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William is hardly a perfect man. He can be shallow and boring, and tactless but I think he's far better than you.

Darlington Motorize to Jorge in NINE: Cliff

William Cardinal (ウィリアム・カーディナル Wiriamu kādinaru) is a minor antagonist who appears in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is Darlington's boyfriend, then later to be her husband.

He is the brother-in-law of Steven and is the superior of George as the Supreme Commander of the Royal Flying Corps.


William appears as a tall young man, with short and neat hair. He is seen wearing a suit and bowtie.

As he grows older, he grows a mustache and wears a Naval Air Force commander tunic. Though he now sits in a wheelchair after being attacked by Antonio Torres.


Darlington describes William as an intelligent young boy who wants to become a doctor, but possibly a novelist. After two years of dating, eventually married, she describes him to be boring, but still believes he's better than George.

To George, he is arrogant and abuses his power as a Supreme Commander, and doesn't seem to get along with him or Steven.


SPOILER WARNING: Part JORGE JOESTAR Spoiler details may follow.

Meeting Darlington[]

In 1905, he is mentioned by Darlington, who crushes over him. [1] After seven years, the two get engaged and invite George to their wedding. He declines, because of his history with him and the Motorize family. He congratulates them both and is told never to come to their house again. [2]

Flying Corps[]

Three years pass, William is now the Supreme Commander of the Flying Corps. After being attacked by an unknown creature, George calls the Corps reporting what had happened to him and his co-pilot. William answers the phone and states that he is the Supreme Commander, asking why he had abandoned his co-pilot, Jim Graham. After Jorge returns to England to fend off of Antonio Torres' rampage, William had somehow survived the Zombie attacks. [3]

On the day of Jorge's wedding, Jorge visits the Motorize manor to see his friends. He learns that they are all killed and have now been turned into zombies. He is confronted by William, who points a gun in his direction. Jorge reveals that William had been trying to use zombies for the war and whacks his gun out of his hand. Because he had claimed he felt no pain, Jorge realizes that William had also become a zombie. Antonio Torres moves through Cardinal's throat and explains that he is just doing what his boss tells him to. As Antonio takes over his body, he attempts to murder Jorge. He whacks him with his poker on the head and nearly kills him. As Jorge escapes by believing in his Beyond and summoning Tsukumojuku to teleport him to Japan in 2012, William and Antonio inside of him are killed by Lisa Lisa as she arrives to the manor. [4]




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