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Wired Beck (鋼線(ワイアード)のベック Waiādo no Bekku) is a minor antagonist appearing in Battle Tendency. He is a Vampire created by Kars tasked with guarding the hotel Kars is hiding in and briefly battles Lisa Lisa.


Wired Beck is a muscular and tall light-haired vampire who has sideburns and a flattop. He wears a stripped suit revealing the shoulders and the better part of the chest, held by two leather straps. He also has several metal rings at the wrists and a belt decorated by several beads.


Wired Beck is a violent misogynist who believes women deserve to be punished, having at some point killed his own girlfriend. When Beck speaks, he has the tendency to place "zura" (ズラ roughly translates to "Okay") at the end of almost every sentence. He also has a very grating tone of voice as Joseph indicted from his reaction to Beck's behavior.


Body Spikes: As a vampire, Wired Beck has complete control of every aspect of his body. His main form of attacking is by sharpening the hair protruding out of his limbs into spikes. Coupled with his unorthodox speed, Wired Beck is capable of lunging at his opponents and delivering them a lethal embrace.



Wired Beck was a fugitive convicted for strangling his girlfriend. After breaking out, he eventually became one of Kars' servant vampires. As a vampire, Wired Beck has the unique ability to grow splinters from all over his body.

Battle Tendency[]

Wired Beck first appears trying to prevent Joseph Joestar and Lisa Lisa from reaching his master, Kars. Appearing as if merged in a door, he surprises Joseph, who first believed him to have ten fingers on his hand, only to later realize that it was part of his power. Wired Beck comes out of the door and confronts Lisa Lisa, who uses her Ripple scarf on him before walking off. Joseph explains that Lisa Lisa had saturated his body in Ripple energy, but before Wired Beck is able to fully question it, the attack takes effect and he dies instantly.[2]

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  • Wired Beck's Japanese voice actor, Satoshi Tsuruoka, would later go on to also voice Tamami Kobayashi in the Part 4 anime adaptation.
  • Wired Beck's English voice actor, Mike Davis (Tom Fahn), would later go on to also voice J. Geil (Centerfold) in the Part 3 anime adaptation.
  • In the official Italian translation Wired Beck's particular speech is replaced with a very simplified and primitive Italian, conjugating all verbs in third person and without using articles. Right before his defeat, Joseph also makes fun of him by speaking in a similar fashion.


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