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    August 19, 2020 by Johndoe-m9

    "I've got one question you're gonna like, bitches: What's my name?" - Shaggy

    "Shaggy" Nassaum (Шагги Нассаум; first name unknown); Age: 37, Height: 5'10½", Weight: Between 200-220 lbs, Blood: A-, Instinct: To Surpass is through Strength!, Overdrive: Here are my Orders...

    Other Information: Arcana: None (scum like him don't deserve to be rewarded), Family: None, Talents: Manipulating and framing people, conquering the weak, mastering the art of evil, Habits: Cheating, impulses from his desires, saying phrases in different languages, Hobbies: Picking on and culling the weak, coming up with creative ways to cheat, studying others' weaknesses, Favorite Food: Large amounts of food including sandwiches with mustard. In the past, Shaggy would have a …

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    Duncan Young

    August 10, 2020 by Johndoe-m9

    "Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy. What a stupid way to answer. Of course I'll be happy to accept all of your hatred in open arms. There isn't always the time to contemplate about our personal trivialities, don't you agree…?"

    Duncan Young/The Night Walker; Age: 33, Height: 5'8", Weight: 150 lbs, Blood: A+, Instinct: Freezing Point, Overdrive: Second Moon

    Other Information: Arcana: Kisaragi (-XVIII The Moon), Family: Amy Young (sister), Miriam Young (mother), Seth Young (father), Talents: None, Habits: Murderous impulses from Yukianesa (and even before then), Hobbies: Collecting Pretty Wheels motorcycles, making fruit-scented candles, discovering old legends, Favorite Food: None or unknown. Due to his sociopathic nature, it is very hard to determine what he l…

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    Detective Luke

    July 5, 2020 by Johndoe-m9

    "My eyes have been redirected for too long of a time. I was a hero, then a criminal, once a villain, and someone again. I was considered an enemy to the world’s problems, yet there appears a string that will strum a tune of “fire”..." - Detective Luke

    Detective Geoff Luke; Age: 31, Height: 5'11", Weight: 144 lbs, Blood: O+, Instinct: Concerto, Overdrive: Philharmonic Sonata

    Title: The Accomplice

    Other Information: Arcana: XVI The Tower, Family: Unknown, Talents: Solving murders and other crimes, working in secret, performing violin pieces, Habits: Being suspicious of others and creating by destroying, Hobbies: Escaping the Wheel of Fate, acting like a dick to others, and attempting to recollect, Favorite Food: Fried tofu, mixed with any other f…

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    The Violator

    June 9, 2020 by Johndoe-m9

    That’s it, I thought I could go easy on you, but it looks like you’ve pushed me too far! No more clowning around! I am not the Vindicator, or the Vandalizer, or the Vaporizer, or the Vacillator... nor the Vilifier, nor the Victimizer, nor the Vegematic, nor the Vibrator... I AM THE VIOLATOR!!!” - Violator

    The Violator/Clown; Age: Over 400, Race: Demon, Height: 8'2" (3'10" as Clown), Weight: 456 lbs (189 lbs as Clown), Blood: Necroplasm

    Role/Goals: Training the Hellspawn and converting entities similar to them into being serviced to the armies of Hell

    Appearance: In his human form, Clown takes on the appearance of a short, overweight, balding man with an “ugly mug” and a disgusting body structure based on his view of humanity. He sports distin…

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  • Johndoe-m9

    May 27th

    (A van is seen driving to Grimsborough before stopping to one of Fairview’s houses, seemingly about to move in. While many children jump out of the van and run into the house in a quickened pace, two blonde girls, one holding a phone and the other with a dress and sunglasses, slowly step out and walk away from the house while two parents watch)

    Supportive Mother: Ahem, and where do you two think you’re going? Home is here.

    Cheerful Father: And the kids already beat you here! You don’t wanna be left behind as rotten eggs on the street!

    Unfriendly-Looking Girl: You two are literally not that naive enough to think someone like me’s going to get arrested for missing out on curfew or get mugged by some random thug at night. I’m going out fo…

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