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  • Bio My Fandom Story: I got my account after Google decided to translate the Kanji for the Second Opening of Boku no Hero Academia, "Peace Sign", while I was writing an English Cover for the song. I stumbled to the place that I could post it, and found THIS. Thanks! Have a blessed day!
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    Morioh. A town in Japan's M Prefecture, within S City. A peculiar little town. Bizarre, if you will. This is where our story will begin.

    Summer, 2000~

    A man sat inside a little Italian eatery named "Trattoria Trussardi". His eyes were blurry from the sleep that had been escaping his grasp. A young man walked over to him, a strange "x" patterned scar was clearly visable on the front of his face and the shirt wore under his apron was adorned with dollar signs.

    "Oi! Rohan!"

    He said to the exhausted man.

    "Okuyasu? What are you doing here?"

    The man called Okuyasu stood proudly with a bright grin on his face.

    " a job!"

    Rohan mentally rolled his eyes as he looked toward the window.

    "Do you want to order something, or are you just gonna sit there?…

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