Edited to make sense in the today's Situation:

Hi everyone!

This is a Call to Duty(Nothing related to the games :)). I will like to do important updates in the encycopledia (Both information and Look). However, ithe admins can't do all the work! :D!

We can improve the Wiki with greater contact between users. If we work together and discuss the improvements we can perform them in no time. Every idea will be appreciated. I would like to to hear your opinions.

If any users have time to be part of this please contact me! I will like to make a group of opinions (something like a council. Epicness sold separately)

Some priorities for the wikia :

1)Look for new material and translations for the One-Shots/Novels articles.

2)Jojo Chapters(Jojolion up to date and complete the remaining chapters Part 3-6).

3)Add reference to the pages!

4)Enciclopedia Look and Logo(Improve it)

5)Reformat Main characters(and Main antagonist).


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