Appearance: Shadow The World manifests as a silhouette of The World's upper half. None of Shadow The World's features are visible; only the outline of its shape.

Personality: Shadow The World shows no signs of personality, apart from its stand cry, "Muda Muda Muda!", which may communicate that it values itself highly.

Stand Stats: Power - B, Speed - A, Range - B, Persistence - D, Precision - A, Development - B


Shadow Vampirism: The user of Shadow The World gains vampiric abilites as long as they are in possession of the stand. The effects of this vampirism are as follows: increased strength, enhanced senses, regeneration, body temperature control, and near-immortality. The user is also able to shoot pressurised fluid jets from their eyes, and drain the energy of others to heal themselves.

Increased Strength / Speed / Precision: Shadow The World has increased strength, speed and precision, much higher than a normal human adult. Shadow The World's speed and strength can rival that of stands like Gold Experience, Crazy Diamond and possibly Star Platinum and The World. The only downfall to these increased capabilites is the low persistence of Shadow The World. Whereas other stands like Star Platinum and The World can hold a barrage for a long time, Shadow The World can only hold a barrage for around 3 seconds before needing a break.

Knife Production: Shadow The World can produce up to 6 knives at a time, teleporting them into the user's hands. After the knife/knives are thrown and they hit an object, the knife/knives will disappear.

Shadow The World's Unknown Ability: Shadow The World stops time for around 2 seconds. If the user produces and throws a knife/knives, all knives will dissapear from the user's hands, and ten knives will appear facing the direction you threw the knife/knives in. When time resumes, all knives will disappear after hitting the target.

Teleport: Shadow The World teleports itself and its user anywhere in a 2-meter radius.

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