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You were one move…too late…

—Whitesnake, SO Chapter 18

Whitesnake (ホワイトスネイク Howaitosuneiku) is the Stand of Enrico Pucci, featured in Stone Ocean.


Whitesnake is a humanoid Stand of height and build similar to Pucci's. It is sparsely clothed in black, with a mask covering its face to the bottom of where its nose would be, in a piece that rises above its head by half its height in a row of peaks, like a crown. Its attire is based on Araki's image of an executioner[3].

Its light skin is marked by horizontal stripes of roughly an inch's height, with "GΔCT" (Guanine/Δdenine/Cytosine/Thymine) repeatedly written on every other stripe, corresponding to the four typical nitrogenous bases found in DNA. Its irises are also unique, appearing as if they are melting.

Whitesnake is white and black in most media featuring it.

In the anime, Whitesnake is sometimes depicted using a CGI model.


Despite being controlled by Pucci, Whitesnake moves with its own sense of self-awareness[4], and will often portray a cold, scornful, and hateful personality. It acts as Pucci's mouthpiece and avatar throughout Green Dolphin Street Prison, serving to enforce his dominance over the other guards and personnel while Pucci himself watches from afar.


As a long-distance Stand, Whitesnake possesses an extended range (about 20 meters[5]), allowing its user, Enrico Pucci, to act undetected within the boundaries of Green Dolphin Street Prison. Despite this, it displays strength similar to that of close-range Stands, and is capable of performing precise and deadly movements like stabbing Narciso Anasui and Foo Fighters with its hands, due to having its own strong ego[6].

It's strong and fast enough to fight Stands like Stone Free head-on, though not necessarily overpower them. Thus, Pucci relies on Whitesnake's esoteric set of powers to ambush enemies and take them down in one strike.


Whitesnake can produce an acid that slowly digests objects like stomach acid[7]. It is first shown to constantly exude this acid and even take a partially molten form to hide[8], though this is only used once.

While dissolving, targets of this attack are distracted in a delusional dream-state. A person trapped in the dream may wake up from it by noticing discrepancies between the dream and established reality[9]. The melting portion of the ability requires a significant amount of time to use effectively, reflected in the "D" in its speed parameter[10]. Later, Whitesnake is shown creating sophisticated illusions to disguise itself as other people, having at one point impersonated Weather Report to ambush Jolyne and approach the Green Baby[11].

DISC Creation[]

Whitesnake's primary ability is to manipulate spirits through the use of special DISCs[8].

Whitesnake can first and foremost extract a portion or the entirety of a person's psyche out of their bodies in the form of tangible DISCs and then put them into people[12]. To do so, Whitesnake must touch its victim and take the time to physically "extract" the DISC from them; as such, partial extraction is ineffective[13].

There are two main types of DISCs: Memory DISCs contain a person's memory and Stand DISCs contain a person's Stand. DISCs may be inserted into another person's head, allowing them to either freely consult the memories inside[14] or use the corresponding Stand, much like the original user. Pucci can use this mechanic to force a detrimental power into someone, for example putting a water-boiling Stand DISC inside Foo Fighters, who was highly dependent on water to survive[15]. In certain instances, those with inserted DISCs can eject them, presumably through enough force to the head[16][17]. Whitesnake has also demonstrated the ability to directly manipulate someone and their mind by non-lethally stabbing their head with its hand, the affected individual will be brainwashed, unhesitatingly obeying Pucci's every command so long as Whitesnake's hand remains plunged into their head.[18]

People whose Stand and Memory DISCs are extracted will fall unconscious[12] and may die, their bodily functions stopping and having to be maintained through machines[19]. Putting a Memory DISC back inside their rightful owner will restore them[14], however, the same does not apply with Stand DISCs[20]. A Stand User with only a Stand DISC can regain consciousness and be capable of learning, but the loss of their will to live results in muscle atrophy and eventual death of the body[21]. Weather Report is an exception to this degradation for unknown reasons.

Whitesnake also demonstrates the ability to insert and extract DISCs of miscellaneous use. DISCs can contain instructions the host will instinctively obey without question[22], and enables them to do seemingly impossible feats like exploding, showcasing the power of suggestion over a physical body[23]. Pucci has also inserted a music DISC into Guccio's head, causing him to function as a music player[24]. Whitesnake is shown to be able to extract senses, depriving Pucci of his sight, for instance, to protect him from Heavy Weather.


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  • Whitesnake's ability to create a dream world while digesting its victims alive is based on an episode of X-Files called "Field Trip". In this episode, Scully and Mulder are trapped in a dream without knowing it, all while being digested alive by a yellow secretion that eats flesh. They escape only to find out that they were again in a dream like Jotaro and Jolyne.
  • The delta (Δ) sign that replaces Adenine in the pattern on Whitesnake's body may hint at a "missing gene", or Whitesnake's incompleteness, a foreshadowing to C-Moon and Made in Heaven.
  • Whitesnake and C-Moon's seiyuu in All Star Battle, Takuya Kirimoto, also voiced J. Geil/Hanged Man in the Part 3 TV Anime and Eyes of Heaven.'
  • It is revealed in the Heavy Weather arc that Whitesnake's ability was born out of Pucci's desire to keep his sister's soul and memory alive even after her death[25].
  • The handgun used by Whitesnake in SO Chapter 50 is a New Nambu M57 semi-auto pistol designed by Shin-Chou Industries and uses the 9x19 parabellum or .32 ACP cartridge.


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