That’s it, I thought I could go easy on you, but it looks like you’ve pushed me too far! No more clowning around! I am not the Vindicator, or the Vandalizer, or the Vaporizer, or the Vacillator... nor the Vilifier, nor the Victimizer, nor the Vegematic, nor the Vibrator... I AM THE VIOLATOR!!!” - Violator

The Violator/Clown; Age: Over 400, Race: Demon, Height: 8'2" (3'10" as Clown), Weight: 456 lbs (189 lbs as Clown), Blood: Necroplasm

Role/Goals: Training the Hellspawn and converting entities similar to them into being serviced to the armies of Hell

Appearance: In his human form, Clown takes on the appearance of a short, overweight, balding man with an “ugly mug” and a disgusting body structure based on his view of humanity. He sports distinct, menacing features including blue face paint with black borders, glowing red eyes lacking both pupils and irises, and four fingers and each hand. His set of clothes is very unkempt and poor, consisting of a shirt that changes patterns and colors while showing his pot belly, green pants that are slightly unzipped and brown elvish-like shoes, and a cobalt blue jacket with a distinct fray on the sleeves.

His true form, the Violator, takes on a much larger but abnormally thin demon with sickly bluish-gray skin and red fly-like eyes similar to his “Clown” form that completely towers over humans, with its size changing depending on how much Necroplasm he holds. He has four thin limbs sporting three sharp digits each, a large back crooked into a hunchback position connected to the head, a abnormally large jaw, and three spiked horns protruding from the sides of his head and upper back.

Personality: Taking on a distorted disguise of a human, Clown appears as a cruel, rude, despicable, and sardonic man with a degrading view on humanity combined with his dark sense of humor. Despite being sent by his masters to train various Hellspawn and convinces others similar to them to join Hell’s forces, Clown believes that humanity is weak, naïve, useless, and cowardly due to their wishes and desires and frequent reliance on their own talents, powers and abilities to break free from their inevitable burdens and asserts that demons (figuratively or not) should lead the armies of Hell. His comtempt for humans extends to those in other universes that have powers, as he adds that they are reckless, annoying, pretentious, and egotistical to the point that they may waste their lives by burning the city or at worst, killing each other like primates. Likewise, although he puts up a convincing façade and mostly acts subtly, Clown doesn’t see any reason to hide his true colors as his disgusting form proves what humans are and frequently taunts with his quarry even when he gets the short end of the stick. He even goes as far to commit crimes and other immoral acts when underestimated to prove the superiority of his masters degree often tries to convince people with dark but moral hearts to give up their human identities to fully embrace their darker side.

Due to his misanthropic views, most of Clown’s interactions involve demonic characters and people that are Hellspawn or similar to them, much to his enemies’ annoyance. In terms of mocking endearment, Clown usually addresses the latter with pet names (e.g. “Spawny” (sometimes adding “boy”), “Little LuLu”, “Loony Ann”, “Jinji”, etc.). In contrast to Spawn’s annoyance and attempts to ignore the clown, Luan’s flippant and comedic nature and lack of seriousness is at least one of the few things that never ceases to annoy him, claiming he should be the only funny one talking (although Luan shows similar annoyance). In addition, while Clown doesn’t seem to see her as much of a bother, he becomes genuinely surprised and fearful when Luan has the ability to draw power from demon souls along with having a variety of abilities to fight against demons, even worrying that she may have enough power to overthrow Hell. Nevertheless, Clown still tries to convince her to join hell, but would still fight her if necessary.

When he takes on his true form, the Violator becomes seemingly calm and superior but holds vicious, sadistic, and overly violet instincts to quickly use deliberately out of disgust of humanity and to make an example for those who don’t comply with Hell’s orders. Given his name, the Violator has no qualms of and finds pleasure in controlling the bodies of people and murdering them by tearing out their hearts, thus violating them without any regard for the repercussions of his actions. While appearing as other demons that act without thought, the Violator at least retains most of his rationality to converse with his enemies and is not as dumb as others may think. Contrary to their beliefs, the Violator takes his battles seriously if his patience grows thin and may use his powers wisely against his opponents and victims or perform intimidation tactics by transforming in front of them. He also thinks very lowly of his younger brothers, who are no different from him, as he sees them as way inferior to him yet they always refuse to admit that the atrocities are of his own volition. However, he does promise to beat the “living shit” out of them should they interfere with his handiwork or just so he ensures that they get with the program.

Powers and Abilities: As with all other demons, the Violator is nearly impossible to kill and has a set of demonic powers that makes him a living threat to people under his level, albeit is not as invincible as others think and can be only stalled and killed with a hidden critical weakness. He possesses higher strength (being able to tear out a demon’s heart), agility (jumping up large distances with the height of buildings), and resilience (resisting high-caliber rounds and Devil Arms in his face) than demons and often relies on wit and deception to manipulate the “weak-minded” and “emotional prey” for him to use against their own will. While he can shapeshift like other demons, he is always seen and prefers to be in his Clown form, although he can swiftly change his clothes on the fly.

What makes him unique compared to other demons is his use of Necroplasm that serves as both his lifeblood and the source of his powers, allowing him to perform regenerate from and survive fatal attacks such as his organs being destroyed, a chunk of his body being blown off, being riddled with bullets, or constant removal of his limbs, perform magic enchantments, shapeshift as said before, alter the size of his body depending the amount of Necroplasm he has, quickly appear in different locations in a blink of an eye, talk to others in his true form via telepathy, and possessing the bodies of people to kill them inside out. Taking his demon form into account, the Violator uses both his horns, growing spikes, claws, and extendable jaw as his main methods of attack, in which he uses to slaughter humans while faring against Hellspawn and entities similar to them, primarily attempting to maim their bodies to the point they are unable to move using either the environment or directly attacking if he has to. In cases he has to resort to extreme measures, the Violator uses his flame breath hot enough to melt through every metal to burn his victims and opponents alive and to cause further destruction if he has to in serious, intense fights. However, he does possess one distinct weakness: as his head is often the source of Necroplasm that fuels him during his ventures outside of hell, it can be destroyed or torn off with weapons that can further harm the Violator. This proves to be very threatening against him when facing people similar to Spawn, as many of them can rend his soul apart, obliterate him from existence, or absorb his entirety to completely imprison him. Additionally, if he is killed, his soul gets sent back to Hell to be reformed, albeit weaker than before depending on the intensity of the damage delivered to his body.

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