This is what my mission is: to protect the welfare of the many, even if it means betraying the ones you trust and having no alternatives in oneself. And even if I sacrifice myself right now to rescue the people I’m close to in this rotten world, then this would be the path I’ve chosen, the path I believe in.” - Amy Young

Amy Crane née Young; Age: 27, Height: 5'4", Weight: 125 lbs, Blood: A+

(Former) Occupation(s): Pacific Bay PD Junior Officer (promoted), Detective, Stand User

Appearance: Amy now has her hair tied to a ponytail and sports a much more athletic build. Having grown older, Amy now wears a different attire, which is based on her Stand: a deep blue buttoned jacket with gold zippers (located on her clavicles that extend to her upper back, shoulders, neck, and upper and lower arms) and white fur that comes with a gold Pacific Bay PD badge and a matching rank tag that says “DETECTIVE”, a red blazer with a gold zipper over a white shirt with various black spoon-like dots and green swirls, black pants held on by a brown and blue belt with a gold streak, and black shoes with gold zippers each on them. Sometimes, Amy can put on white smart glasses with transparent blue lenses to contact others and make a list of objectives. She also retains her gold pendant and usual red lipstick and holsters her gun on her left knee.

Personality: Amy has noticeably matured over the years as a police officer, growing into a much confident and conscientious detective, even acting as a serious leader in various situations and fights with her allies and acquaintances. She is also noticeably acts determined and righteous in her purpose as a police officer and will not hesitate to go as far to fight those who would attempt to break the law for destructive purposes. After having to deal with various tragedies in her life, which include the death of her friends, losing the trust of others and being spited on and disrespected, betrayal by the people she trusted, and seeing them being manipulated by others to murder people (including her friends, former or not) for their own selfish goals, Amy is shown to be much violent and brutal against her enemies and very distrusting to suspects, having grown weary and furious of how everybody’s lives are continuously being eradicated and ruined by those who think of murder and various other crimes. Adding up to her violence is her bad temper, coming from everything that happened to her before, which she usually hides to also hide her weakness and immorality and makes her a deadly opponent when it comes to stepping up to her by sheer arrogance or sadism. Her temper is not unlike Kevin Ripley’s (who holds back his anger, but shows no mercy to anyone attempting to commit genocide), David Jones’ (who is pissed off by ROZETTA enough to kill her after everything what happened to him and the police) and Kaden Kaskade’s (who will attack or destroy antagonists insulting his handsome face and is unforgiving to those who kill his friends), as like them, she has a miserable life during her tenure with the police and cannot bear herself to be used or played out again, which explains her distrusting and unforgiving behavior to suspicious suspects and ruthless methods against opponents. Wielding her Stand, Amy always shows bravery and preparedness in her battles, not flinching when she is threatened and/or struck at, being a step ahead against enemies, and gaining a head start to gain an advantage.

Having been an experienced detective like her late partner, Amy displays a violent and ruthless side (unlike Frank, who can be angry and aggressive at times, but still has kept his morals and loyalty to the police even in death) when it comes to antagonists, and will use any lethal force if necessary, such as almost crushing Clarisse with a train before dismembering her into pieces, chopping Cosyste’s neck to cripple her into falling down a set of stairs, beating up Lori and Leni (whom she mistaken as criminals) while grabbing their souls to freely attack and torture them, heavily incapacitating both Mikhail and Alice in a one-against-two fight despite their cunningness and powerful Stands enhanced by their full potential, impaling and then electrocuting Saber, and bursting a car tire to deafen Liquid. As a skilled fighter, Amy is unfazed of empty threats, does what she can to protect any innocent bystanders, keeps her calm even during a desperate looking fight, and stay cautious of enemies, even if they don’t appear as much of a threat, but she is no stranger to making rookie mistakes, as she misconstrued Lori and Leni as thieving delinquents, isn’t clear of few of the disadvantages of her Stand, realize something wrong after what happened, dropping and leaving objects by accident (though her Stand picks them up for her), and making a move too late while attempting to counter surprise attacks. Amy also looks down on spiteful violence, revenge killing, irrational murder, collateral damage, and vigilantism, going back on her praise on a Clarisse and labeling her as a “scumbag” who will always fail no matter what when the antagonist goes as far to kill her friends out of spite rather than tactical insight, and threatening Liquid with her Stand upon confronting her again and showing no respect for her actions, knowing very well that she’s a clone. In spite of her aggressive tactics, Amy shows a kind, caring, and friendly side to children, teens (sometimes, though she may be rough or serious on them if they try to antagonize her, and become hostile if they go too far, even going as far to go from questioning to torture at them), and her friends, expressing delight of seeing Rook again and occasionally socializing and hanging out with his friends like Jones, performing a handshake with Rita, conversing with Gloria about family, and usually helping out Grimsborough’s citizens. These two contrasting sides culminate in Amy’s decision to walk down the path she believes in, which marks in her decision to sacrifice her life to protect the people all she considers as important and worth living from very powerful and threatening enemies, much like how Frank sacrificed his to save Pacific Bay from Albert Tesla.

Amy has a strong relationship with the people she teams up with, being harsh but fair and giving praise whenever she think its earned. Her habit of looking for misfits and treating them humanely and often with kindness has indeed secured their loyalty and respect, allowing the majority of the group to stay united with her coordination and leadership while facing against a vengeful mastermind. Furthermore, the Conspiracy Crusaders look up to her abilities and believe that with her abilities combined with theirs that they can achieve greatness. In the brutal world of criminals, Amy nonetheless holds no illusion that they are constantly risking their lives.


Soul Woman's Appearance: Soul Woman (ソウル・ウーマン Sōru Ūman) appears as a green humanoid with its eyes concealed by a blue helmet with gold spikes and black longer streaks on the end, and sporting an athletic build like Amy, but much taller. It has a blue bodysuit that only exposes the stomach, which contains a green swirling symbol, and white pieces of padded armor on the arms, wrists, shoulders, legs, feet, and groin along with gold zippers varying in size. It also has wide gray vertical rectangles on the sides of its abdomen, where police usually place their handguns, and matching circular metal pieces dangling on its behind.

Soul Woman's Personality: Soul Woman is one of the few Stands used in conjunction with its user’s Stand cry. Amy’s trademark line begins by stringing, “ARI ARI ARI...!” along with a rapid barrage of punches; followed by an “Arrivederci” (アリーヴェデルチ(さよならだ) Arīvederuchi, “Goodbye” in Italian) the Stand finishes its attack. Soul Woman is also shown to fix a few rookie mistakes when Amy isn’t noticing or realizes something went wrong.

Powers and Abilities: Soul Woman has slight control over multiple souls within its range, making the person and their soul separate from each other in physical contact, switch theirs with another lifeform or object, or changing them into a variety of personalities. Soul Woman can also create zipper-like openings against living things to remove their soul and take away the amount of soul they have whatever Amy wishes or make objects as portals to quickly retreat or hide, but she can also use them in the air to travel into a dimensional rift called the “Fly of Despair”, where she encounters various nightmares beyond her imagination while ignoring them and moving forward through it until she creates another zipper portal which can lead her to a different area she has no knowledge of or has seen before. Soul Woman can also quickly separate things into pieces and can use them in large proportions to store items in a dark space. Taking away a piece of the person’s soul can be formed into something like a voodoo doll, which allows Amy to inflict damage on the doll while reflecting the damage to the person’s body whose soul is made into a doll. In combat, Soul Woman can force out the soul of a living being and is able to attack them, whose damage can be shared with the main body.

In addition, Amy can use Soul Woman’s zipper powers to extend its limbs to several meters to reach enemies from afar and attach several things together with them, such as managing to block enemy attacks by trapping their weapon or limbs, creating a bridge-like structure that can support the weight of two people, trapping others’ limbs to themselves or others, attaching a Stand User’s arm to herself for additional punching power, and allow others to heal from wounds. She can also convert a variety of objects into traps, like turning a sign rod into a cutter by canceling the zipper, trapping an enemy into a large unzipped crate, burst them open like a flower by having Soul Woman unzip the object, and exploit hazardous materials into turning them against enemies. How harmful is Soul Woman’s detachment is unknown, as Amy was able to keep defeated opponents alive after zipping off their head and limbs and didn’t suffer any drawbacks after unzipping half of her head, chest, and various parts of her body to dodge attacks, but on the other hand, Amy has grown weak and is unable to survive from sectioning herself into pieces due the blood and oxygen unable to circulate fully through her body, slowly killing her as if her parts are truly disconnected from each other. Amy even killed Clarisse by having Soul Woman fatally section her into multiple pieces, with immediate lethal effect, along with causing a small pool of blood to spill out of Lori’s throat by zipping it open (only managing to cut the blood vessels of the skin), so it’s possible she has control over the amount of damage from the Stand’s zippers. Because the zippers are remotely opened and closed, Amy can take advantage of the zipping itself. She can create long zippers over surfaces and control the zipping to rapidly reposition herself if she holds the zipper’s handle, for instance, to move down a lift shaft using the zipper to slow down her descent.

If Amy is knocked out and/or suffers a near-death experience, her soul leaves her body and becomes existent in the physical realm. As a soul, Amy cannot use her Stand, but she can phase through surfaces and possess people to invade their body on the inside, making Soul Woman a dangerous tool even if defeated. If Amy’s body is fixed or restored, then Amy can return back to her body, newly revived. Amy can also separate her soul from her body, but it would take effort and her being in a safe spot to initiate it.

Soul Woman's Stats: (Destructive Power: A, Speed: A, Range: B, Durability: D, Precision: B, Developmental Potential: A)

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