final battle against Jonathan's group and went into hiding. He was cunning and intelligent in taking care of hiding himself in public, making certain to not sire other zombies by eating his victims down to their bones and hair. He eventually manages to hold a post as major squad leader in the Royal Air Force, never showing himself in daylight and using a wheelchair as pretext, claiming to have been wounded during the war. George Joestar II, having been told of Dio, learns his superior officer is a zombie and tries to gather evidence against him. However, he is found out and killed before he could contact Straizo. His wife Elizabeth avenges his death soon after, leading to her changing her name to Lisa Lisa and moving to Venice as she was spotted by an officer who believes she murdered the major in cold blood and was attempting to burn away the evidence.

Kars's SquirrelLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 109: "Kars the Ultimate Being Is Born, Part 1"
Anime Debut: Episode 25: "The Birth of a Superbeing"
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
After Kars gains the Stone Mask and the Red Stone of Aja, he uses it to become the Ultimate Lifeform. When introducing his powers, he creates a squirrel from his hand. Although it seems friendly at first, it quickly turns hostile with sharp fangs like a Vampire. It kills a different squirrel and then burrows through Stroheim's torso before tearing into a Nazi soldier’s body. It then returns to Kars's hand and transforms into a flower, and eventually a butterfly.

Pillar Men ClanLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 112: "The Man Who Became a God" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: Episode 26: "The Ascendant One"

Long before the history of man, there were a race of beings who lived underground called the Pillar Men. Primitive tribes feared them like gods or demons. They lived in peace without any conflict or wars until a genius was born. The genius, Kars, desired power but this would have wiped out all living beings on Earth. The clan feared him and the Stone Mask he created.

Believing that he's dangerous, they decide to kill him. Kars slaughters them all along with his own parents with the help of Esidisi. They only leave two unknowing children alive, Wamuu and Santana.

Funeral DirectorsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 113: "The Man Who Crossed the Atlantic"
Anime Debut: Episode 26: "The Ascendant One"
The directors of Joseph Joestar's funeral. When Joseph arrives at his own funeral wondering whose it is and surprising everybody, the directors angrily tell him to show some respect to the individuals there and try to drag him elsewhere. One of them calls Joseph an idiot which angers him. An older director tries to calm him down so that the visitors aren't disturbed, until Smokey loudly exclaims in disbelief that he's still alive. The directors are also in surprise at what happened.

Hollywood ScreenwriterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 113: "The Man Who Crossed the Atlantic" (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: Episode 26: "The Ascendant One" (Mentioned only)
After Lisa Lisa starts living in America with her son, Joseph Joestar, she meets a hollywood screenwriter. They get married in 1948 when Lisa Lisa is 60 years old, making him her second husband and Joseph's stepfather, 27 years after the death of George Joestar II.

Japanese TouristLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 113: "The Man Who Crossed the Atlantic"
Anime Debut: Episode 26: "The Ascendant One"
A Japanese tourist at John F. Kennedy International AirportW in New York, 1988. Joseph Joestar is on his way to meet his daughter and grandson in Japan. While walking, the tourist hits Joseph's leg with his suitcase. The man asks if Joseph is hurt but he says he's fine and anyone can make a mistake. Angered, the man says it was Joseph's fault anyway since he wasn't paying attention. After confirming that the man is Japanese, Joseph kicks the man in the shin as payback and leaves him crying in pain.

Stardust Crusaders

Japanese Police OfficersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 114: "Jotaro Kujo, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 1: "A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit"
Voice Actors: Eiji MiyashitaW & Koutarou Nakamura (Japanese), Doug StoneW & Ray ChaseW (English)
These two police officers arrest Jotaro Kujo for brutally beating up four thugs, including a boxing champion and ones wielding nunchaku and knives. They call his mother Holy to get Jotaro out of his cell, as he refuses to leave it. To prove that he is possessed by an evil spirit, Jotaro makes many objects appear in his cell and grabs the gun of one of the officers. He shoots himself in the head, but the bullet stops in mid-air thanks to his Stand, Star Platinum. One of them fears he would be fired if his bosses found out about Jotaro's "evil spirit". The cop warns Joseph that he wouldn't be responsible if something happens to him when getting closer to Jotaro. They then witness Jotaro's fight with Avdol, but couldn't see their Stands.

Jotaro's GroupiesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 117: "The Man with the Star Birthmark"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 2: "Who Will Be the Judge?!"
Voice Actors: Ikumi HyamaW, Minami TakahashiW, Ikumi Nakagami, Yūka AisakaW, Ai KakumaW
A group of Jotaro's female admirers, who follow him when he goes to school and flirt with him. While Jotaro mostly ignores them, their constant and loud bickering annoys him greatly. He then violently tells them to shut up, but the groupies find that charming instead. When Jotaro trips and falls down a huge set of stairs, they all rush to his help. One of the groupies finds Kakyoin quite attractive as well, only for the others to rebuke her.

School NurseLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 118: "Noriaki Kakyoin, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 2: "Who Will Be the Judge?!"
Voice Actor: Ayumi Tsunematsu (Japanese), Wendee LeeW (English)
The nurse at Jotaro Kujo's school. She's used to attending to people who had fought with him in the past, so when Jotaro enters her office injured, she asks if he had gotten into another fight. She then realizes that Jotaro has never been injured in a fight before, and decides to believe him when he says he fell off some stairs. She tries to take the temperature of two other students to prove they are faking their fever to skip class, but picks up a pen instead of a thermometer. Claiming that the pen is a thermometer, she stabs one of the students in the eye, and it is revealed that she is possessed by Kakyoin's Stand, Hierophant Green. Jotaro, unable to attack the Stand without damaging her, forcefully kisses her and makes Star Platinum bite Hierophant Green, pulling the Stand out of her through her mouth.

Her internal organs are damaged when Hierophant Green is forcefully removed, causing Jotaro to become angry and defeat Kakyoin shortly after. He notes that despite her injuries, she will be fine with some medical attention. She is a boss in the game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SFC Game).

Mr. and Mrs. KakyoinLink to this section

Kakyoin's Mom
Manga Debut: Chapter 121: "The Power Called a 'Stand'" (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: SC Episode 3: "DIO's Curse" (Mentioned only)
SC Episode 46: "DIO's World, Part 2" (Mother's silhouette)
As a child, Noriaki Kakyoin was disinterested in making friends as he felt no one could understand him due to having Hierophant Green. His homeroom elementary school teacher was concerned and talked to the boy's mother, Mrs. Kakyoin, about the dilemma. Mrs. Kakyoin was embarrassed to admit that even she doesn't understand her son. Noriaki's parents planned a family trip to Egypt while Noriaki was a high school student, and he ended up meeting DIO while on the vacation.

They are very shocked when Noriaki abruptly decides to travel to Egypt again, thinking he was running away from home. After Kakyoin's fatal injury, he thinks of his parents and wonders what they're doing. He assumes they're asleep and feels sorry for making them worry.

Speedwagon Foundation SailorsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 127: "Dark Blue Moon, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 6: "Dark Blue Moon"
The crew of sailors who operate the Joestar group's boat bound for Singapore. Their Captain Tennille is killed and replaced with an impostor who sabotages the boat and is defeated by Jotaro later. They and the Joestar group encounter the freighter "Big Daddy" and board it. However, the crew is then methodically decimated in the ship through multiple "accidents" before it is revealed that the freighter is a Stand and the orangutan Forever slaughters the rest of the seamen.

Singapore Hotel ValetLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 134: "The Devil, Part 2"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 8: "The Devil"
After Polnareff is injured by the doll possessed by Ebony Devil, he calls the reception of the hotel for bandages and medical supplies. Unfortunately, the bellhop who brings the supplies enters the room just as Polnareff is fighting with the doll. Polnareff yells at the man to get away, but the doll ambushes and cuts off the valet's face with a razor, which results in his death.

Singapore ThiefLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 136: "Yellow Temperance, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 9: "Yellow Temperance"
A Singaporean pickpocket who steals the fake Kakyoin's wallet and then attempts to flee, but Hierophant Green catches him. "Kakyoin" knees the man's face and violently beats him up while insulting him, which makes Jotaro suspicious and yells at him to stop. Just as Kakyoin is about to break the man's back, Jotaro pushes Kakyoin away. The fake Kakyoin says the thief deserved to be punished.

Cable Car TouristsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 138: "Yellow Temperance, Part 3"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 9: "Yellow Temperance"
A father and son taking a skylift in Singapore who get involved with Jotaro's fight against Rubber Soul. Jotaro takes the child's ice cream to try to freeze Yellow Temperance while the father's dog is devoured. They miraculously come out unscathed despite the restrained space when Jotaro opts to destroy the floor of the cable car and jump into the ocean with Rubber Soul.

Calcutta WaiterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 140: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 10: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 1"
A waiter in a restaurant of Calcutta who hands a stick to Polnareff as the Frenchman heads into the restroom. When Polnareff complains to the waiter about a pig sticking its head out of the toilet bowl, the waiter explains that their toilet leads to a pig pen and shows how to hit the pig with the stick in order to make it go away. The waiter then jokingly suggests that Polnareff lets the pig lick his behind clean, disgusting Polnareff forever.

Little Calcuttan BoyLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 144, Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 5
Anime Debut: SC Episode 11: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 2"
A little boy who Polnareff and Kakyoin encounter as they flee from Hanged Man. The boy asks if the two are okay after noticing their injuries and broken car. Hanged Man then hides inside the eye of the boy who gazes with curiosity at the two men telling him to look away. Hanged Man grabs onto Polnareff's throat and J. Geil threatens him saying he has no choice but to stab the kid's eye if he wants to live. Polnareff apologizes to the boy, saying he'll buy caramel for him later before he kicks sand into the boy's eyes to force Hanged Man out and strikes the Stand with Silver Chariot's sword.

Calcutta DrifterLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 145: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 6"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 11: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 2"
A drifter who comes to Calcutta during the fight between Polnareff, Kakyoin, and J. Geil. Polnareff finds him by a column panting and heavily bleeding. He gives a speech to the man about how he knows the secret of Hanged Man and its weakness. However, Kakyoin then points out that the man doesn't have two right hands. Suddenly, Polnareff is stabbed in the back with a dagger thrown by the real J. Geil. In order to deceive Polnareff and Kakyoin, he cut the drifter up to give him the same wounds that his own body had.

Calcutta BeggarsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 145: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 6"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 11: "Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 2"
A group of beggars that Polnareff and Kakyoin encounter as they fight Hanged Man. J. Geil shouts to the beggars that the duo wants to give them money, causing the beggars to surround Polnareff and Kakyoin. This allows J. Geil to use the reflective eyes of the beggars to hide Hanged Man. Kakyoin turns the tables by revealing a shiny coin which every beggar focuses their gaze on and throws it into the air. Since they know the path Hanged Man would take, Polnareff then kicks sand into the eyes of a beggar to force Hanged Man out again and finally slices the Stand in two, killing J. Geil.

Varanasi Doctor and NurseLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 147: "Empress, Part 2"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 12: "Empress"
A doctor operating in Varanasi in a small clinic. Joseph visits him, and the doctor decides to amputate what he thinks is an infected boil, claiming that he's studied in England. However, Empress takes his scalpel from him and lacerates his face which kills him.

A nurse enters the room when she hears the commotion and is manipulated by Empress into thinking Joseph was the murderer.

Cafe Marhaba DenizensLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 151, Wheel of Fortune, Part 2
Anime Debut: SC Episode 13: "Wheel of Fortune"
The Joestar Group stops by the drive-in Cafe Marhaba near the border of Pakistan after getting away from Wheel of Fortune. However, they notice the same car that attacked them is parked by a tree behind the cafe. They question the bartender who the driver is but he says he didn't notice the car parking there. Thus, they resort to beating up three suspicious looking muscled individuals resting at the cafe to uncover their stalker. However, the real driver of the vehicle then shows his arm at them and drives away. The Joestar group pursues him, leaving the frightened and confused men behind.

Karachi Jewelry Store GuardsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 164: "Lovers, Part 5"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 17: "Lovers, Part 2"
The guards of a jewelry store in Karachi. When Steely Dan forces Jotaro to steal a necklace, Dan immediately denounces him. Since Dan forbids Jotaro from using Star Platinum, Jotaro lets himself get beaten up by the staff armed with sticks, who then throw him out. They say that thieves in their country get their fingers chopped off, but they let Jotaro keep his fingers as long as he leaves their country. In the commotion, they all missed Steely Dan stealing a precious bracelet.

Arab Cessna PilotLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 168: "Death Thirteen, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 19: "Death Thirteen, Part 1"
A small bearded pilot who initially agrees to sell his plane to Joseph. However, the next day the pilot says he'll return the money because a baby has a fever and there are no doctors in the village, so he needs to use the plane to get to a hospital. Joseph argues with the pilot but Polnareff convinces him that they should just take the baby with them because they'd be safe up in the sky without any other passengers. The pilot and Joseph accept the deal. Just as the Cessna leaves, the pilot discovers that the baby has no known mother and appeared out of nowhere.

Arab Villager LadyLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 168: "Death Thirteen, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 19: "Death Thirteen, Part 1"
A woman wearing a burqa from a small village who finds Mannish Boy crying beside a well with a high fever. She brings the baby to the pilot, who assumes that she is the baby's mother. She suggests that the Joestar Group should take the baby with them. Once they leave, she wonders who the baby's real mother is. However, she's relieved the baby's gone because he was scary and had fangs. She states that she never wants to hold him again because he gave her goosebumps.

Speedwagon Foundation PilotsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 183: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 25: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 1"
Voice Actors: Gô ShinomiyaW & Yūma UchidaW (Japanese), Ben Lepley & Austin Lee Matthews (English)
A duo of helicopter pilots who meet the Joestar Group in the Egyptian desert. They drop all sorts of supplies including food, water, and medical supplies for the group and also bring Iggy with them. Finally, they inform Joseph of Holy's state. Later, the helicopter is attacked by Geb, who kills one pilot by making him drown in its water and then tears away the second pilot's head, crushing him so violently that the head enters a flask.

Manga ArtistLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 189: "'God Khnum' Oingo and 'God Tohth' Boingo, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 26: "'The Fool' Iggy and 'God Geb' N'Doul, Part 2"
Voice Actor: Kengo Kawanishi (Japanese), Austin Lee Matthews (English)
This friendly manga artist traveled around the world in search of unique manga works. He approaches Boingo and asks him about his "comic" Tohth, impressed that such a thing existed in Egypt. Boingo lets him see it, and as the artist reads it he becomes slightly disturbed at the content, but intrigued at the same time. Oingo approaches them and says that it is not for sale, and scares the manga artist after he insisted on buying it. Later, the manga artist takes a bus that is hit by a truck and thrown on its side. He is thrown out of the bus towards a utility pole and killed with his neck impaled on it. Oingo and Boingo, having seen Tohth's prediction of the mangaka's bloody death, wait for the next bus.

Chaka's FatherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 193: "'God Anubis', Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 28: "'God Anubis', Part 1"
Voice Actor: Hidenari UgakiW
He is rude to his son Chaka and insults him for being slow compared to himself and his two friends. While they're walking, they find the Anubis sword on the ground and think it is valuable enough to sell for a profit. He then tries to unsheathe the sword, but the Stand doesn't want to control him, so the sword doesn't budge from the sheath. Chaka asks to try but his father tells him to shut up, thinking that his son wouldn't be able to do it if he couldn't pull the sword out himself. However, Chaka pulls out the sword with ease and the Stand possesses him. Chaka's father immediately tries to grab the sword from him and is accidentally stabbed in the chest while standing behind him, as Anubis was just starting to control the young farmer. His father asks Chaka why he would do that before falling over and dying.

Friends of Chaka's FatherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 193: "'God Anubis', Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 28: "'God Anubis', Part 1"
Two friends of Chaka's father who laugh at Chaka for being slow and compare him to his father's cows. While they're walking, they find the Anubis sword on the ground and wonder if it's an artifact. One friend asks if the owner is still nearby, while the other asks if Chaka's father is going to turn it into the police. The father greedily says it could be worth a lot of money, so the friend tells him to pull it out to make sure it isn't blunt or else it would be worthless. When Chaka's father fails to pull the sword out, the two friends try as well but the sword doesn't budge at all. Instead, one of the friends gets his hand sliced open despite only touching the shaft. After Chaka kills his father and is fully possessed by Anubis with the urge to kill, he stabs the bald man in the head and slices the other man in half.

Papyrus SellerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 194: "'God Anubis', Part 2"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 28: "'God Anubis', Part 1"
A short Egyptian man with a moustache operating in Kom Ombo. He approaches Polnareff and offers to sell him a drawing he claims is from a famous Egyptian artist and whose paper is made of papyrus. Polnareff sees through the scam and rips the paper in two to the man's dismay.

Four MiceLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 195: "'God Anubis', Part 3"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 28: "'God Anubis', Part 1"
After Jean Pierre Polnareff defeats Chaka, Anubis hypnotizes four mice to carry it away from Polnareff. However, Polnareff spots the mice before they could flee and takes the sword.

Young Anubis WielderLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 198: "'God Anubis', Part 6"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 29: "'God Anubis', Part 2"
Voice Actor: Shizuka Ishigami
An Egyptian boy wearing a turban and introduced licking a lollipop. After the fight between Polnareff controlled by Anubis and Jotaro Kujo, the boy notices the blade of the sword which Jotaro broke lying on the ground. Since it was shiny, the boy picks it up out of curiosity and is immediately hypnotized. The boy then tries to throw the blade at Jotaro from behind but trips at the last moment because Iggy steals his candy. The boy misses his target and throws Anubis into the NileW.

Old HagLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 200: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 2"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 30: "'Goddess Bastet' Mariah, Part 1"
Voice Actor: Toshiko SawadaW (Japanese), Tara Sands (English)
After Joseph is affected by Bastet, he comes across an old lady who considers herself young, despite not being able to even stand without the aid of a umbrella. The buttons of her clothes lift up due to the magnetism of Bastet, which makes her assume Joseph was in love with her and demonstrated it by lifting her skirt. She doesn't mind the supposed aggressive personality, stating she actually likes men like that. In fear, Joseph ran away from her to pursue Mariah. When chasing Mariah, Muhammad Avdol confused her legs with that of the old lady in the bathroom. Once again she thinks Joseph was stalking her and starts to follow him. Later she witnesses Joseph and Avdol's attempt to separate from an embarrassing position and thinks Joseph was just a pervert playing with her heart. She then starts to beat the two until they ran away once again from her.

D'Arby's CatLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 211: "D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 34: "D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1"
When the group encounters Daniel J. D'Arby in a cafe, Polnareff is tricked into making a bet with him on whether a nearby cat will go out of its way to pick up a piece of meat. At the last second, the cat swerves to grab the meat, and Polnareff's soul is captured by D'Arby's Stand Osiris. D'Arby then reveals that the cat belongs to him.

Dealer BoyLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 214: "D'Arby the Gambler, Part 4"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 35: "D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2"
Voice Actor: Shizuka Ishigami
After Jotaro catches D'Arby cheating and breaks his finger with Star Platinum, Avdol approaches a nearby boy to deal the cards in their poker game. Unbeknownst to Avdol and Jotaro, the boy is in D'Arby's employ, as are all the customers and employees of the cafe. The boy is confident about his technique being awesome, thinking that D'Arby will definitely win because he made sure to give Jotaro useless cards. During the game, he panics when Jotaro starts bluffing and begins to look to D'Arby for instructions, but ultimately escapes the situation unscathed.

Cairo Airport PunksLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 217: "Hol Horse and Boingo, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 36: "Hol Horse and Boingo, Part 1"
Voice Actors: Daigo Fujimaki & Shō Okumura
These two punks argue over a taxi with Hol Horse, pushing him out of the way so that they can ride in it. When asked what he would do about it, Hol Horse immediately shoots one of them in the ear with Emperor and takes the taxi first, while they were wondering what happened (as ordinary people can't see Stands). Later they try to run over Hol Horse with a truck, but instead they crush the Joestar group.

Wealthy BeggarLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 222: "The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 38: "The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1"
Voice Actor: Haruo Yamagishi
This beggar initially approaches a dirty Polnareff as a way to tell him to get out of "his turf", as he assumed Polnareff himself was a beggar. Avdol tells Polnareff later that in Cairo there are bands of beggars, each with their own territories and salaries. After seeing Polnareff was given money for being a "foreign beggar", this man wonders if he could earn more if he himself acts like a foreigner, even though this hurt his pride. As he already knew Avdol, he is asked to look for DIO's mansion because he has good sources. The man immediately reveals himself to be quite wealthy, as he has a car and a business suit. He eventually finds DIO's mansion, but is killed by Pet Shop before he could tell Avdol its location. He appears as a Campaign Support Character in All Star Battle where he can randomly appear to find a boss for the player.

Chibi and Buchi's OwnerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 223: "The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 2"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 38: "The Gatekeeper of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1"
Voice Actor: Miho Hino (Japanese), Marianne MillerW (English)
This boy was the owner of Chibi and Buchi, two big and violent dogs. As a dog lover, he worries when his dogs disappear. He eventually finds his dogs' remains being eaten by Pet Shop, and is attacked by the bird. Iggy, who initially didn't want to engage in battle, decides to save him from Pet Shop and later kills the bird. However, he is heavily wounded from the fight. In return, the kid helps Iggy heal his injuries.

Marble Store ClerkLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 258: "DIO's World, Part 12"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 47: "DIO's World, Part 3"
A woman working at a marble store in Cairo, Egypt, which sells plates, pots, and other decor. After being punched by Jotaro, DIO crashes through the store's window. The woman screams but DIO simply asks her to fetch his severed leg for him. She screams again but DIO tells her to hurry up, as if she's a flight attendant serving wine and caviar to a first-class passenger. The woman finally does what he says but DIO then kills her and drinks her blood to heal himself, letting her dry corpse fall to the ground of the empty store.

Speedwagon Foundation DoctorsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 265: "The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends"
Anime Debut: SC Episode 48: "The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends"
Voice Actors: Junji Tachibana & Tomohiro Satō
Two doctors working for the Speedwagon Foundation who, in the aftermath of the clash between DIO and Jotaro, take Jotaro, Joseph and DIO's corpse with them in their ambulance. Jotaro asks the doctors to transfer the blood that DIO absorbed back to Joseph. When the doctors argue that Joseph was dead, his heart having already stopped, Jotaro tells them that he was sick of being told that something was impossible and has Star Platinum perform cardiac massage on Joseph, allowing the doctors to transfer the blood and revive Joseph.

Diamond is Unbreakable

DelinquentsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 266: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 1: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata"
Film Debut: Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 1
Game Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SFC Game)
Voice Actors: Isamu Yusen, Takahiro Miwa, Junji Tachibana (Japanese), Alejandro Saab, Kellen Goff (English)
These four delinquents are seniors at Josuke Higashikata's school known for walking around Morioh bullying freshmen. They demand that Koichi Hirose and Josuke greet them as part of the "the rules of school" or they would end up in the hospital just like three guys who previously refused to do it. When Josuke ignores them because he was busy trying to conquer his fear of reptiles by getting close to a turtle, one of the delinquents grabs the turtle and throws it away, smashing its shell open. Josuke was trying not to attract attention and even apologizes, but decides to retaliate after one of them mocks his hair. He immediately uses Crazy Diamond to punch the guy's face, "fixing" his nose into a different shape. The delinquents then run away in fear of getting beaten up.
  • In the live-action film, they demand Koichi to pay them 5000 yen if he wants to pass the alley to get to school. Koichi turns back but another delinquent corners him and says turning back means he has to pay 10,000 yen (he beats one of the delinquents up and heals him afterwards just like in the anime and manga, but heals his face properly).
  • They are generic enemies in the SFC game and in Diamond Records.

Josuke's GroupiesLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 267: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata, Part 2"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 1: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata"
Film Debut: Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 1
Voice Actors: Asaka Imai, Yumi Hirota, Saki Kosaka (Japanese), Elizabeth Simmons, Morgan Berry (English)
A group of Josuke's female admirers who greet him when he is talking to Jotaro. When Jotaro unknowingly provokes Josuke about his hair, the girls become frightened, as they have had prior experience with Josuke's outbursts of rage. After Jotaro knocks Josuke down, he violently tells them to shut up.

RobberLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 268: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata, Part 3"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 1: "Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata"
Film Debut: Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 1 (As Masaya Yoshizawa)
This man is introduced as a simple robber. He's shown stealing from a store and making a woman his hostage. However, he makes the mistake of insulting Josuke's hair. Enraged, Josuke punches through the woman's gut with Crazy Diamond which opens a hole on her and the robber at the same time. Josuke heals both immediately, saving the woman but the robber's knife becomes fused within his belly. It is then revealed that the robber was being controlled by the Stand Aqua Necklace, who swears revenge. The robber is arrested, but it's unknown if he was a criminal before being controlled, as Aqua Necklace states that he committed many crimes controlling the man's body.

Nijimura's MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 282: "The Nijimura Brothers, Part 9" (Photo Only)
Anime Debut: DU Episode 5: "The Nijimura Brothers, Part 3" (Photo Only)
Film Debut: Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 1 (Photo Only)
The mother of Keicho and Okuyasu Nijimura. Little is known about her aside from the fact that she died in 1988 by an undefined disease. Okuyasu was only four years old at the time, while his brother Keicho was seven. Her death was the main cause of the Nijimura Patriarch's mourning and possible depression which led him to be frequently violent towards his children.

Mr. HiroseLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 286: "Koichi Hirose (Echoes), Part 3" (Photo Only)
Anime Debut: DU Episode 6: "Koichi Hirose (Echoes)" (Photo Only)
Mr. Hirose is the husband of Mrs. Hirose and the father of Koichi and Ayana. He is only seen in a photograph. Tamami Kobayashi threatens to use The Lock on him too if Koichi doesn't give him money.

BikersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 292: "Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface), Part 4"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 7: "Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface)"
Voice Actor: Tarō Kiuchi
Toshikazu Hazamada wipes the blood on his hand on one of their bikes. The bike's owner threatens to kill Hazamada for this, even though the other one tells him not to get into a fight because the student might not have done it on purpose. The bike owner mocks Hazamada saying he walks like a dying cricket and the other laughs. Hazamada hears them talking and attacks the two with the help of Surface, even threatening to cut open the mouth of the one who mocked him. They're helped by Josuke, who heals them with Crazy Diamond and instructs them about Hazamada's location. Later, when Surface controls Josuke to attack Jotaro, they find Hazamada and beat him up, leaving him at the same hospital Tamami Kobayashi was taken to after being attacked by Hazamada.

Class PresidentLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 295: "Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 2"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 8: "Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 1"
Voice Actor: Sanae KobayashiW (Japanese), Maureen Price (English)
This girl is the class presidentW of Koichi's 1-B first year class in Budogaoka Highschool. She tells Koichi to hurry up while he's cleaning because classes were about to start again, and then decides to help him. Yukako witnesses the situation and assumes the class president is trying to steal Koichi from her. Yukako sees her as a rival and furiously confronts the girl, telling her not to approach Koichi again. Angry, the representative says she would tell everyone about how Yukako likes him to teach her a lesson, but she is then attacked by Love Deluxe. Yukako fixes one long string of hair onto the girl's scalp and lights the other end of it on fire.

Almost burning to death, the girl tries to find water, but is blinded by more strands of Love Deluxe and even has her tongue strangled, so she can't ask for help. Okuyasu arrives in time to save from her being burned alive by erasing the hair that is on fire with The Hand, but with the consequence of leaving her almost bald. Josuke then tells him he isn't able to repair things erased by The Hand, but Okuyasu says she shouldn't complain, as he just saved her life.

Speedwagon Foundation AgentLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 307: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 10: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food"
Voice Actor: Ryūnosuke Watanuki (Japanese), David VincentW (English)
An agent of the Speedwagon Foundation who comes to Morioh. He visits Jotaro at Morioh Grand Hotel's private beach and informs him that Joseph Joestar will be arriving at the town's harbor on the following day.

Speedwagon Foundation Ship CaptainLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 310: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 4"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 11: "Red Hot Chili Pepper, Part 1"
Voice Actor: Isamu Yūsen (Japanese), David VincentW (English)
The captain manning the ship on which Joseph Joestar travels to Morioh. As they arrive at the harbor, Akira Otoishi impersonates one of the ship's crewmen by wearing a Speedwagon Foundation outfit. The captain immediately warns Okuyasu and Joseph that an enemy is on board. Confusion ensues as Akira and the real crew member accuse each other of being the impersonator before an apathetic Joseph and a dumbfounded Okuyasu. Okuyasu luckily punches and knocks out Akira first, stating he was planning on punching both of them because he's not very smart.

Josuke's SaviorLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 324: "Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House, Part 7" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: DU Episode 15: "Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House, Part 2" (Flashback)
When Josuke was 4, he came down with a strong fever caused by DIO activating his Stand, causing the Stands in the Joestar family to activate as well. Just like his half-sister Holy Kujo, his Stand worked against him giving him the same fever as Holy. His mother tried to drive him to the hospital but the car's tires lodged themselves in the snow during a blizzard. Suddenly, a young man wearing a school uniform helped him and his mother by placing his jacket under the car's wheel and pushing it over the snow. The student then took his jacket and walked away never to be seen again. Josuke took a glance at him and saw only his hair, and since then has replicated his hairstyle as homage.

Old MonkLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 334: "Rohan Kishibe's Adventure, Part 5"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 17: "Rohan Kishibe's Adventure"
Voice Actor: Tarō Kiuchi (Japanese), Chris Smith (English)
When Rohan Kishibe visits Reimi Sugimoto's and her family's grave, he runs into an old monk who is thrilled to see Rohan come back to his hometown. The priest says his grandson collects all of Rohan's manga. Rohan is confused as to how the man seems to personally know him, so the monk tells him about his past connection to Reimi. According to the monk, Rohan's parents were close friends with Reimi's parents so they asked the Sugimotos to babysit Rohan when he was a four-year-old. At some point that night, Reimi tossed the young Rohan out a window so he wouldn't be murdered by the serial killer in her house.

BankerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 338: "'Shigechi's' Harvest, Part 4"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 19: "Shigechi's Harvest, Part 2"
Voice Actor: Keisuke Oda (Japanese), Chris Smith (English)
An ordinary bank clerk of small stature working in Morioh. When Josuke, Okuyasu and Shigekiyo come in to the bank to claim the prize for their ticket, the clerk acts friendly but immediately dislikes them and suspects them of having stolen it. He tries to expose the trio by calling the real owner's phone number at the back of the ticket but Josuke tricks him by using Crazy Diamond to alter the name on the ticket. Confused, the clerk apologizes profusely and gives them the prize.

Kira's CoworkersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 342: "Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 21: "Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1"
Voice Actor: Ryūnosuke Watanuki (Male Coworker, Japanese), Ayano Hamaguchi (Female Coworker, Japanese), Christopher BevinsW (Male Coworker, English), Jennifer Losi (Female Coworker, English)
Three female coworkers of Yoshikage Kira ask him if he would like to have lunch with them. Kira lies and says he isn't able to because he needs to deliver some documents, but he was actually on his way to a sandwich shop with a woman's severed hand, which he made his "girlfriend". As Kira leaves, a male coworker shows up and tells the three women to give up on him because he never accepts anyone's invites. The man then states his analysis of Kira as a 33 year old single man who does his job efficiently but lacks any passion. He says that Kira is popular with the ladies because of his elegant manner and finely sculpted features, but he's a boring guy that doesn't stand out very much.

After Kira's Sheer Heart Attack fails and he escapes from Josuke and Okuyasu, he runs into his male coworker and two female coworkers who are extremely shocked to see him severely wounded. They scream when they notice his hand is cut off.

Centipede Shoes Store OwnerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 354: "Sheer Heart Attack, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 22: "Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2"
Voice Actor: Shinya Fukumatsu (Japanese), Chris Smith (English)
The elderly owner of Centipede Shoes. Jotaro and Koichi visit his shop and ask if he's seen any clothing that have buttons resembling the one Yoshikage Kira lost when fighting with Shigechi. The store owner randomly responds by asking Koichi if he wants any animal crackers before pointing out that he just finished repairing a jacket with those buttons. Just as he tries to read the order tag on the jacket to find out the customer's name, his hand blows up. He is then immediately killed by Kira's Sheer Heart Attack which drives into his mouth and blows up.

Yoshikage Kira's MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 365: "Atom Heart Father, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 25: "Atom Heart Father"
Late wife of Yoshihiro Kira and mother of Yoshikage Kira. She died peacefully around when Yoshikage was 21, soon after her husband.

She's described as being close, yet distant from Yoshihiro, the two likely having never fought. She may have also coddled Kira in an "abusive" manner.[1]

  1. Shueisha Jump Remix P4 Vol.27 - Hirohiko Araki Interview - Kira My Hero

Kawajiri Family CatLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 370: "Yoshikage Kira's New Situation, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 25: "Atom Heart Father"
A tabby belonging to the Kawajiri family who is often locked out of the house by Kosaku Kawajiri. He closes the window by a tree which the cat likes to stay on, and Shinobu Kawajiri usually scolds him for forgetting that they have a pet. The cat seems to recognize Yoshikage Kira as a stranger in their shower, but its reaction goes unnoticed by Shinobu. It is shown sleeping on a rug briefly before Tama appears in their house and is neither seen nor mentioned after that.

Mikitaka's MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 384: "Highway Star, Part 1"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 28: "Highway Star, Part 1"
Voice Actor: Saori Terai (Japanese), Kaitlyn Robrock (English)
The day after Josuke and Mikitaka Hazekura first met, Josuke finds him again on the street. As they're talking, a woman claiming to be Mikitaka's mother appears and tells her son to stay close since they just moved and have a lot of errands to do. She says that at his age he shouldn't be running off telling people that he's an alien who pilots a flying saucer. She then whispers to Josuke not to pay attention to his stories and that he tried the same thing in his old school in Tokyo. Mikitaka claims that she isn't his real mother, and is instead someone he brainwashed, leaving Josuke and the eavesdropping Yoshihiro Kira in utter confusion.

Rude NurseLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 390: "Highway Star, Part 7"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 29: "Highway Star, Part 2"
Voice Actor: Ayaka Shimizu (Japanese), Laura Stahl (English)
A rude nurse employed at Budogaoka General Hospital. Koichi asks her for Yuya Fungami's room number so he can help Josuke. The nurse mocks Koichi by sipping tea and asks if he's blind because of a sign in front of him saying visitor hours are over. She then says she hates gangsters like him and mocks Koichi's height. Koichi retaliates by using Echoes ACT3 to make several medication bottles heavy so that they would fall. The nurse worries about her pay getting docked if she lets any of the bottles shatter and tells Koichi what he wanted so he can help her carry them.

Rio's NeighborLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 431: "Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable, Part 4"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 38: "Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable, Part 2"
Voice Actor: Kellen Goff (English)
A man who lives next door to Rio, a woman who owns the house in the neighborhood where Josuke Higashikata fought Yoshikage Kira. The neighbor often stole Rio's panties, and accuses Kira of being the panty thief when he sees Kira in front of the house. Unable to resist his temptations, the man grabs one of Rio's panties after Kira leaves and immediately explodes due to Kira putting a bomb on it.

ParamedicLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 436: "Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable, Part 9"
Anime Debut: DU Episode 39: "Goodbye, Morioh Town - The Golden Heart"
Voice Actor: Yuko Iida (Japanese), Maureen Price (English)
A paramedic who is dispatched when a report of an explosion is received at the hospital. She tells the other emergency workers to bring over a stretcher and approaches the wounded Yoshikage Kira. She tries to comfort him and asks if he can see how many fingers she's holding up. Kira grabs her hand and forcibly rubs it on his cheek, mentioning that her hands are smooth and beautiful. He reveals his name, sexual fascination with hands, and his murders in order to make her the new trigger of Bites The Dust.

However, Kira fails to activate it and is subsequently crushed by an ambulance. She thinks of his death as her own responsibility because she didn't restrain him, and identifies his corpse as Yoshikage Kira to the police officers.

Vento Aureo

Airport SecurityLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 440: "Gold Experience, Part 1"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience"
Voice Actor: Yūya Murakami
Two security guards working at Naples' airport, being specifically tasked to get rid of unlicensed taxi drivers. However, Giorno Giovanna bribes them into turning a blind eye to his own activity at the airport. Thus, they purposefully ignore it when Giorno steals Koichi Hirose's luggage, even privately looking down on Giorno for stealing a fellow Japanese, tipping Koichi about Giorno's identity.

The anime adaptation features Koichi asking them information about Giorno, presumably allowing him to get near Giorno's neighbourhood.

Giorno's MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 444: "Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience" (Photo only)
Voice Actor: Mariko Higashiuchi (Japanese), Jade Dennis (English)
Sometime before the events of Stardust Crusaders, this Japanese woman was involved with the newly resurrected DIO and unexpectedly became pregnant with Giorno. Women were mere tools or food to DIO so it's unknown how she managed to escape, but she moved back to Japan in 1985 to give birth to Giorno. She was subsequently prevented from being killed due to DIO's defeat at the hands of Jotaro.[1]

Although she was considered a very beautiful woman, she was by no means a good mother, having left her infant son alone in the middle of the night to enjoy partying. When Giorno became 4, she married a very violent Italian man who would hit the child behind her back. While her first name is unknown, Giorno got his last name "Shiobana" from her.

  1. V JumpW Games Series - All of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo Interview

Giorno's StepfatherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 444: "Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience" (Photo only)
Voice Actor: Hinata Tadokoro (Japanese), DW McCann (English)
A man of Italian origin who got married to Giorno's mother. He's the reason the whole family moved to Italy. He was a violent, intolerant man who would hit Giorno because he "constantly tried to read people". However it was quite the opposite; the child's traumatic experience is the reason he adapted the habit in the first place. After Giorno's involvement with a gangster, his stepfather stopped beating him, likely out of fear and/or threat from the gangster.

Giorno's HeroLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 444: "Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 2: "Bucciarati Is Coming" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Hiroshi Shirokuma (Japanese), Armen Taylor (English)
When Giorno Giovanna was a child, while walking home from school, he found a man lying on the ground filled with gunshot wounds. Soon after that, some suspicious-looking men asked the little child if he saw the man. Giorno saved the man by lying and unconsciously using his Stand, which made grass grow long enough to hide the man's body. Giorno believed the man looked lonely and melancholic, just like he did. The man turned out to be a gangster and promised to repay the child for what he did.

Soon after that, Giorno's stepfather stopped hitting him and the kids that bullied him at school started being surprisingly friendly, such as giving up their seats to him in crowded movie theaters. The man only quietly watched over Giorno from afar but Giorno learned the importance of trusting people from this complete stranger. Despite the gangster taking a strict position that Giorno shouldn't get involved in the gang world, Giorno aspires to become a gang-star as he grows up and later joins Passione. The anime adaptation expands on his character and reveals that he had a code of honor which at least forbid to sell drugs to women and children. He considered one drug dealer committing such acts as "scum" and executed him in front of his son without regrets. The anime suggests that Giorno's own methods emulate that of this man.

Female GuardLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 448: "Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall, Part 1"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 3: "Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall"
Voice Actor: Toa Yukinari (Japanese), Jade Dennis (English)
A female guard working in the prison where Polpo is detained. She performs a body check on Giorno Giovanna and tells him what he is allowed and prohibited to do. After Giorno asks whether he's going directly to Polpo's cell instead of a visiting room, she suspects him when she realizes he's never met the capoW before. Giorno later reveals to Polpo that during the body search he "borrowed" the guard's wallet, containing her ID and several bills. When Giorno returns from Polpo's cell, her suspicion rises after Giorno's shock of there being another body search. While Giorno hides the flame of the lighter Polpo gave him within his closed palms, the guard pats him down and says he's all clear and free to go. Just as Giorno becomes relieved, she says he also needs to open his hands because she has to check them. Giorno quickly uses Gold Experience to transform the lighter into a flower. Believing the flower is harmless, the guard is tricked into letting Giorno leave.

Old JanitorLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 450: "Joining the Gang, Part 1"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 3: "Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall"
Game Debut: GioGio's Bizarre Adventure
Voice Actor: Minoru Inaba (Japanese), William Knight (English)

An old janitor who is shown working outside the middle school dorms of Naples Middle-High School, where Giorno Giovanna lives. He asks Giorno to open the door for him because his hands were full and his bucket of water was about to spill. However, Giorno ignores his request due to his focus on Polpo's lighter. When Giorno leaves his room later, the janitor accidentally splashes him with water while cleaning the stairs, extinguishing the flame on Polpo's lighter. Worried about the functionality of the lighter, he reignites it and points out that it's not broken, while also wondering what Giorno was doing with a lighter in school. This results in him being killed by Black Sabbath, which pulls the man's soul out of his body. Giorno later on, disgusted by the death of the innocent man, kills Polpo in revenge.

Truck DriverLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 464: "Sex Pistols Appears, Part 3"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 7: "Sex Pistols Appear, Part 1"
Voice Actor: Kōichi Sōma (Japanese)
A truck driver used by Sale in order to trap Guido Mista. He bears a similar appearance to Sale's initial silhouette before his full reveal. The driver is unable to stop the truck he is driving because of Kraft Work's ability to lock things in position, as he can't get his hands away from the wheel and his feet off the pedal. Forced to drive around Capri by Mista, he is left angered by the strange happenings between the two, before being forced by Giorno to drive again when the latter tries to retrieve Mista.

Narancia's FatherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 472: "Narancia's Aerosmith, Part 3" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 11: "Narancia's Aerosmith" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Armen Taylor (English)
The father of Narancia Ghirga was an honest gardener. However, he never cared much about his son. After the death of his wife, he became completely neglectful, up to the point where he didn't notice that his child quit school and spent most of his time away from home with thugs, roaming streets, and stealing dinners from restaurants. Despite Narancia being alone and having nowhere to go after reform school as he was shunned by his peers, his father is nowhere to be seen.

Narancia's 'Friends'Link to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 472: "Narancia's Aerosmith, Part 3" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 11: "Narancia's Aerosmith" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Gakuto Kajiwara, Kōsuke Echigoya, Atsushi Kousaka (Japanese), Chris Hackney, Brian Hanford (English)
A group of children and thugs that Narancia Ghirga used to spend time with. Narancia considered friendship as the most important thing in the world and often stayed at his friends' houses instead of attending school. He looked up to one of the older thugs with blond hair. One day, that friend suggested that Narancia should dye his hair blond as well if he wanted to look like a badass, so Narancia followed his suggestion. In reality, that "friend" set up for Narancia to be accused of his crimes. Narancia was arrested the next day and thrown to reform school, where he learned that an elderly woman had her home broken into and was brutally assaulted by a teen with blond hair. The woman testified that Narancia was the culprit. Although Narancia suspected his friend of being the actual criminal, he chased the thought out of his mind.

Narancia got an eye infection due to being beaten up by the police officers, and after returning to his hometown, his friends spread a rumor that he caught the infection from his late mother. Narancia then realized the truth because his older friend was the only one he told about his mother's infection.

Elderly VictimLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 472: "Narancia's Aerosmith, Part 3" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 11: "Narancia's Aerosmith" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Namiko Morimoto (Japanese), Tiana Camacho (English)
An old woman whose house was broken into by one of Narancia Ghirga's friends with blond hair. When the woman witnessed the crime, she was brutally assaulted by the culprit and left with severe injuries including a broken arm. After seeing Narancia with blond hair, she angrily testifies that he was the one who committed the assault.

TeacherLink to this section

Fugo teacher
Manga Debut: Chapter 480: "Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze, Part 2" (Mentioned only)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 12: "Second Orders From The Boss" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Jiro Saito (Japanese), Armen Taylor (English)
One of Fugo's teachers at the university, whom was beaten by a young Fugo with a 4-kilo encyclopedia. Only mentioned in the original manga, he is shown in the anime adaptation. There are two versions to what the teacher did to anger Fugo. The anime's version has the teacher sexually harrass Fugo. The Purple Haze Feedback novel mentions that the teacher mocked Fugo for caring about his dead grandmother.

Blackmailing CriminalLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 484: "Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze, Part 6" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 6: "Moody Blues' Counterattack" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Yukitoshi Tokumoto (Japanese), Tony Oliver (English)
A pimp that paid Leone Abbacchio back when he was still a police officer in order to get away with his activities with a prostitute. Abbacchio thought it would be pointless to arrest him since he would just pay his bail and he'd be out on the streets again, so he accepted the money. However, it turned out that he was also a robber, and because of Abbacchio's past with the criminal, he was left shocked and vulnerable. The pimp then drew a gun and attempted to kill Abbacchio, but his life was saved by his partner, who sacrificed his life, haunting Abbacchio with guilt for the rest of his years. The pimp was shot in the arm by Abbacchio's partner during the confrontation.

Abbacchio's PartnerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 484: "Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze, Part 6" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 6: "Moody Blues' Counterattack" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Ikuji Nose (Japanese), Jarred Kjack (English)
He was Abbacchio's partner back when he was still a police officer. When the two of them were sent to investigate a reported robbery, the robber turned out to be someone Abbacchio had received money from, and because of this past Abbacchio had with the criminal, he froze before he was able to take action. The criminal drew a gun and was about to shoot Abbacchio. However, this police officer pushed Abbacchio out of the way and threw himself in front of the bullet, saving Abbacchio's life. Despite getting shot in the chest, he managed to shoot the criminal's arm before dying. The guilt of letting his partner die caused Abbacchio to lose all reason to live, along with all sensation within him.

After Abbacchio is punched through the gut by King Crimson, he spiritually sees his partner again in a restaurant and the two have a conversation. In the end, he helps to calm Abbacchio and allows him to make peace with his past. Abbacchio's partner believes that justice can always be properly delivered so long as the truth is sought after, rather than results; He claims that believing in only results ultimately leads one to lose sight of the truth and reality, an ideal shared by Giorno and in direct counter to the philosophy of Diavolo. Their souls ascend together as Abbacchio passes away.

Woman Saved By MistaLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 508: "Venice's Santa Lucia Station - Get the 'OA-Disc'!" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 8: "Sex Pistols Appear, Part 2" (Flashback)
When Guido Mista was 17 years old, he was walking alone at night and witnessed a woman being beat up by a man inside a car. The woman was half-naked with blood coming from her nose and mouth. Two other thugs were also sitting in the car. Without thinking, Mista jumped to her rescue and beat up the thugs, being forced to kill them in self-defense. The woman he rescued was never located by the police after the incident.

Thugs Killed By MistaLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 508: "Venice's Santa Lucia Station - Get the 'OA-Disc'!" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 8: "Sex Pistols Appear, Part 2" (Flashback)
A group of three thugs who assaulted and raped a woman in their car until Guido Mista confronted them. Mista rammed his knee against one thug's stomach so hard that it nearly knocked him out and caused him to vomit. The man grabbed his revolver and shot at Mista six times at close range but each bullet missed. The other two tried to shoot him as well but all of their bullets miraculously missed Mista even though they were at point-blank range. He snatched one gun from the first thug, calmly loaded it, and then shot and killed all three of them with amazing accuracy. Mista was then arrested and told that he would be sentenced to anywhere between 15 to 30 years in prison. However, he is scouted by Bruno Bucciarati and joins Passione in exchange for a verdict of innocence.

Bruno's MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 517: "Bruno Bucciarati's Youth" (Appears in flashback(s))
Anime Debut: GW Episode 20: "The Boss' Last Orders" (Appears in flashback(s))
Voice Actor: Haruka Shimizu (Japanese), Nicole Gose (English)
Bruno Bucciarati's mother was a very loving woman. Her son loved talking to her and enjoyed the bedtime stories she would read to him. She and her husband decided to divorce on their 10th year of marriage when Bruno was 7, and she was going to leave the small town to live in the city. She tried to sway Bruno to live with her, but he refused and chose to accompany his father, as he knew his father was the saddest about the separation. Bruno's mother was proud of her son's kindness and although she was initially sad about his decision, eventually set it aside. She hoped that his kindness to overly sympathize with others' sorrows wouldn't cause misfortune to him. Two years later, his mother got remarried to a man from Milan. By the time Bruno became 12, she and Bruno would only see each other on Christmas.

Drug DealersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 517: "Bruno Bucciarati's Youth" (Appears in flashback(s))
Anime Debut: GW Episode 20: "The Boss' Last Orders" (Appears in flashback(s))
Voice Actor: Tatsuhiro Kikuchi & Hiromichi Tezuka (Japanese), Jas Patrick & Chris Hackney (English)
Two men who pretended to be fishermen and hired Bruno Bucciarati's father to transport them to an isolated islet off the coast of Naples. However, one of the dealers "forgot" his fishing rod on the boat, resulting in Bucciarati's father going over to deliver the rod to the man. Bucciarati's father stumbled upon the two men dealing drugs with two other thugs and was shocked. The recipient of the drugs became angry with his dealers because someone would spot them every time. Bucciarati's father was shot multiple times for being a witness, piercing his body with seven bullets. The drug dealers left him for dead but later found out that he was rescued and taken to a hospital. They sneaked into his hospital room at night to finish him off, but the young Bruno ambushed and killed them, slicing the chest of one of them and stabbing the other in the eye.

Copy of Coco JumboLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 520: "The Mystery of King Crimson, Part 3"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 21: "The Mystery of King Crimson"

A turtle identical to Coco Jumbo created by Gold Experience's ability on Giorno's brooch, in which there are implanted cells of Coco Jumbo. The turtle is born with the Stand Mr.President like the original. It uses its ability to drag the Boss and King Crimson into its room. Bruno Bucciarati then uses Sticky Fingers to open up the ground with a zipper causing the turtle to fall into the depths along with the Boss.

Hotel MaidLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 540: "Spice Girl, Part 2"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 25: "Spice Girl"
Voice Actor: Kanda Mika (Japanese), Mari Devon (English)
An ordinary maid working in a Venitian hotel. Knocking on Diavolo's room to clean up and seemingly hearing no one, she unlocks the door and almost discovers his true appearance. However, the room is dark and immediately tries to leave, allowing Diavolo to erase time, take his dossier and get away, leaving the confused maid alone. After that incident, she decides to ignore what happened and starts cleaning.

Bug-Catching BoyLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 541: "Storm Warning in Sardinia Island!"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 26: "A Little Story From the Past ~ My Name Is Doppio"
This little boy from Sardinia tries catching a bug sitting on the branch of a plant, but the bug hops away onto the road. The boy jumps after it just as an oncoming truck is behind him. Vinegar Doppio yells for the boy to get away and tries to pull him but the boy tells him to stop yelling and that he knew there was a truck, dodging Doppio's arms and getting off the road himself. Doppio gets hit instead while the boy goes after a butterfly. When Diavolo kills a nearby fortuneteller, the little boy witnesses the whole thing behind a pillar and drops the container he was holding. At that point, Diavolo had already transformed back into Doppio and grabbed the boy's arm. While Doppio was distracted with the bug he just noticed on the ground behind him, the boy runs away screaming and crying.

Sardinian Fortune TellerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 541: "Storm Warning in Sardinia Island!"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 26: "A Little Story From the Past ~ My Name Is Doppio"
Voice Actor: Hiroshi Naka
After Vinegar Doppio tries saving a kid from an oncoming truck and nearly gets hit himself, a Sardinian fortune teller sitting by an alley asks if he's having bad luck. The man urges Doppio to have his fortune read but Doppio refuses despite being given a discount. To prove himself, the fortune teller tries to divine Doppio's past, revealing that he was born in Sardinia, has a secret that can be considered living a double life, and that he's looking for someone very important to him. Doppio tries to refute his claims saying that they're just general statements, but the man pries deeper into his past and states that he's looking for his daughter who he hasn't seen in 15 years. The man suddenly becomes confused because of Doppio's young appearance and begs to read Doppio's palm for free out of his own curiosity.

Suddenly, Diavolo intervenes and grabs the man's face, frightening the fortune teller who witnesses his change in appearance. Diavolo forces him to divine the whereabouts of Risotto Nero and the man obliges. The man then grabs Diavolo's palm and says that it's beautiful, until he notices that the lifeline on the palm just disappeared. Just as he realizes he was holding his own hand which Diavolo cut off, King Crimson obliterates his upper body with a single punch.

Sardinian Taxi DriverLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 542: "My Name Is Doppio, Part 1"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 26: "A Little Story From the Past ~ My Name Is Doppio"
Voice Actor: Ryūichi Kijima
A dishonest taxi driver who drives Doppio from a village up to Costa SmeraldaW. When they reach their destination, the driver tries to scam Doppio by asking for ten times more than what he actually owes. When Doppio insinuates that the price must be wrong and that he only has half that amount, the man angrily threatens him. The taxi driver then tries to take Doppio's envelope from him, believing it is full of cash when it's actually only important pictures. Doppio's personality switches into Diavolo and nearly gouges the man's eye out before figuring out that he did not actually see the contents of the envelope. Doppio then hears a phone ring and grabs a toy hanging from the driver's rear-view mirror. While he uses it as a phone to talk to his boss, the taxi driver thinks he's on drugs and flees with 20,000¥'s worth in euros which he steals from Doppio.

Soccer KidsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 549: "King Crimson vs. Metallica, Part 6"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 28: "Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling"
Game Debut: GioGio's Bizarre Adventure
Voice Actor: Taichi Ichikawa, Yūki Inoue, Yūmi Hirota, Risae Matsuda

A group of tourist kids playing footballW near Costa SmeraldaW. Diavolo infiltrates their group as Doppio after abducting one of the children and stealing his clothes. The ball they were playing with gets stuck on top of a tree branch and they try to throw rocks at it to get it down. Abbacchio yells at them to be quiet and to go play on the beach, until he notices their ball is stuck. Just as he gets the ball down for them, Bucciarati and Narancia find the abducted kid behind a rock with his wrist cut and his mouth stitched closed with his shoelaces. Doppio was actually the one to kick the ball up there so he could kill Abbacchio. One of the kids tells Doppio not to mess up again, and another wonders if he actually has any friends among them.

Natural Resources WorkersLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 552: "Pronto! On the Line, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 29: "Destination: Rome! The Colosseum"
In 1978, eleven workers were conducting a survey for mineral resources within a crater where a meteorite fell several millennia ago in Cape York, GreenlandW. Two of them contracted an unknown disease and developed tumors across their entire bodies which killed them within 48 hours. The two men had both fallen in the crater and received minor cuts to their hands and feet, leading the doctors to believe that a virus was dormant within the meteorite in that crater which entered their bloodstreams. Their bodies underwent unbelievable physical changes including one man's fingers creating sparks like a stun gun which burnt off the fingers of one of the doctors treating him. Polnareff later discovers that the arrow is made from the same material as the meteorite.

The Arrows' CreatorLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 552: "Pronto! On the Line, Part 2" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 29: "Destination: Rome! The Colosseum"
According to Polnareff, a man from centuries ago craved absolute power like that of the gods. He found out about the rocks and created the arrows from them.

DrunkardsLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 552: "Pronto! On the Line, Part 2"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 29: "Destination: Rome! The Colosseum"
Game Debut: GioGio's Bizarre Adventure
Voice Actor: Shō Okumura, Yūya Murakami

Four drunkards who Mista spies on while preparing to leave toward RomeW. Two of them are asleep on a bench. One of them hugs a water fountain and expresses his urge to urinate in it while his friend tries pulling him away. While the drunkard continues to hug the fountain, the friend then relieves himself in a post box. The man hugging the fountain keeps yelling about how he's a man of his word and is going to do it, so his friend pulls him once more. However, his upper body gets torn off. The drunkard crawls after his friend, demanding to take a leak because he can't reach his legs. The friend tries to runs away in fear until his legs fall apart as well. Mista witnesses the two men who were asleep have also died with their bodies torn apart. They are all victims of Green Day's mold.

Diavolo's MotherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 569: "A Brief Flashback" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 26: "A Little Story From the Past ~ My Name Is Doppio"
Voice Actor: Saori Terai
Despite being a prisoner in an all-female prison guarded exclusively by women, she had given birth to Diavolo in the summer of 1967 during her second year of a ten-year sentence for bank robbery. She insisted that the father had already died of an illness and that she became pregnant over two years ago. While it was unbelievable, the prison held no men so the baby's birth was a mystery.

Several years later, Diavolo's stepfather found her buried and kept alive under Diavolo's room. Her mouth was stitched closed, so she was unable to move or speak. She didn't know how long she had been there but it had been several years. That night, the Sardinian village was burned to the ground, and she was a casualty.

Diavolo's StepfatherLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 569: "A Brief Flashback" (Flashback)
Anime Debut: GW Episode 26: "A Little Story From the Past ~ My Name Is Doppio"
Voice Actor: Shinnosuke Ogami
Diavolo's stepfather was a kind priest living in a small village in Sardinia who accepted to adopt the infant born in the prison and named him Diavolo. As Diavolo grew, the priest and the village thought of him as cowardly and clumsy. However, the man was openhearted, as when Diavolo told him that he wanted to become a sailor, he agreed that would be Diavolo's best path instead of becoming a priest.

When Diavolo became 19 in 1986, the priest watched his son go on a date with a girl on the Emerald Coast. He decided that his son was old enough to have a car and began to build a garage beside Diavolo's room. When he began digging into the concrete, he unearthed Diavolo's mother, who was buried alive under her son's room. That night, a fire burned the entire Sardinian village to the ground. The priest was confirmed dead as one of the casualties.

People Affected by Chariot RequiemLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 576: "The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 5"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 34: "The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1"
Chariot Requiem's soul manipulation affects the entirety of Rome, leading to several bystanders seeing themselves in another's body. A man switches bodies with his dog and then nervously looks at himself barking. A policeman and a nearby pigeon switch bodies. The soul of the policeman's partner switches with the criminal they captured in the back seat of their car. A mother and her baby switch bodies, leading to a dumbfounded baby looking at her own body babbling like a child. A couple has also switched bodies. In the man's body, the woman cries because she needs to urinate but cannot bring herself to touch the penis. She resorts to begging her boyfriend to handle it for her but he knows it would look indecent in public while he's in her body.

The criminal enjoys his newfound freedom and power in the policeman's body and puts handcuffs on the mother rolling on the ground. He then tries to arrest Mista in Trish's body, who unceremoniously shoots and kills him. Eventually, they begin to transform into unknown creatures from another world due to Requiem's true power, but are returned to normal after its defeat.

Little Girl With DollLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 588: "Gold Experience Requiem, Part 3"
Anime Debut: GW Episode 38: "Gold Experience Requiem"
As Diavolo goes through his looping deaths, the final one is simply of a small girl, holding a doll that looks like her. She asks Diavolo if he's alright, and slowly inches towards him.

Flower Shop OwnerLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 590: "Epilogue: 'Sleeping Slaves'" (Flashback)
A civilian who ran a flower shop in Piazza Monte Santo and had a bad leg. Fugo said he's a normal, honest man. His daughter dated Scolippi but she passed away. He, like most people, misunderstood Scolippi and his Stand ability and thought he was the one who murdered the unfortunate girl. Wanting revenge, he begged Bruno Bucciarati and his team to punish the man, up to the point where he was willing to pay the assassins all of his life's savings.

Scolippi's GirlfriendLink to this section

Manga Debut: Chapter 590: "Epilogue: 'Sleeping Slaves'"

The seventeen-year-old daughter of the flower shop owner who was in a romantic relationship with Scolippi. While she told her mother about her boyfriend, her father was unaware. One day, she went to Scolippi's apartment, clutched a stone-shaped sculpture, and then jumped off the roof. Her suicide was predicted by Rolling Stones, however the difficult-to-understand ability of Scolippi's Stand made it look like he was the one who killed her. Her father stated she's not the kind of girl who would kill herself, and became determined to avenge her.

Anime-Only Characters

Female TouristsLink to this section

Tourist girls
Anime Debut: GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience"
Voice Actor: Minami Shinoda, Natsuki Aikawa (Japanese), Jade Dennis, Julie Shields (English)
Two women visiting Napoli. They ask Giorno for directions to the Church of Santa Chiara but are victims of a pickpocket. Before the man can get away, Giorno steals the wallet back and gives them to the women, although he takes some of their money too.

Unlicensed Taxi DriverLink to this section

Unlicensed taxi
Anime Debut: GW Episode 1: "Gold Experience"
One of the many illegal taxi drivers operating at Naples' airport. Caught red-handed by "Leaky-Eye" Luca conducting business without paying the gangster his fee, he is beaten by Luca himself. In hopes to lighten his beating, the man denounces Giorno Giovanna as another illegal taxi driver who has been working under Luca's nose. It doesn't do him any good, as Luca finishes him off with a last shovel bash, his ultimate fate being left unknown.

Yacht RenterLink to this section

Yacht renter
Anime Debut: GW Episode 5: "Find Polpo's Fortune!"
This man is one of Napoli's inhabitants, working at the port and renting yachts as a job. Well acquainted and on good terms with Bucciarati, he rents one of his yachts to the team for free.

Assassination TargetLink to this section

Assassination target
Anime Debut: GW Episode 10: "The Hitman Team" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Shō Okumura
An unnamed Italian man who, two years ago, was the target of Formaggio. His talk about adressing the Naples waste management issueW and meeting with the Minister of Tourism suggests that he was an important official. However, Formaggio put an end to his life when he slipped a shrunken car into his drink and then grew it back, making his torso explode and crushing the rest of his body.

Assassinated WomanLink to this section

Crushed woman
Anime Debut: GW Episode 10: "The Hitman Team" (Flashback)
Voice Actor: Haruka Shimizu (Japanese), Tiana Camacho (English)
A woman who had dinner with Formaggio's assassination target two years ago. Although she wasn't targeted personally, she ended up as a casualty when the car that grew inside the target crushed her.

Fugo's ParentsLink to this section

Fugo's parents
Anime Debut: GW Episode 12: "Second Orders From The Boss" (Flashback)
Fugo's parents, a wealthy couple living in the luxurious suburbs of Naples. They pressured a young Fugo into academic excellence, exacerbating his violent tendencies. Moreover, they disowned him when he beat up a professor with a book, throwing into question how much they ever loved their son.

Shady EngineerLink to this section

Anime Debut: GW Episode 17: "Baby Face"
Voice Actor: Naoya Nosaka
The Shady Engineer (闇技術者 Yami Gijutsusha) is a Passione member that Risotto Nero coerces into running some computer analysis for him at the same time Melone battles Giorno. He is an adult man who's most remarkable features are a ponytail and a P-shaped tattoo over the right eye. His involvement in the story suggests that he's a computer expert. Warning Risotto about the risks of rebelling against the gang, he gets his left hand and left eye crippled for his trouble

Stone Ocean

Accident VictimLink to this section

Accident Victim
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 1: "Stone Ocean, Part 1" (Flashback)
A pedestrian who Jolyne and Romeo Jisso believe they killed while driving. They were about to kiss when they smashed into the body. Jolyne was about to call the ambulance, but Romeo convinced her not to because his future would be ruined if he went to prison. After pressuring Jolyne, she helped him put the man's body in the car's trunk and Romeo hid him in the swamps. Jolyne is arrested later after being framed for the man's death.

Jotaro later reveals that the man who framed Jolyne was Johngalli A. Johngalli set up the car accident by sending thugs from prison to throw a random hitchhiker out into the street during the rain. Jolyne and Romeo understandably jumped to conclusions and thought it was their fault for hitting the man.

Jolyne and Ermes' Co-PrisonerLink to this section

Jolyne Ermes Co-Prisoner
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 1: "Stone Ocean, Part 1"
A female co-prisoner of Jolyne and Ermes in the detention center while Jolyne awaits her trial. She taunts Jolyne after discovering she was caught masturbating by a guard, asking how anyone could get aroused from looking at prison bars. Ermes tells her to shut up, but she responds by saying she's not always thinking of sexual things like those two. Jolyne decides to make a bet with her about who could go without masturbating the longest, but the prisoner laughs and says they wouldn't be able to prove that. She is quickly silenced when Jolyne could tell from the joint of her left ring finger that she was imprisoned because of her sexual behavior.

'Tom Cruise'Link to this section

Tom Cruise Guard
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 1: "Stone Ocean, Part 1"
A guard from the detention center that Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello are at before being transferred to Green Dolphin Street Prison. Jolyne says he looks like Tom CruiseW. He stumbles upon Jolyne masturbating in her cell, leaving the latter completely embarrassed and wanting to die after she notices him. The guard is on the bus with Jolyne and Ermes on their way to Green Dolphin Street Prison and notices Ermes showing Jolyne where she keeps her money hidden. After Jolyne gets off the bus, the guard and his partner beat up Ermes while trying to extort her money. Jolyne unconsciously activates her Stand and rips off the guard's ear with a piece of string from her finger, while also retrieving Ermes' money back.

Jolyne's LawyerLink to this section

Jolyne's Lawyer
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 1: "Stone Ocean, Part 1"
The corrupt defense attorney of Jolyne who meets with her in the detention center. He brings her various items from her mother, including an amulet from Jotaro containing a piece of an Arrow, which awakens her Stand. After she is transferred to Green Dolphin Street Prison, they meet again and he advises her to plead guilty to the hit-and-run charges, telling her that the judge is a good friend of his and would give her a sentence of 1–2 years if she did so. Jolyne maintains her innocence, but he eventually talks her into the plea bargain. However, at the hearing, the judge sentences her to 15 years instead. The lawyer is revealed to be in the pay of Romeo, and congratulates him for being released free of all charges due to Jolyne pleading guilty.

Later, the lawyer visits the prison to submit paperwork and is witnessed by Jolyne, who is furious from seeing him. The man puts on an act in front of Loccobarocco, saying he didn't become a lawyer for the money and feels ashamed of his insufficient skills for being incapable of lessening Jolyne's punishment. Loccobarocco falls for it and says he's a great lawyer and a noble man, before handing him a letter that Jolyne wrote for him. As he reads the letter in his car and begins to get comfortable, Jolyne uses Stone Free's strings to strangle him, causing him to crash on the freeway.

Jolyne's MotherLink to this section

Jolyne's Mom
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 1: "Stone Ocean, Part 1" (Flashback)
Jolyne's mother and Jotaro's ex-wife, seen only in flashbacks. She is said to be American and has a close relationship with her daughter, whom she raised mostly alone due to the absence of her husband. After Romeo's betrayal, Jolyne only allows her mother to call her JoJo. Before Jolyne's trial in court, her mother asks her lawyer to deliver clothes, socks, underwear, a toothbrush, vitamins, her favorite books and magazines, some schoolwork, and an amulet that Jotaro asked her to give Jolyne if she was ever in trouble. While in prison, Jolyne frequently thinks about her mom and wants to hear her voice. It is unknown where she met Jotaro, as well as her location during the events of Stone Ocean. It can be assumed that she is unaware of Stands and of Jotaro's activities with the Speedwagon Foundation, as Jotaro took pains to keep her and Jolyne out of danger. In Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI, she dies.

Judge In Jolyne's TrialLink to this section

Elderly Judge
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 2: "Stone Ocean, Part 2"
An elderly judge who is in charge of Jolyne Cujoh's trial. Jolyne agrees to the plea bargain and admits that she's guilty for the car theft and hit-and-run charges against her. However, the judge takes into account that despite Jolyne having no intention to kill, alcohol was used while she was "driving". He suddenly declares a murder charge, explaining that she also purposefully harmed another by hiding the man's corpse in the swamps. He condemns Jolyne to 15 years in Green Dolphin Street Prison.

Strip Search StaffLink to this section

Strip Search Staff
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 3: "Stone Ocean, Part 3"
Two guards of Green Dolphin Street Prison who are responsible for handling new prisoners when Jolyne arrives. The brunette is empathetic toward prisoners, as she is worried when Jolyne looks like she fainted and thinks it's because her straight jacket is on too tight due to the humid air. When she starts loosening the belt for Jolyne, the other guard stops her and says the room is specially designed that way. She loathes the prisoners, stating that the bad treatment she inflicts is wholly deserved after a life of disrespecting the law. The rude guard steps on Jolyne and orders her around, but Jolyne merely plays around with the two guards by provocatively posing at them while naked during the strip-search.

Prison DoctorLink to this section

Prison Doctor
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 3: "Stone Ocean, Part 3"
An impatient prison doctor who makes sure the prisoners are healthy, uncaring of whether he hurts the patients during his assessment. He checks Jolyne's physical condition upon her entry in Green Dolphin Street Prison, and bluntly pokes her eyes with his fingers when she is off guard just to check whether she has fake eyes or contact lenses. When he's finished with the check-up, he gives Jolyne only five seconds to read and sign the documents. The doctor is later seen checking Ermes Costello out of the infirmary.

Prison HairdresserLink to this section

Prison Hairdresser
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 4: "Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1"
A hairdresser in charge of shaving the new female prisoners' heads. As he begins to cut Jolyne's hair, she yells at him to stop. When he says it's his job to cut their hair short, Jolyne points to two inmates with long hair and asks why they were able to keep it. The hairdresser is actually corrupt and accepts bribes from the prisoners for botching the job. He coughs to subtly reveal that prisoners can either pay $5 to save five inches, $10 to save ten inches, $30 to save all their hair, or get shaved bald for free. Jolyne pays him $30 and keeps her hair.

Female Ward Security StaffLink to this section

Female Ward Security Staff
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 4: "Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1"
The team of prison guards in charge of watching over the female ward. They have a room near the entrance of the ward where they can rest. When Jolyne is shrunk by Goo Goo Dolls, Gwess forces her to enter their room in a mouse costume so she can investigate their surroundings for them to escape the prison. One particularly zealous shotgun-wielding guard yells at Gwess to get away from the door leading to their room if she has no business there. He then hears several noises in their room outside the ward, caused by Jolyne growing back to her original size. A bald, laid-back guard dismisses the first guard's suspicions, saying it was probably just the coffee machine. However, Jolyne makes even more noises and the three guards almost catch her as they look under their desk. Jolyne quickly uses Stone Free to pour hot coffee on the bald guard's pants and runs away while they're distracted, only for the suspecting guard to see nothing below the table.

Later, Gwess tricks Jolyne into getting past the gun point and the first guard who heard noises earlier is shocked to see her. He sounds the alarm for a prison break and goes to get backup. As they arrive, Jolyne had disappeared because she managed to return to the ward after beating up Gwess and demanding to be shrunk again. The man couldn't identify Jolyne because he only saw her back. The bald guard then spills coffee on his pants again and cries about not having any more spares.

Gwess's 'Pet'Link to this section

Gwess Pet
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 4: "Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 1"
A guard who was fired because of his laziness and supposedly went home. In reality, Gwess used Goo Goo Dolls to shrink him and he becomes her "pet". Adorning the skin of a dead parakeet, he is forced to act like a cute animal and eat scraps that she feeds him. She forces him to fly and stand on her finger, but the man remains immobile since it would be a difficult task to do within his costume. Gwess yells at him to try and the man actually ends up successful, but makes a "whoa" sound upon landing. Angered that he slipped out of his role, Gwess begins to squeeze him but Jolyne rescues the bird with Stone Free. However, Jolyne takes off the parakeet's head only to find the man was already killed with his limbs torn apart by Goo Goo Dolls.

Black PrisonerLink to this section

Black Prisoner
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 5: "Prisoner FE40536: Jolyne Cujoh, Part 2"
A black inmate who Jolyne meets during her first day of prison. She serves the meals to the prisoners of the female ward. Jolyne arrives late to the cafeteria because of Gwess purposely spilling water on Jolyne's pants while she was sleeping. Since Jolyne arrived late, the inmate serving food tells Jolyne that she's sold out. Jolyne asks why prisoners were allowed to take more than one meal, and why another inmate was just given food if they were sold out. The black inmate makes excuses such as those being one of Green Dolphin Street Prison's seven special privileges.

When Jolyne tries to call her mom, the black inmate cuts in line and takes the phone before her, mocking Jolyne for not making a reservation. She says it's usually a month wait before getting to use the phone so inmates usually sell their spot to each other, and that's another one of the prison's seven wonders.

Blonde BullyLink to this section

Blonde Bully
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 10: "Green Dolphin Street Prison"
A female inmate who tries to take advantage of Jolyne by asking for $1 and then intimidates her into asking for the dollar back. However, Jolyne makes her swallow a crushed coin, causing a horrible stomachache and coerces the bully into giving her $10 instead.

Bullied PrisonerLink to this section

Bullied Prisoner
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 10: "Green Dolphin Street Prison"
A bullied prisoner who is victimized by the rest of the female ward. Gwess uses her as an example of what happens to those who don't assert themselves in prison. Jolyne later helps the prisoner by also coerce one of the bullies to give the girl her money back.

Prison Visit GuardLink to this section

Prison Visit Guard
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 11: "The Visitor, Part 1"
A guard who brings Jolyne to the visit room. Jolyne knocks him out when she sees that the visitor is her father Jotaro. At first rather reasonable as he apologize for beating Jolyne's fingers when she grabbed the outer bars of the ward (although he hit a second time when Jolyne let go of the bars), he threatens to kill her when Jolyne punches him. He is killed by Johngalli A when he snipes the guard by mistake.

Search Party GuardLink to this section

Search Party Guard
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: "There's Six of Them!, Part 1"
The guard in charge of watching the prisoners searching for the two missing male prisoners in the swamp and fields. Jolyne and Ermes cannot go away from him because of their explosive bracelets which will trigger if they try to flee. He tried to victimize Ermes and trigger her explosive bracelet to spite her. Foo Fighters killed him and used his corpse to try to kill Jolyne by driving it away, threatening to trigger the bracelet.

Male Prisoners Killed by Foo FightersLink to this section

Male Prisoners Killed by Foo Fighters
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: "There's Six of Them!, Part 1"
Two prisoners working the field who were attacked and killed by Foo Fighters when they approached the tractor it was guarding. No trace of them were left, and a search party was gathered in order to find them.

Female Prisoners Killed by Foo FightersLink to this section

Female Prisoners Killed by Foo Fighters
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 26: "There's Six of Them!, Part 1"
Three prisoners who, alongside Jolyne and Ermes, composed the group who searched for two missing prisoners in the swamp. Foo Fighters killed them all and invaded their corpses to approach Jolyne in order to kill her.

Foo Fighters' Would-be BullyLink to this section

Foo fighters would be bully
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 34: "Marilyn Manson, The Debt Collector, Part 1"
An inmate who tries to to drink into Foo Fighters' water cup when it plays ball with Jolyne and Ermes. Thinking that it is still the weak-willed prisoner Atroe, she tries to intimidate Foo Fighters but the Stand infects her with some of the plankton, breaking her jaw and making her spit all the water she drank.

Courtyard GuardLink to this section

Courtyard Guard
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 36: "Marilyn Manson, The Debt Collector, Part 3"
A guard watching over the prison courtyard. He interrupts Jolyne Ermes and Foo Fighters ball game during their bet with Miraschon. It is revealed that Miraschon bribed him into interfering so that he wins her gamble.

Surveillance TechnicianLink to this section

Surveillance Technician
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 44: "Savage Garden Strategy, Part 5"
A guard overseeing the cameras feedback and managing every alert in the prison. He allows Enrico Pucci to check Jolyne's phone conversation with the Speedwagon Foundation.

Prison Backyard Guard N#1Link to this section

Prison Backyard Guard N-1
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 47: "Savage Garden Strategy, Part 8"
A guard that Whitesnake has brainwashed. Standing in the backyard of the prison, he shoots Jolyne and tries to steal Jotaro's Stand disc on Whitesnake's orders. Weather Report kills him by causing a rain of poisonous frogs.

Prison Backyard Guard N#2Link to this section

Prison Backyard Guard N-2
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 49: "Flash Flood Warning, Part 2"
A guard who witnesses the rain frog caused by Weather Report. Seeing Pucci trapped under the rain, he tries to flee when Pucci asks him to open the door to safety, claiming he will go bring reinforcement. Pucci kicks a poisonous frog into his eyes in order to blind him and force him to let him enter.

Prostitute PrisonerLink to this section

Prostitute Prisoner
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 55: "Kiss of Love & Revenge, Part 5"
A female inmate making money as a prostitute. Sports Maxx calls her a Bitch (ビッチ Bitchi). He tries to solicit her but because he is invisible, the female inmate kicks another prisoner, mistaking him for a groper. Maxx finally devours her when she realizes that he is a zombie.

Maximum Security Ward PrisonersLink to this section

Maximum Security Ward Prisoners
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 58: "Ultra Security Solitary"
The denizens of the maximum security ward. They are all particularly monstrous prisoners, having committed horrible crimes that make them unfit to live with other inmates like child murder, or being too violent, vicious, or prone to try escaping the prison. When Jolyne arrives, they all sexually harass her from their respective cells. They eventually come under the influence of Survivor and when freed by Viviano Westwood, they slaughter themselves with only a few survivors.

Anasui's Former GirlfriendLink to this section

Anasui's Former Girlfriend
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 59: "His Name Is Anasui"
Anasui's former girlfriend. When Anasui was 21, he caught her cheating on him with another man and literally took her apart. Anasui was sent to prison for that.

Little PrisonerLink to this section

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 65: "The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 6"
This maximum security ward prisoner is the one that found DIO's bone before it turned into the Green Baby.

Speedwagon Foundation Doctors #2Link to this section

Speedwagon foundation doctors 2
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 75: "Father: Jotaro Kujo, Daughter: Jolyne Cujoh"
A team of doctors who take care of Jotaro's lifeless body during his coma and study his condition. They tried reviving him but without the Stand and memory discs, their efforts were fruitless.

Swamp Searching PartyLink to this section

Swamp Searching Party
Manga Debut: SO Chapter 80: "Yo-Yo Ma Is Coming!, Part 3"
A team of prison guards who went after Jolyne and Anasui after they tried to escape Green Dolphin Street through the swamps. They were taken down by Anasui.

ShoplifterLink to this section

Manga Debut: SO Chapter 102: "Escape..."
A mother shoplifting in a supermarket. She and her baby happen to pass near Pucci; when the baby tries to grab the cross on Pucci's hat, he almost falls but Pucci saves him and also manages to catch all the stolen items before returning them to the shoplifter. The mother then sees with horror that her baby has half-grown into an adult.

People Affected by Bohemian Rhapsody